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  1. The ZF/6 trans definitely is a good option, a number of folks are racing on them even. There are a couple swap threads on bimmerforums about it, but IIRC you can't just reuse the flywheel like on the ZF/5 -> G420 as the input shaft needs a bushing or something to be integral to the flywheel. Going off fuzzy memory here. The common el-cheapo-grande driveshaft for 6 speed swaps in the US has been the M3 auto shaft. In the rest of the world, I don't see why one wouldn't source a 6 speed M3 shaft-- I'd imagine those are easier to come by than M3 auto shafts. I don't believe the non-M auto shaft works with the G420, but don't know for the ZF/6 swap. Zionsville makes a swap kit for it including driveshaft. What I'm pursuing is an SMG conversion on the G420. If you modify or swap the bellhousing on an SMG you have a fully legit manual, and with lower chance of gear crunch since the actuator doesn't destroy the innards on them. Have the trans but lost the motivation haha.
  2. At 1080p it's only a real bottleneck if you're aiming for super high framerate, as the CPU's ability to feed the GPU is the limiting factor there. Higher resolutions take more GPU power and less CPU, for a given framerate. For any of those cards you will have exactly zero bottlenecks on the CPU side regardless of what resolution/framerate you want to use. Those GPUs aren't powerful enough to be bottlenecked noticeably by a well-optimized X58 system.
  3. Quite literally, any card you can afford. You're bottlenecked hard by any GPU at that framerate anyway. Yes, the platform is only PCIe-2.0....but x16 2.0 has the same bandwidth as x8 3.0, which has been proven to not be an issue for GPUs. I had a 1080ti running at 3440x1440 with zero issues, paired with my OC'd 4.5 GHz X5675. Upgraded to an R5 3600, fast ram, etc....have the same frame rates within margin of error.
  4. It's actually got a fair amount more down low, but the motor just doesn't feel happy toodling along in traffic. It's weird. The M52 will make S50US power pretty damn easily-- S52(US) cams, M50 manifold, decent exhaust and a tune and you're there. It also doesn't eat itself above 7200rpm due to crank harmonics, which is nice. It will, but threshold is raised a couple hundred extra rpm. Buddy has a non-cammed M52 in his track car and it's a reliable riot. Don't delete vanos. The only reason to do so is on the advice of incompetent tuners or using extreme cams.
  5. Negatory, all non-M E36s share same engines globally. Only the US M3 got a different engine due to price point targets. Having had US S50, S52, and now S54 engined E36s.....yea the US motor isn't the best but other than on a track, the difference is negligible IMO. I preferred driving my S52 M3/4/5 than my S54 car for street stuff. Double vanos M52 (the 2.8) came about in E46/E39 era. No E36 had double vanos aside from the 3.2 non-US M3. 6 speed shares the same gears in 1-5. It's an overdriven 5 speed box, not re-geared. That said, the stock 5 speed with the 3.15 diff, combined with the S54's 8200rpm redline (when tuned) was Boring AF. 115mph in 3rd was cool once and then felonious....so currently have a 3.91 to top out 3rd gear ~85-90 mph. But, track car, so....yea.
  6. I play trombone. Have lots of them, certainly more than I can justify.
  7. I have 6x4GB 1600MHz sticks on mine, running just fine at 1720 MHz. They worked fine up to ~2150 but I did lose communication with one stick at that speed, so went back to the 8x multiplier and it's been fine since. I don't think the IMC can handle that much ram at that speed without more voltage than I was willing to pump into it. 8x memory mult on 215 BCLK, 4.5ghz (21x215) BCLK for CPU. If your CPU and Board can take it, these systems run MUCH snappier with higher BCLK and lower multipliers.
