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  1. I am too lazy to write anything atm, instead i just leave this here.
  2. Which is wrong, "Delta Zero" is just a marketing term, the actual Sensors are AM010(G402, G302, G100S, G602) and PMW3366(G502, G303), which certainly arent the "same tech".^^
  3. It will pick up movement for sure, just not very well, but so does even A3050. Also you need to understand that the illumination source doesnt automatically force certain characteristics of the sensor, A9500 wasnt developed with surface compatibility in mind.
  4. That depends on what you want to do with it, wouldnt use it for gaming as it is just an office spec mouse with LED´s, same goes for the Redragon, office sensor with interpolated CPI to get newbs to buy it.
  5. woll3

    I have £20

    I dont understand this tbh, considering that you are able to write in the forum you probably already have a mouse and keyboard, so why buy something that isnt an improvement over office grade?
  6. Well, buttons as said are preferences and therefore subjective, they arent in the way for me and i personally only care for performance anyway, and 3310/3988 cant deliver the same performance as 3366 or AM010 simply due to smoothing, which obviously doesnt impact slow FPS much, to me it was the same with A9500 ok/good for CS but not for other shooters. There is no reason to try it, it has already been proven that its crap, its firmware adds delay on top of 3310´s smoothing.
  7. And here you have a pro telling you otherwise. Also the hard facts say no to this statement, MX518´s A3080/A3080E had anglesnapping and the mouse was limited to 125hz and G500 used S9500 which was also placed awkwardly in the front.
  8. They just prefer the delay of smoothing, or if ill be an arse i would say that they actually cant handle something that is truly 1ms fast.
  9. Which are subjective points. It is not only the sensor, it is also their FW coding abilities which are resulting in very fast data transfer.
  10. Well, from an objective standpoint, they are unfortunately the best, altough given their capabilities nothing less should be expected and not even a handful comes close.
  11. The 3200 not really, given A3060 with A3080 SROM and Interpolated 3200cpi. Depends on Sensor Implementation/Firmware, it has the potential to be good given its PMW3320, but nobody had one to review yet. Razer Abyssus is only useable without synapse, so youre stuck with 1800cpi. G402 is solid performancewise. Rival 100 should only be used with 1000cpi or under due to its A3050 Variant(S3059). RAT 3 is a joke with bad Firmware.
  12. Then i would say skip the keyboard for now, for fingertip i would suggest the ROG Sica or the TorQ X5 Optical, the RIval 100 and Roccat Lua are good options if you are not going to use more than 1000cpi for general use and only 500 ingame. I would also suggest getting the QcK+ instead, just in case you want to experiment with sensitivities.
  13. I would say forget the Keyboard, the BenQ XL2411z is currently 210£, which leaves you enough money for a lot of mice, depending on your gripstyle, like the EVGA TorQ X5 Optical or the G402 for example.
  14. That would be a waste of money considering that it is an office mouse with some LED´s, same goes for the Devastator Mouse. Is your Budget only for the Mouse or for the keyboard as well? Also whats your griptype and preferred sens?
  15. Well, all A9800´s which includes 3988 and 3310 because those are based on A9800, are using smoothing to make very high multipliers useable, same goes for the old 6x SROM of the A3090. A3050 doesnt use smoothing, however being based on an office sensor with a very small array it jitters heavily above 1000cpi. AM010 and 3320´s only fault is the relatively low malfunction speed around roughly 3m/s, varying depending on surface of course. It should also be noticed that it isnt "done" with just soldering a sensor in, MCU choice and especially the Firmware impact the performance directly as well(a point where the finalmouse is insanely bad), what makes a mouse very responsible and lets it send its Data as fast as possible is Firmware optimization, it can also affect the Cursorpath as well when the timing is off. LED choice is important as well, a lot of brands do not care about it, but that also doesnt only yield worse performance, but it then also differs from unit to unit.
  16. Yes, also why would you consider 9k111mouse if you are looking for no smoothing.
  17. ............... 3320 is basically public AM010, same potential but obviously performance is dependent on FW, with the Xornet II being a relatively decent example and the Kova being a joke.
  18. 3310 is anything but "flawless", especially when paired with an "ancient" mcu, it isnt even the potentially.
  19. Its an OEM Product, so they never "stepped into the game", it is also using a low end mcu.
  20. While it doesnt equate to it, CPI Settings have an impact on accuracy with optical sensors.
  21. All preferences in terms of sensitivity aside, from a technical perspective you are closer to the sensor´s actual imaging capabilities, meaning less jitter and in some cases less smoothing.
  22. touche. Well, even at normal prices you still have a few options, like the G402, which is imo better in practice than the G502 anyway.
  23. It would be good to know what kind of grip you want to use. Except for the cheap internals.