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  1. bimmerman

    Buying tools from amazon?

    @Mr. Cucumber I don't know about those sorts of tools. Can you order from Mcmaster or MSC or some similar type shop instead? I don't know brand names to look for or to check if counterfeit.
  2. bimmerman

    Buying tools from amazon?

    I've had good luck from Amazon on reputable brands (eg, gearwrench, dewalt, etc) Am I saving money over going to a brick and mortar store? Likely no, but Amazon saves a lot of time and hassle unless I have to have it today.
  3. bimmerman

    X5675 Overclock Settings

    I don't have the images handy but search for my posts in the X58 overclocking thread. I have a Gigabyte UD3R, X5675, and OC to 4.5ghz for everyday. Have gotten stable at 4.7 but was welllllllll past diminishing returns at that point. But, basic way to do it is to be VERY patient and only modify one thing at a time. Figure out how high your BCLK will go (and what voltages it takes) with everything else turned to low multiplier. Then figure out the same for memory. Then CPU multiplier. It took me a good 6+ hours to step through BCLK to find my components' stable sweet spot (215 MHz, ~1.35V iirc), memory at 8x or so multiplier, and 21x CPU multiplier at ~ 1.35V. I think I tinkered with other voltages, can't remember.
  4. bimmerman

    General X58 Xeon/i7 discussion

    I think I paid ~$20 for a PCIe -> M.2 card from amazon. Suuuuuper cheap. They have ones that do both PCIe and sata3 interfaces on a single riser card. I would imagine the sata m.2 drives will be bootable just like regular sata drives are-- you're just changing plug formats. For PCIe interface m.2, you need to pay close attention to which drive you are using, as very few will operate at fast pcie speed without official platform support for that (eg, Samsung 950 Pro is the easy button for that). That's my understanding anyway. I have the 950 pro and it was plug and play as a PCIe drive. I didn't see any reason to use a Sata 3 drive on X58 since the Sata3 is pretty bottlenecked on that platform.
  5. The answer depends significantly on what software you use.
  6. bimmerman

    General X58 Xeon/i7 discussion

    I actually have data! These are what I could pull from old posts, so they are not current. System stats at time of testing: X5675 24GB of ram at 8x multiplier IIRC 240mm AIO -- Cooler Master Gigabyte UD3R R9 290 for first two, 1080ti for last. Coolermaster HAF-932 Case Coolermaster 850W Testing constraints: QPI_VTT never exceeded 1.35 V, CPU Vcore < 1.4V Datapoint 1: 4.7 GHz (23x205), 1.39 V, T_max of 68 C Datapoint 2: 4.6 GHz (23x200), 1.328 V, T_max of 62 C (firestrike not cinebench though) Datapoint 3: 4.51 GHz (21x215), 1.328 V. This has the 1080ti installed but I think is before I installed the NVMe 950 Pro and Windows 10. Apparently I didn't take temp readings. This is the GHz setting I normally use. My chip could probably do higher GHz if I wanted to throw more volts, it definitely isn't temp limited. While the above temps aren't long term stress tests, they are from multiple back to back runs and fiddling, so I would expect the AIO fluid is as nice and toasty as it'll get.
  7. bimmerman

    General X58 Xeon/i7 discussion

    Yep. definitely fun for tweaking and tinkering. Downside is for it to keep up well with the new shiny, you have to put in time to do some tinkering and tweaking. Not everyone is going to want to do that, which is cool. Weird, I guess, but cool.
  8. bimmerman

    General X58 Xeon/i7 discussion

    I think the real question is how much can you afford to spend? If you need to buy an expensive cooler to OC the Xeon to play games enjoyably, how does that total cost compare with a new budget Ryzen system? It might be a better value to sell all the X58 stuff at this point. It also might not. (says another X5675 @ 4.5ghz + 1080ti + nvme ssd user)
  9. post in the X58 thread with screenshots of your bios settings. Something weird is going on but need more data!
  10. Yep-- I'll try to remember to look up my benchmark data when I'm back home, but I have a Xeon equivalent of the 980X at 4.5GHz, with a 1080ti, and running 1440p ultrawide in SOTTR. I want to say I'm around the 70ish fps mark? I don't remember off hand. I was getting 45-60fps with an R9 290, all else equal, depending on quality setting.
  11. bimmerman

