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  1. woll3

    Best Set?

    But why? If there is money to blow you could certainly get far better stuff when it comes to audio, even if its a Headset, like for example Sennheiser´s Game Zero, or Mousepads like the ones from Artisan.
  2. What they are doing cant be called analysing given that they have failed to mention the limitations of A3050, esp. with crap stock firmware.
  3. Well, for beginners: Waiting x amount of time creates lag, there are methods to work around these but they arent commonly used, however a good example would be Logitech, where different times for pressing and releasing are being used, or A4Tech´s IR Switch series, alotough they have a weird bug. Also i hope that you are aware that the MCU is already debouncing to make sure that nothing unintentional reaches the PC.
  4. No, its physical movement speed, not to mention the aforementioned noise, angle error, resolution error and motion latency. Edit: Also the reason why some office mice last that long is due to higher debounce times which are causes button lag.
  5. Eh, no, with the most obv. factor being malfunction speed.
  6. Few Options from the top of my head: Logitech G900 (over budget though) ROG Sica Roccat Kiro (A3050, so only up to 1000cpi really useable, also heavy for its size) Roccat Lua (A3050, so only up to 1000cpi really useable) Razer Abyssus Logitech G100s the new Deathadder 3500 with PMW3320
  7. Motion latency will (most likely) be lower due to 3360 not having smoothing. Button latency will probably be the same given shelldesign and debounce time relation.
  8. Well, there is nothing that weighs above 200g, regardless due to its weight i personally cant recommend the 502. Also i have written 403. As for the 402 being worse than the 502, well again, depends on preferences due to weight and sensivity, for low cpi and low speed applications (CS or RTS/MOBA) they are pretty much equal in terms of performance.
  9. If its supposed to be light i would rather recommend to swap it with the 403, or depending on your grip, with the Pro.
  10. Angle Error, Noise(jitter), malfunction speed, motion latency, resolution error, so, most things that actually arent(or rarely) used to advertise mice. ^^ As for what to look for, there actually isnt much you can look for in most regards, as MCU choice and especially Firmware are also impacting performance.
  11. Well either it is using A5050 and simply mulitplies counts, or A3050 which has 2000cpi max., either way even with 3050 FW and performance will be crap. Anyway, the only thing that makes sense in that price region is the G100s, which actually has some objective advantages over certain higher priced products.
  12. Well, a combination out of several things, Resolution Error (aka, Speed related Accuracy Variance, "Acceleration" etc.), Malfunction speed(obv. not really relevant anymore), Angle Error(Deviation from the actual physical path), Noise(Jitter) and: Which is also a topic in itself as click latency is affected by the debounce time, the way Logitech does it is 4ms for the on state and ~20ms for the off state, others for example use one value for both, it is also a cheap trick to increase "switch lifetime", like for example Corsair and Zowie have done with ~30ms debounce times. As for motion latency, well, depends also on the firmware and chosen MCU besides chosen sensor, Logitechs Package out of 3366 and ARM obv. brings the lowest latencies, but soemtimes others can come close as well, like Roccats KPM(manipulated SROM), Kiro, R100, and other 3360´s, altough the Revel and DM1 Pro S are closer to the 3988´s due to their cheap MCU, in general 3988 and 3310 are slow(the KPM beign an exception due to a manipulated SROM), with the Torq X5o and the Hori Edge being the fastest i have tested followed by the DA. You can also see that a pattern emerges with mostly ARM mcu´s being in that Region, while not a replacement for proper firmware, it certainly helps, which is also why i tend to rant about Zowie mice which are using enCore III from 2006, and therefore have the expected performance.
  13. You are contradicting yourself here, just saying, and while it is more surface dependent, on most surfaces you still get more than 4m/s, which is also depending on which Firmware you are using(not checking into this stuff is also one of the reasons i cant recommend RJN). Not to mention that again motion latency is lower than with the Zowies, instead of using the 10 year old EnCore III you actually get an ARM M3, and instead of Huanos you get Omron D2F-01F(the japanese sorted ones), so the Alcor has the better Hardware for the lower price.^^
  14. ??? I think you misunderstood me, i wrote: And 3.0 shape, includes stuff like the EC1 and EC2, Mamba, 550/530/500m, Rival Rescuer, Rival 300, Alcor/Mizar, 300m, Ventus X/optical, XM300, Deathadder, so on and so forth. The Alcor comparison was obv. towards the EC2, it does the same with better Hardware and shell design.
