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Status Updates posted by manikyath

  1. so.. i was just considering something..


    if a case designer is going for a look where tinted glass in front of fans is desirable..

    would it be a big impact to the look going for a fine mesh instead of glass?


    advantages of mesh:

    - presumably cheaper

    - less sensitive to damage (also in shipping)

    - improved airflow

    - less weight (cheaper shipping)

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    2. manikyath


      i mean.. clear tempered glass sure, but if it's tinted i see that looks difference sort of close down.

    3. FloRolf


      Mesh looks like a million times worse than tempered glass m8. 

    4. manikyath


      meh.. i guess i disagree.

  2. Brexit in a 3-frame cartoon:


    1. Beef Boss

      Beef Boss

      cwusade? owo

  3. so.. just over a year ago i got a corsair K95... the longer i use this thing, the more inclined i am to get my prehistoric logitech G110 working properly again...


    noteworthy wear on my K95:

    - a lot of the keycaps have their black coating (you'd think it's double shot? nope, its a paint layer) flake off around the edges, so the light is bleeding trough EVERYWHERE

    - the keycaps flop off while typing at the least convenient of times

    - some keys have developed a very audible "squeak" or "crunch" as if the spring is grinding up against an edge.

    - i've had to glue the spacebar in place on it's "stabilizer" because corsair doesnt know how to make a freaking stabilizer

    - the software is godawful, and whenever it is not running (or doing an update) the keyboard goes max brightness rainbowpuke (yes, this is a bug in my eyes.)

    - the wrist rest looks like it's been trough chemical warfare

    - the braided cable has frayed from *not* moving around...


    noteworthy wear on my G110:

    - the wrist rest has endured a paint thinner spill, but looks in better shape than my k95's

    - the wrist rest's clips have broken off

    - the lubricant has faded over the past 10 years, so all keys are crunchy and squeaky. the key deck does screw out in a single piece, so that's easy to solve.


    fact of the matter is, i cheated on my "logitech peripherals only" rule, and it reminded me why i had that rule in the first time.


    also, if this is the supposed quality advantage of cherry over chinese alternatives.. i'm going back to rubberdomes.

    1. dizmo


      To be fair, Corsair is kind of meh overall. I've had one of their keyboards, and the K70 didn't hold a candle to the KM780 from GSkill that I use now.

      Plus the GSkill was significantly cheaper *shrug*
      Might be worth trying out one of them if you're on more of a budget. I've also had Logitech Romer keyboards and they're....not good.

      I wouldn't stick with a single brand, or you'll never have the opportunity to find something better.

    2. Nowak


      "- a lot of the keycaps have their black coating (you'd think it's double shot? nope, its a paint layer) flake off around the edges, so the light is bleeding trough EVERYWHERE"

      Yup! Corsair uses laser ablated ABS keycaps by default. One of the least durable, but cheapest, printing methods for keycap legends.

      Their keyboards are cheaply made in general, especially for the prices they charge.

  4. what i severely dislike about using linux:

    "hello, i'm looking for a simple way to do this"


    "uh.. i mean.. the backend is, but i'd really appreciate a button that does the basic stuff"


    "i dont have the time to become linux certified to configure this simple thing.."


    okay.. i'll go get windows server then.. it's 4 gigs extra ram usage, requires a hella expensive license, but i have a button to do what i want if i dont want to fuss with command line, and be home for dinner.


    welcome, to the difference between windows and linux in action.

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    2. manikyath


      the above is why my linux trajectory looks as follows: ubuntu => arch => manjaro => ubuntu ( => xubuntu).


      configurability and all is nice, but in the end it's a matter of getting set up faster meaning having more time for things you like doing. i've totally configured arch in 40 minutes, but i'd rather let ubuntu configure itself in 15.

    3. manikyath


      LOL... if i were an arse i'd shove this one in the guy's face that caused the above rant today..


      not only does a frontend exist that simplifies what i want to do, there exist douzens of frontends, one of them literally has a config file that lets me to EXACTLY what i want to do..


      now fingers crossed if it actually works...

    4. 2FA


      Oh man, that reminds of a topic I saw on some forum. This one mod kept replying saying what the OP wanted to do was a waste of time but that explaining why wasn't worth his time, and he replied like half a dozen times with every single reply saying how he wasn't going to explain why.

  5. that moment when the only device on the network that is able to discover all devices properly is running windows freaking 98SE.

  6. DIY router/firewall folks, i need your help...

  7. for the sake of the car brand i wont name them... but they're a major car brand:


    OS requirements: windows 7

    recommended browser: microsoft edge.


    something doesnt add up...

    1. manikyath


      they've updated us... my sides...


      "we dont have updated requirements, but windows 7 is no longer supported, so you'll have to upgrade to windows 10 either way."


      yeah.. those self-driving, app-managed cars that are all the hype? i think i may buy a lada...

  8. so.. youtube threw some scooter on my front page


    i wonder which drugs are required to think of this..i suppose the sort of party drugs consumed at a rave?



  9. i brougth a casualty from work today to do some troubleshooting:



    despite the horrible look.. all that happened here is that the connector on the cable failed spectacularly. it's a huge skidmark, the connector's a bit charred, but the drive actually works fine.