  8. I'll be honest, I'm definitely intrigued by this machine as I'm due for a new laptop at work in a few months. Currently on a Precision 5520 (XPS 15 with a Xeon/Quadro, essentially), and while it's pretty great, if the Macbook can run Solidworks via Parallels/Bootcamp either with an eGPU or with Firepro driver support on the Radeon card, I'd be super interested. Thermals in Bootcamp'd windows is a bit of a bummer, that might be the dealbreaker in favor of a replacement Precision. No SD reader is a bummer, but I need that functionality maybe once a month when I'm already at my desk. Dongle or a reader plugged into my dock would be totally fine there. I also can't remember needing to upgrade a laptop, so....not particularly concerned with the soldered storage/ram.
  9. Xeon X5675 -- was $65 upgrade on ebay so why not. R5 3600 -- bought as a placeholder for 3950X, then realized I don't really need more, so now....cool? Xeon E3-1505M v6 (Kaby Lake mobile) -- awesome work laptop I7-4900mq(?) -- I forget exactly but it's my personal laptop that doesn't get used much uhh Centrino M -- laptop repurposed for vehicle diagnostic software
  10. Aftertreatment technology and combustion management have come a huge way in a relatively short time, especially for diesels. It is absolutely plausible that a newer car pollutes less on a g/km or g/mi basis regardless of its fuel consumption rate.
  11. I don't know about the earlier boards, but below is lane distribution for my X570 Strix-E. I'd imagine the X-series and B-series are similar, with maybe not as many chipset NVMe lanes? CPU Lanes x4 NVMe x16 PCIe (splits x8/x8 if both x16 slots are populated) Chipset lanes x4 NVMe x4 PCIe (in 16x) tons of sata/ethernet/blah.
  12. I'm not sure "real" is the right description. I think the opinions vary wildly depending on what you're doing with the car, and how much you care about the intangibles (connection, driver focus, fun, annoyance, frustration, hatred, pleasure, etc) you get from driving a manual. Modern automatics are objectively superior w/r/t fuel economy, are just as reliable, and sometimes faster in gear-to-gear shift speeds vs a skilled manual user. They are also far more consistent in that you don't have to have any skill or knowledge to use them to their fullest. Automated manuals like VW's DSG, Porsche's PDK, BMW's DCT, and the like, are the best of both worlds. Consistency and speed and idiot-proof, but when desired, respond to the driver's commands immediately. I personally have yet to drive an automatic that I would want to own. I enjoy driving manual and executing well controlled heel-toe downshifts from a sporting and enthusiast side, sure, but more than that I cannot stand the delay an automatic injects into the driving experience. I want the car to be in specific gears and shift when I expect / command it. I don't want to click a paddle, wait wait wait wait oh we're shifting now? nope wait wait oh there it went finally. Modern automatics are better, but some (looking at you, Chrysler 200 with the 9 speed), are utterly unforgivably horrendous. The lack of response and command immediacy is the issue with automatics, for me. Automated clutched DCTs and the like, I'm on board with, because they actually do what the driver requests when the driver requests, not when it feels like it. Example, from the (new!) Chrysler 200 I mentioned above. Was starting to merge onto the highway, going ~30 mph. Floor it. I counted two full seconds of foot-on-floor before the transmission decided to kick down 5 gears (!!) and finally begin to actually accelerate. Two seconds in which I was staring in my mirrors hoping the transmission would wake up before I got flattened by the semi truck. Screw automatics, when foot hits floor downshift NOW. Give me three pedals any day over that pile of utter junk, I will not yield control.
  13. give it time.... or don't, cuz, well, phones and cars and laws and things we arent supposed to do but do anyway.
  14. Yep, agreed on all points (minus trucks, because zero experience). My 90s subaru had a hill holder while my folks' 04 and 07 outbacks didn't. The SS does (and doesn't have a handbrake lever). My E36s don't. it's a crapshoot, and I just do what you do-- get good smooth and fast at balancing three pedals on a hill. It's just something that needs practicing.
  15. Interesting, these aren't dramatically more than the Jabra Elites I was looking at. Having ambient passthrough AND active noise cancelling as options in the same in-ear is a nice touch. Not a primary apple user, but if these would work cross platform I'm definitely interested.