    General X58 Xeon/i7 discussion

    My 950 couldn't do 200 bclk. My X5675 has done 215 for the last two years without issue. Never tried higher though. Personally, I think higher bclk and a lower multipler is better than the opposite, if your chip plays ball. The uncore speed improvements from faster bclk result in a lot snappier system IME.
  12. What's your fuel budget, given that you live in the land of gas that actually costs a lot? Regardless of your answer, you've got a whole lifetime ahead of you to do the small car thing. Get the Mustang and enjoy some V8 braps without turbo lag while you still can. Plenty of life ahead to be sensible and get the 1er or the Seat. Just....be careful leaving Cars and Coffee. My E30 and E36s would set off car alarms occasionally in parking structures, even just toodling along (bass notes from the exhaust are what did it). That and track pads were always fun to see how long I could squeal the brakes when descending. Have only been yelled at for squeaky brakes on the road though, never for the car alarms. Always did get a chuckle out of unintentionally setting them off.
  13. bimmerman

    how do you deal with apple fans

    Uh, neither are better than the other, they are different ways of accomplishing a pocket computer. If the feature set of one doesn't appeal to you, great, buy the other one. Calling apple users isheep is just you being an androidsheep. Fanboying is dumb and childish-- newsflash, nobody cares what phone you use, and even less your opinion about the phone they use. disclaimer: I use both an XR and LG V40, daily, and neither android nor ios is a clear winner. They both have annoying quirks and frustratingly stupid moments.
  14. bimmerman

    How do you justify large purchases to yourself?

    entirely depends on the thing, the need for the thing, and what else I could do with the money I want to spend on the thing. Eg, during racing season, new shiny is less important than money for entry fees and tires and repairing what broke. New GPU purchase is about the cost of a tire or two, but GPU doesn't make the car go faster or repaired to get back on track, so it is much harder to justify. $500 for 20 more FPS or $500 to haul ass in the Corkscrew.... This is also assuming things like rent, savings, food, etc are already paid for. The play money fund then gets allocated depending on need, with as much resistance to new shiny as possible to ensure actual needs (tires) are met before wants (gpu). Generally though if it's on the order of an hour or three's pay, I don't think about it. If it's a day+ of pay, then the thinking brain engages.
  15. bimmerman

    what is the difference between a xeon and an i7

    Yes. Pre-X58, I dunno. X58 era (Westmere/Nehalem) Xeons were all BCLK unlocked, with BCLK decoupled from PCIe clock. Two Xeon models were also multiplier unlocked just like the i7-980/990x models were-- in fact, they were the same chip just branded differently and with ECC support. X79 era Xeons were not BCLK unlocked, beyond 1-3 mhz, with BCLK also coupled to PCIe, so that method fails. However, there were a few models of E3-16xx chips that were multiplier unlocked. Like X58, these corresponded with the i7-2/3xxx Extreme variants. X99 era, not sure. Maybe single socket E3-16xx were unlocked? Current era: not overclockable iirc unless you go for the W-3175X insane model. Now, why would you care about using a Xeon in a consumer board? Well, ~3 years after release the server farms tend to decommission servers and dismantlers sell chips CHEAP on ebay and other sites. This can be great if you are looking for a cheap upgrade to a HEDT computer, usually for more cores. You are better served in many cases to just buy the i7 variant, if clockspeed is your goal. However, in some cases it makes sense to get the Xeon equivalent with unlocked BCLK and/or Multiplier to tinker with as the Xeon equivalent is usually much cheaper than the i7. This really is only feasible if you can get the motherboard cheap, or already own it and are looking for a low cost modernizing upgrade. Going from a 6 core unlocked i7 to a 6 core maybe-locked Xeon makes no sense.