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  1. I'm not sure a plug in hybrid is less complex, they are more of a so complex you shouldn't touch with 60 foot pole outside of warranty kind of car. EVs should be simpler and more reliable, though the greater weight is probably harder on the suspension than an equivalent ICE car. Maintenance costs overall should still come out in favour of the EV though. Plug in hybrids, all the weight of the EV with the complexity of both an EV and ICE powertrain. Going back to the original question, in most cases probably better to keep using old stuff for as long as it works. Though t
  2. Depends on the beans and how they are treated. Some are lovely at 90%, some are like eating soil.
  3. I guess even if it's evidence they couldn't present in court, it may let them know who they should be looking for evidence on, and in extreme cases who belongs on a terrorist watch list. It's such weapons grade incompetence it's almost like it was intentional, like Parler was set up by the 'other side' to one day leak all this stuff.
  4. They are great for typing, as long as there is no one nearby to disturb with the noise. For gaming though the mouse is so much more important, so if you can only afford one get the fancy gaming mouse.
  5. I guess if you really want lots of space to swing your mouse around. Full sized > TKL > 60%> whatever this is. Obviously you would need a proper keyboard too. TBH I'm considering going to a 2 keyboard setup. It's not an outrageous idea to have a board for gaming and one for everything else, though if both boards were either wireless or used a detachable USB-C cable it would be much more useable. Not sure I'd pick that over a 60 or 65% board though.
  6. Do you really want to use the same device on your face as you do on your balls?
  7. Yeah, in these comparisons some people forget how much bigger Rockstar is than CDPR. Also, so many aspects of Cyberpunk are first attempts for CDPR, it would be unreasonable to expect GTA V levels of polish. There are clearly things CDPR fucked up, and on the consoles, fucked up badly. It clearly wasn't ready for release, but they are continuing to work on it. I believe they are still aiming for big patches in Jan & Feb, we should calm the fuck down and see what state the game in is after the Feb patch. I have faith they will fix it eventually. They are planning mul
  8. On one hand yes, things are looking pretty bleak for at least the first three months. But we do have vaccines now, this third wave should be the last, so a little hope is in order. I reckon we could be largely back to normal by July, with the possible exception of international travel.
  9. Though it's when you give an enthusiastic rendition of Gloria Gaynor's I will survive, that you really create a memorable impression.
  10. I'd suggest an Old Fashioned Recipe It will add a touch of class to your zoom meeting.
  11. Everything. I never use the front panel audio, but it would bug me if I knew it didn't work.
  12. Crashing to desktop makes me think it's more likely software than hardware related. Search for event viewer in Windows, and under windows logs look for any errors. I'd also uninstall, reboot, then reinstall your graphics drivers.
  13. Do you have a PC gaming friend to swap parts out with for testing? What are the nature of the crashes? Crash to desktop? Or does it require a reboot?
  14. This is what happens when you keep putting off doing something until the last possible minute, even when you've had 4.5 years to work on it. Muppets.
  15. I guess it will depend very much on the nature of the disaster. A pandemic (a much more fatal one that the current one) would be relatively quick to recover from, as long as there is enough survivors to avoid inbreeding issues. A total environmental collapse, would be far trickier as food supply would be very restricted for many decades. Plus likely far less habitable land remaining with resulting conflict. I'd say the big issue for a recovery in the event of societal collapse, is that so much information is held on servers, and could well be lost and quickly rendered i
  16. I'm also in the 'they should have caned the PS4 and Xbone version in favour of a PS5 and Xbox series X version' camp, They should have also pushed the release date back another year. They would have taken half a ton of shit for it, but not as much as they are doing now, and they could have escaped with their reputation mostly intact. I'm not sure why they pushed for the December 2020 release when they must have known within the company the console version didn't work on the base consoles. I wonder if it's a corporate culture problem where problems aren't listened to? Or just gener
  17. In Cyberpunk, you can actually hammer people with a giant dildo. It is a pretty decent non-lethal weapon, good for the cyber-psychos. Back to the topic, I get the hate on the console side, the footage from the base PS4 and Xbox looks dreadful. At least they seem committed to fixing it.
  18. They also own Instagram, which also runs on a harvest all your data model. Also, Whatsapp, but I'm not sure how or if they monetize it, I'm not sure if I recall seeing ads on it?
  19. A lot of leather in cars is rubbish, mostly vinyl with the thinnest outer coating of leather they can get away with and still legally call them leather seats. I have leather in my Subaru, and the kindest thing you could say about it is that it's hard wearing. It feels like vinyl, it's sweaty like vinyl, it's black and with no design flair. I would have preferred cloth if that would not have meant giving up the big ass glass sunroof. Flip side I used to have an Alfa Romeo, it had leather, it felt like leather, it was red, and the seat centres were ribbed and perforated, it looked an
  20. It would have been better, still embarrassing for CDPR but less reputational damage, to kick back the release date a year. And then only release for PC, PS5 and the Xboxnamedalmostidenticallytothelastonetoconfuseeveryone. It seems like it will just about run on the PS4 Pro, and will probably run ok in the end with some patch action, but the base PS4 and Xbone seems miles off. Delayed releases are more quickly forgotten than car crash releases, though I guess they may have needed the cashflow. Personally I'm enjoying it, on PC, but I can totally see why console players, particularl
  21. You're unlikely to have the funds until you're in full time employment. Unless your parents are funding your lessons, I doubt you're getting a licence on £100 a month either. Your options for making that kind of money at your age, in that timescale, are pretty limited. Buying and selling on eBay or Gumtree is my first thought, but it's unlikely to earn you enough and there is a risk of losing money. There are things, like stock market investing that you can't do until you're 18, and again there is the risk of losses. And more bad news, you'll never remove all evidence of previous o
  22. They must have known it was a steam pile on release. I guess if Christmas was a few months away they might have delayed it again, but it appears they gambled to get the Christmas sales, and it's bitten them on the arse. It's a shame, it's a good game, if you have something that can manage to run it. Is this still an issue on the PS4 Pro and the whatever the fancy last gen Xbox is called?
  23. A pacemaker would count as an augmentation. I can see them being used more to treat medical conditions. I can't see them being used to enhance what is not broken any time soon though. Modern tech is short-lived and frequently a bit flaky. If your PC freezes it's an annoyance, if the module controlling your legs freezes, that's a serious inconvenience. And if you think upgrading your phone is a PITA, swapping out something buried inside you is a whole another level. I expect it will come, but that it's a hell of a long way off being vaguely mainstream (beyond 2077). Uplo
  24. The driving seems less objectionable today. I'm not sure if it got tweaked in the 1.04 patch, it's not in the notes, or if I'm just getting used to it. Still no GTA5 on the driving front though.
  25. I freaking love anchovies, I will eat them straight or of the tin or jar. They are part of what I call the holy trinity of tastiness, olives, anchovies and capers. Those three together on pizza or in puttanesca, heavenly. Add a couple to a whole range of dishes to add a nice umami hit too. And if you fancy them for breakfast https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gentleman's_Relish spread on toast.