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  1. On Amazon.nl both SSD is in sales. The Sandisk Plus is in sale for €147, but two owners reported to me the SDD is defective. Western Digital WDS200T2B0A SSD 3D Nand 2 Tb is €166.50 and Crucial MX500 3D Nand is €174.14. I saw MX500 is a little bit faster and powerloss protection. Do you choose WD or Crucial SSD?
  2. Two owners said DONT BUY IT. The drive is within 2 years defective. But If i check at Amazon.de and Amazon.com I see mixed reviews (mostly positive). It's difficult.....
  3. I saw at Amazon SSD Sandisk Plus 2TB for €150. On Dutch Website Tweakers I saw the disk have TLC, but I saw in video of TechQuickly that the SSD have DRAM-less cache. Worth buying for install games and some Virtual VM's or a pass?
  4. I think it will mostly 99% both CPU or GPU or sometimes the GPU at 80%. I bought the gaming pc pre-build 4 years ago and I think it's a ways to trow in a 'trashcan' Do you have tips for upgrade for: Dust free inside the case; Not static uninstall old GPU and Install gpu (I have a ESD wristband) Basic uninstall or install GPU. Uninstalling GTX 960 drivers and install new drivers Thank you for helping me!
  5. Depends what your preference resolution and fps is
  6. Hello, I want upgrade my PC, because my GTX 960 2GB is almost aging (running mostly on medium or low). The I5 6400 is mostly at 60 or 85% usage and by Need For Speed Heat is around 75% CPU usage on every graphical setting. Will the GTX 1660 Super (from Gigabyte 2 fans) bottlenecking my CPU hard with stuttering and not so smooth or just around 10 fps drops? My Current Specs: I5 6400 (stock) ASUS H170 Pro Gaming motherboard. GTX 960 2GB 8GB DDR4 2133mhz 500W PSU. I want upgrade my memory to 16GB RAM, but I saw 2400mhz
  7. Thanks for your opinion I am still checking that some games benefit more fps than the other. I don't like spend €150 for the most game only adding more 20fps to a game. Or just check for a new PC like this: https://www.alternate.nl/ALTERNATE/Thunderstorm-AMD-SE-R7-3700X-pc-systeem/html/product/1584168 Edit: RX 580 for €150 is sold out
  8. Hello Guys, JonnyKennedy (Netherlands) here. My PC is now 5 years old and I see in some games I need to play at medium or low at 1080p I have a 1080P 75hz monitor, so 4K or 1440p is for me now not important, I'll buy a 1440p or 4k monitor by a new build. My PC specs: CPU: i5 6400 RAM: 8Gb 2133mhz SSD: 250GB HDD: 2TB GPU: GTX 960 ASUS STRIX 2GB PSU: Sharkoon WPM500 (500 Watt) bronze What i consider is upgrade the RAM to 16 GB. Only my model RAM is out of stock (forever), so can I put another 2133mhz memory or even 2400m
  9. @RollinLower IK probeerde stroom kabel van accu los te koppelen van moederbord en toen zag ik een flits. Toen ik alles inelkaar gezet heb gaat het niet meer aan. Ik probeerde SSD te vervangen. De accu zit naast de moederbord. Dus onderop moet de Behuizing eruit
  10. By unplugging from battery I got a spike. To Check I assembly back again After assembly the laptop starts no more. Did I killed the laptop?
  11. In the Netherlands is Moto g5 plus now €220, maybe it's the same price in dollars