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  1. They were ruled for hundred of years by the hapsburgs, the most infamous family of inbreeders. Woah man, I didn't ask for the dark souls of country choices here. Dude just wanted to broadcast radio without censorship, can't fault him there.
  2. Alright, name your preferred country and we'll pick apart all of its choices and tell you why you can't trust them currently because of the actions of people that aren't even alive anymore.
  3. I'm personally all for this. The amount of resources saved is good no matter how you look at it. I just wonder, have they managed to find a way to grow these meats while switching away from the fetal bovine serum they've used so far? That has been the biggest thing holding them back.
  4. Wow. Now I usually think it's stupid when a companies stock drops after missing not their own projected earnings but a third parties (like what happened when Facebook dropped 24% after reporting earnings of 13.2 billion instead of 13.3), but missing projections by more than 20% is insane. I wonder who's going to be fired here. Edit: I assume whoever was going to be fired already has been. I hadn't followed nvidia stock closely and they're down more than 42% in the last 1 1/2 months.
  5. I mean, we're getting pretty far into ifs at that point. Being tough on China in trade doesn't necessitate tariffs, there were certainly other ways to go about fixing the imbalance, this is just the one that was chosen. Not to mention the announcement being made in 2017 means that it was a significant length of time before that happened that discussions began.
  6. Oh baby, it's finally happening. Mass storage is going to become so cheap.
  7. The foxconn factory has nothing to do with the tariffs, it was announced in 2017. What does impact it is the 3 billion in tax breaks and subsidies they're getting over the next 15 years.
  8. What a thread, at what point does this get locked over how off topic and political its gotten?
  9. Damn this got real political real fast. This seemed a bit inevitable, we were let know what would likely have tariffs on them if this 200 billion in tariffs went forward and that the president was really pushing for them. I guess if you planned to upgrade, buy sooner rather than later?
  10. Ouch, that bad of cost:performance ratio and all the graphs are using the lower msrp that no one is selling at. So stay away unless you're an early adopter it seems.
  11. A lot of people don't seem to realize, he isn't being sued for some random insult. Elon doubled down on the claim a second time at a later date. I guarantee this suit wouldn't have been brought were it not for that.
  12. The backlash against this seems a little ridiculous. I'm actually surprised that if we've had this system for so long now, it's never been tested before. If something major happens to the country, I'd like to know about it. I don't get to watch TV or listen to the radio all day long so this would certainly reach me faster than anything else.
  13. I made a post about this before as well. It turns out the one launching in 2018 is vega 20, which is also on 7nm. Navi is yet to be announced.
  14. My bad, I didn't realize that. Guess I jumped the gun a little bit here.
  15. I looked and all I could find was articles in the last day or so and ones about Navi being on 7nm, nothing about it launching this year.
  16. I'm a little surprised nothing has been posted about this (unless I'm just blind and missed it). http://ir.amd.com/news-releases/news-release-details/expanding-our-high-performance-leadership-focused-7nm AMD themselves confirm that they've already taped out 7nm products with at least one 7nm GPU launching later this year. Whether or not it's a consumer gpu is still yet to be announced but this is exciting either way. Personally I don't think this is the best news for nvidia. Not that it's likely to harm them much or take market share, but amd is announcing they're leapfrogging them in node at a time when people are outraged about the prices of the 2000 series.
  17. Performance per watt is different as performance doesn't scale straight up like that. For example, vega does amazingly well at lower powers but vega 64 still struggles to hold its own against the 1080. So I don't see this as an announcement of double performance.
  18. I don't mean you in particular, and anyone that thinks they should be that low is crazy. But all the people responding that we should just accept 20-50% price increase and give no other reasoning for it than 'you should be able to afford it in this hobby' are out of touch.
  19. 10 more pages and we're still on the 'if you complain about the price you're too poor to afford it' stuff
  20. Why does being angry about a $300+ price hike mean you're poor or shouldn't be in this hobby? Anyone would get their feathers ruffled by it, no matter the hobby. That's a big jump. Imagine the outrage if nvidia priced their top end i5 at $500+ next gen. No one would stand for it, but for some reason when it comes to gpus and nvidia in particular we're just told that we're the ones at fault for being angry. That we should just accept it because that's how things are. Edit: I realize the joke of 'top end i5' but I meant the i5 k sku that everyone recommends each gen.
  21. My God, $600 for a 2070. Nvidia is out of their collective minds here.
  22. This is absolutely an apples to apples comparison, as much as the analogy will allow. It's unrealistic? That's the entire point of the analogy, that it's not a realistic scenario for the average driver to run into, just as the only significantly impacted workloads are something that's not realistic for the average user to run into. The only workloads that were affected more than 3% were ones that were specific to servers, and not even all servers, just certain types. If someone had the exact same hardware side by side, one patched and one not, it would be unlikely that they would be able to tell without some tool like an fps counter or performance numbers from a test to tell them the difference. I haven't noticed anything on my own rig since updating and, being a member of a tech forum, I'm certainly not an average user. Chrome has nothing to do with Intel or the bios and os patches for the processor. They have, admitted by their own team, an incredibly unoptimized patch at the moment that they're working on. If you look at other browsers it's easy to tell that this is an exception and not the rule. While spectre and meltdown are both serious, the performance penalties for Intel in particular have been inflated to insanely unrealistic proportions.
  23. A more proper analogy keeping with the car theme would be this: Every company that makes engines has a problem with their engines and they fix them, but the fix causes a bit of a problem. Your engine still has the same horsepower as before, but when turning left you can't go over 160mph. Not only do you or any average person not notice it, you aren't even affected by it. The only ones affected by it are Nascar drivers and, indirectly, people that watch Nascar.