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  1. Can you tell me the name, I am new to PC building thats why
  2. I have a Zenith II Extreme to which I need to connect 7 Corsair LL120 fans. Please guide me through this. Please note that I am ready to buy any required extra cables or hubs.
  3. I am looking to buy a rog zenith 2 extreme so will it come with it?
  4. Using slower ram isn't bad it just affects speed.............
  5. Just 3D print some cases for them like what Linus does and just use them as expensive coasters
  6. If your looking to use the iGPU, go full steam ahead with Gen 11 since Xe graphics ABSOLUTELY DESTROY whatever Gen 10 had. Otherwise pretty much the same. I suggest looking in Ryzen before purchasing a CPU because they have pretty compelling CPUs for about the same price as their Core counterparts.
  7. I don't think so unless you have bought a lower quality motherboard. But even lower quality motherboards these days come with a lot of layers of PCB so very unlikely your motherboard will be the one breaking. You better look out for that hyper 212 and the GPU more since they sag off the motherboard without much support, making THEM the one prone to damage.
  8. I have searched high and low, even on the rog website but I haven't been able to find a single rog dimm.2 module. Anybody know why?
  9. Yeah, I was stupid for even asking that considering you have a 3080TI, I sadly have no other fix for this I guess I'd also suggest a fan curve adjustment
  10. Does your CPU have integrated graphics? If yes, then use Nvidia Control Panel to set which applications you want the GPU to run and turn off applications that don't need the GPU like Word, PowerPoint etc. These applications will then use the integrated graphics on your CPU but I think you need to do some configuration in your CPU Graphics Control center as well.
  11. I'm soo sorry but I'm just not able to do a full build for you. I highly suggest adding my changes to your existing list.
  12. If you're video editing I think you should get more ram, somewhere close to 16 or 32 GB. Since your gonna be overclocking I suggest getting a more robust motherboard with a B550 chipset and better power delivery. I suggest going ROG if you decide to change your motherboard. This is a personal thought but I think for gaming and video editing, the storage looks a bit too slim and I think a Crucial P1 1TB will fit you better. For an AIO I suggest looking for an NZXT or ROG AIO as I think these ones will be of help while overclocking. BTW I am from UAE as well
  13. I need a gaming monitor with a wall mount in box. Looking for high end monitors as price isn't a concern. I do not want curved monitors or any monitor the size of the Samsung odyssey G9.