  15. As said, its mediocre, not unusable, and i rather discuss products not players, the creaking is also a recurring thing since the DA 3G that might be less pronounced on the 2´s due to there size not to mention that i dont have to buy mice but thats another topic, and also as said, other s notice the difference, if you dont, well, good for you. And the alternative i brought up was the Alcor, which offers more, in a similar shape for a lot less, i never said the PGM was similar in shape. Also i mentioned only what has been the latest "big" thing i did, i also played in the CS:GO EPS(back when it wasnt just "Meisterschaft") Relegation, but well whatever, the market has already been stale enough, but if people want 10 year old stuff just because of hype, well, its up to them, or maybe it just doesnt matter in one shot spray games anyway. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  16. Well as said, depends on the person, if you dont notice any difference, well, then it is so, but that doesnt mean that others cant, especially if they play a lot. And i think that shopping habits should be based on value for money, you wouldnt pay 100k for a 90´s civic or would you. And if somebody wants the 3.0 shape, than there are alternatives as well, like the Alcor. Also the first increase in smoothing of the A9800 and 3988 happens at 1600, and at 3200 you get 16ms, which shoudl be easily noticeable by anyone, early A9800 and 3988 had it at around 30ms, which was noticed by even the most casual of users. IMO what you are saying goes against logic because there would be no reason to buy/design gaming mice in the first place.
  17. Well, it depends on the person obviously, and most reviewers are rather bad or insensitive to delay, that also goes for RJN. And overall i have to say, yeah, people shouldnt buy it, regardless of if they feel the difference or not as imo it is a matter of principle, getting worse performance and 10 year old hardware for a premium price etc., and especially Zowie "fans" should shout out and say that this isnt acceptable. As for myself using Zowie, i have an EC1 from 2009, a white EC1 eVo, and an -A, the solution with the Kingsis lens for the LOD was already rather meh, but 3310 was clearly a step back to me, but that also goes for other mice as well. Im using the PGM since Chris Pate send me one for testing. Except the creaking, and its not only that they feel stiffer, it is highly dependend on the torque put onto the screws, some units are quite sensitive, a problem the Deathadder already has had, and that could have been fixed considering that the EC1 is literally a simplified Deathadder(made/designed by Kingsis etc.). If it is a deal breaker depends on the person and useage scenario, for me as somebody that "goes all in"(altough the last time was the BF4 ESL One), it rather is a big deal to me, and there are players out there who prefer A3050´s and A9500´s due to the motion latency, as written above, i also see it as a matter of principle. Click latency/debounce time isnt really an issue anymore though, altough instead of bad it is now just mediocre.
  18. Not bad, but mediocre. Motion latency means how long it takes to send the data to the PC after moving, where 3310, 3988 and A9800 mice with unmodified SROM(Sensor Settings) inherently have a disadvantage due to its smoothing, add in old Firmware and a 10 year old MCU and you get the Zowie´s, which is also why im saying that the pricepoint isnt right, not to mention the shell design....
  19. There is more to performance than just the Sensor, Firmware and MCU also play a big role, which is where obv. has been cheaped out for "muh 3360", the HT68 increases motion latency bringing it above levels of good 3988 mice.
  20. TBH, there isnt much to think about, the PGM has a lot lower motion latency(so do actually many other mice compared to the Zowie´s) and the pricepoint is a lot better, the performance of the Zowie´s is far from "top notch". And people should stop being so infatuated with RJN as he tends to leave details out, like for example motion latency, or the smoothing increase with A9800/3988/3989 for example.
  21. "meh" describes it, the undercutting obv. comes at a price.
  22. In short yes, just keep it at 1800cpi for best results.
  23. Chill man, one topic is enough. Regardless, old FK will have lower motion latency, but worse cursorpath, 450 and 1150cpi are also interpolated, debounce time is also higher.