  10. forbes: windows 10 november update has COMPLETELY BROKEN FILE EXPLORER OMG EVERYONE IS AFFECTED


    me, having just updated approx. 20 machines over the past week: "didnt notice a thing..."

  11. a belgian hardware store is running a hilareous ad:


    - "2020 will be the year of illumination"

    - "will mankind finally undrrstand the bigger meaning of life?"

    - "no, 50% off on wall, floor, and ceiling lights"

    <store name jingle>

  12. an evening of fiddling with config files...



    wouldnt say asus screenpad is a value add to a laptop, but it's a damn fun gimmick to mess with.

  13. so.. i got an accessory bag for carrying my electronics.. the question is..


    loadout A



    loadout B



    whatever is not in one loadout or the other, will just travel in the laptop bag or backpack.

    1. themaniac


      I vote for either loadout C jam it all into one bag or loadout D get a second bag and have both

    2. manikyath


      well, in the past i always stuffed my laptop bag until the zippers would just barely close, and then stuff the rest in my backpack.


      but in the process of migrating to a new laptop, i'm also looking towards a less 2007 way of traveling with my laptop.

    3. dizmo


      I also vote for D.

  14. so.. that moment you get mails from EA about logins on a new browser.. on an account you didnt even know you still had...


    you know their security is absolute dogshit when stone dead accounts are getting compromized, and the password reset prompt tells you your password has to be shorter than 16 characters.

  15. so.. i had a really odd experience with my dad's phone the other day..


    it was on the dinner table, me and my mom were talking, phone clearly heard some ghost say "hey siri", it started recording.. it recorded something i said, AND FREAKING RECOGNISED MY VOICE, AND STUCK MY NAME TO IT.


    I'm rather complacent with a lot of telemetry stuff, but that legitimately creeps me the hell out.

    knowing that a device may just randomly start recording, is sending ALL of that to somewhere to process it, and at the other end they conclude that specificly *MY* voice said something... that just made contextual profiling entirely irrelevant.

  16. discord has a major outage *again*... how long before the entire internet migrates again?

    1. Twilight


      this one is google's fault though

    2. manikyath


      still, it's an "all eggs in a single basket" fault.

  17. so.. i expected this to be a horrible gimmick, but...



    yup, that's rainmeter skins running on the damn trackpad. it also does youtube, discord, calculator, and so on. you can even play mahjong on your trackpad while camping in fortnite.


    and on top of all that, it's actually a pretty nice trackpad as well.

    1. PCGuy_5960



      camping in fortnite


  18. so.. i came home to my desktop being all mixed up, black wallpaper and everything..


    windows *decided* to update nvidia drivers, breaking them in the process...

  19. giving civ 6 a spin.. things are going real well..


  20. i'm once again breaking my head over a new laptop..


    anyone got input on a choice between these two?




    mostly very light use, occasionally used for gaming, prefer good battery life.


    i dont mind preinstalled bloat because first order of business is stripping things down anyways.

    the gimmicky trackpad on the asus did grab my attention, and actually decently running games would be a plus..

    on the flip side i've experienced envy x360 battery life, and it's a thing that would make me migrate away from the 9-cell anchor strapped to the back of my samsung.

    i did notice the envy specs claim 50Hz display, but i've found literally no other reference, so i cant say wether that's accurate, or wether it actually even reaking matters..

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    2. manikyath


      dell XPS is out my pricerange, and in my usecase intel iGPU is off limits, for very specific reasons.

    3. PacketMan


      But the iGPU in the 1065G7 is really powerful for an integrated graphics. If not, the Ryzen 7 3500U 25W could do the trick, there are few ThinkPads with it.

      Or maybe the MSI Prestige series, I really like the 15" ones (i7-10710U and GTX 1650, enough for light gaming) and without OS it gets really cheap (specially now with that many sales).

    4. manikyath


      intel igpu has some specific issues i need to avoid.


      and thinkpads are off limits because lenovo.


      as for MSI prestige.. perhaps, i'll look into it.

  21. cant quite say it was a very clean run, but hey, it's a decent time :D


  22. so... i was installing some addon karts in SuperTuxKart, because opensource projects tend to be full of "minimal effort solutions" in terms of graphics i went to check all of them.


    theres some absolute junk in there, but VLC wins the freaking prize of minimal effort:



    it is so bad... that i'm keeping it, just for the meme.

  23. i'm sure there's no guide anywhere that tells you to hold a display in place like this while glue sets:


  24. that moment when you're trying to test a laptop with a broken screen before you put the new one in, spend half an hour trying to figure out why it's not displaying anything, and then you realise it's doing windows updates, only displaying that on the builtin display output.

  25. i pulled an old project off the shelf, and finished my raspberry pi 4 case:


    has access to all the I/O, easy SD card access, cooling fan, and a big cutout to plug IDE cables onto the GPIO header.


    unfortunately there's *still* not much to do with this thing, because pi4 support is still disappointing.

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    2. manikyath


      the RAID array for my server? running just fine in a 4x3TB RAID5

    3. pizapower


      Good to know. I remember that you tried to load games faster with a lot of different RAID configurations.

    4. manikyath


      oh that, well.. lets just say it was disappointing xD