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    Intel i5-4670k
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    Gigabyte GA-Z87P-D3
  • RAM
    8GB Kingston HyperX Predator
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    Asus Strix GTX970
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    Fractal Design Define R4
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    120GB Kingston SSDnow V300 + 240GB Adata SP550 + 1TB Samsung SpinPoint HDD
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    Corsair TX650W
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    Dell U2515H
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    Silverstone AR-01
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    Ducky Mini (MX Brown)
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    CM Storm Xornet II
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    Speakers - Logitech Z4i, DAC/AMP - Fiio E10K, Headphones - Superlux HD681 Evo, Microphone - Samson Meteor
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    Windows 10

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  1. $350 is pretty common price for these crappy racer chairs, though. Nothing affordable about this one compared to the competition. These "gaming chair makers" need to start making proper ergonomic chairs instead of these racing chair copies that are done to death.
  2. After using a mechanical for years and then having to use a membrane, it mostly felt like I had to work so hard to push the buttons all the way down to actuate them.
  3. 1. Get back-up codes (Steam settings -> Account -> Manage Steam Guard Account Security) 2. Remove authenticator from use on the same page as above 3. Add authenticator with the new phone
  4. ModMics are great but with your budget I would not consider them. Should be able to find HyperX Cloud headset with your budget if you want the easy option. Otherwise Superlux has some great cheap headphones (HD668b or 681 Evo for example) and then you can slap something like Zalman ZM-MIC1 on the cable.
  5. When it comes to mouse DPI, maxing out is not in anyway "the best practice", unless the max DPI is on the low end (1600 for example). DPI is purely just hardware version of sensitivity, nothing else. There is no "benefit" to maxing it out, but most often to avoid any issues it is better to use lower settings, depending on the sensor and implementation. If you really want to dig into it you could just do some google research on your mouse and its sensor (appears to be Avago S9808) and see how it performs at different DPI levels.
  6. In some sensors higher DPI can result in inaccuracies in the tracking. In some cheaper but high DPI mice the higher DPI settings are not "native" meaning there can be all kinds of negative effects to tracking. In most cases its safer to go as low as possible for DPI and adjust in-game sensitivity if needed. Also make sure you Windows mouse speed is set to the 6th (out of 11) notch and the Enhanced Pointer Precision is turned off to minimize any weirdness from Windows.
  7. A few other suggestions to focus more on quality and performance over a long feature list: Cooler Master MasterKeys Pro M keyboard SteelSeries Rival 300 mouse HyperX Cloud headset
  8. But a keyboard key is either on or off. Doesn't matter if its mechanical or membrane. Getting a keyboard with different kind of switch doesn't make it perform any better, only different.
  9. Mouse can be a performance upgrade (better sensor) depending on what you are upgrading from. Keyboard is about comfort.
  10. Use DS4Windows if you play games that don't have native support.
  11. Not sure if you guys are being sarcastic but just in case someone doesn't know, 3360 and 3366 are basically the same sensors. 3366 is Logitech's version of the 3360 which is the "base" version any manufacturer can use. Some other companies have also did small tweaks to the 3360, like Roccat with their new Owl-Eye Sensor (3361). Any 336X mouse is a top mouse performance-wise.
  12. If you are planning to Corsair why not consider the Corsair Scimitar Pro mouse? Its chunky like the Spatha but with much better specs.
  13. M65 Pro has better sensor and is more "reliable" due to being wired. However it is pretty heavy. G602 has only wireless mode and its not as good as the newer G403 Wireless and G900. Great battery life, though. G602 is also quite heavy. MX Master is an office mouse, don't get it if you plan to use the mouse for gaming.
  14. It totally depends on which Gear Head mouse you have. But it should be "better" than those cheap budget mice, but you could achieve the same with much less, or simply get something actually good. In the end its your money and you do with it what you will.
  15. It would be like paying GTX1080 price for a GTX 1060 because the 1060 looks prettier. Of course it will move the mouse cursor but by today's standard the specs are simply bad compared to what else it out there. The only real reason to get Spatha over anything else is that you just want a mouse that looks like Spatha.