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  1. You probably have it already considered, but i would suggest moving your pc somewhere else.
  2. ? It only uses one port, using two ports is optional. Just to mention it, it isnt faster than itself, but faster than everything except a few competitor mice despite being in wireless mode.
  3. Yeah exactly, as said, its just a mini USB to USB Adapter. ^^ Altough i personally use it wired most of the time. Runtime is around 30 hours, how fast it degrades will be seen, but im not that worried as we arent dealing with an iphone here.
  4. Dock might be the wrong word, it is basically just a Mini-USB to USB Adapter, so you can use the same cable for both, the mouse and the receiver, which wasnt the case for the G700s. As for being lightweight, the LiPo battery only weighs 15g, so there are still 92 left, not to mention that the Design itself is much more solid than a 3 Piece Shell Design.(e.G. Zowie EC/Razer DA)
  5. Actually wireless is potentially faster because air has less friction than copper. It would just introduce unnecessary weight for a little bit of comfort, given that the failsafe option is already there anyway. As for the topic, we already had a thread:
  6. Or if money is not an issue as it performs better than 303 and 502.
  7. Depends on what you prefer, the arc is relatively steep, so it kinda forces a claw grip when you try to palm it, "hybriding" it works really well though, but i personally prefer to use fingertip with it.
  8. It is probably inspired by car design, the scrollwheel has the same colour as bronze rims. :> I told them to change it(and the chrome) but meh, swag is important as well for the mass market.
  9. Which doesnt make it "best", not to mention that we are comparing image correlation and doppler interference here.
  10. It isnt a secret that 3310 isnt "special" and that Kingsis implementation is based on a controller from 2007, with the DA 3G Firmware.
  11. Thats actually G402´s MCU. The Sensor used is AM010. As for practical Performance, the G402 would be first, Drakonia´s A9800 has high variating CPI at Speed("Acceleration") and 3305 has a low malfunction speed and jitters a lot above 800/1600cpi depending on lens.
  12. 3305 is a (obv. low cost)sensor.
  13. But it needs to be said that you get what you pay for, 3305dk in this case.
  14. woll3

    e-sports mice

    Depends on the Game, Tournament and what kind of macro, generally recoil/cursor macros and automatic/timed keypresses are forbidden, and in certain cases like CS:GO for example buyscripts are allowed. Here is an example from BF4 ESL One: 1.3.2. Scripts and Macro Use All scripts, macros and changes to the game's configuration are not allowed, unless they are specific allowed by this rules. Programs and macros that provide an advantage during game play (e.g. drivers that allow the removing of walls, single shot macros, etc.) are forbidden. Any programs that change the game itself are forbidden. The following results are listed to clarify some of the not allowed macros/scripts: no recoil or recoil control macro/script/configuration modification single shot macro/script aimassist/aimbot through config modifications/programs/macros/scripts auto reload script/macro auto revive script/macro auto spotting script/macro
  15. woll3

    Better Mouse

    If perfect means smoothing.....
  16. TBH, it doesnt make much sense to pick a definitive Winner as A3050 actually performs pretty bad above 500, not to mention that the Exo1´s CPI steps are totally off due to custom lens and other cost cutting measures,
  17. I would also suggest glasses: http://www.overclock.net/t/854100/gaming-mouse-sensor-list , i also have one Version which i keep rarely updated in my Sig. I personally also would also advice against the Laview/Naos Shapes, you cant just look at the numbers because of the ringfinger rest and for me and my big hands(cant even palm Kone XTD properly) it was a cramped experience as imo the shape is just made for the average Hand.
  18. That isnt good reasoning, when you move out of your parents house you arent moving into a cardboard box just because its better than owning nothing. Also S3059 with 8bit motionreporting is only performing to its fullest at 500cpi and cursorquality above 1000 is more than questionable.
  19. Then you havent looked hard enough , as Hardwarecanucks fails to mention the biggest drawback of the S3059 and the current FW.
  20. What is the acutal Budget size? The cheapest decent things that are probably available in the US are the Logitech G100s, Evga TorQ X3 and X5. Well, OP was sepcific about the Sensor, so i guess A9800 is out of the equation anyway, not to mention that the only ones i know that have used/were forced to use Gamdias had rather bad experiences to the point of multiple units of one product in case it breaks, i dont even know which factory their stuff comes from.
  21. Well, what is your budget? Depending on how much you want to spend there are better options, as the mouse is just an officemouse with LED´s. You could get for example a refurbished G100s with a cheap keyboard and you would probably save money over the devastator.
  22. Didnt know that Holtek + 3310 in combination with extra delay due to bad firmware is "great".