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  1. Exactly this. It's a cleaner UI, in my opinion. I generally hate UI changes, but this one isn't that bad. I immediately go to my apps so the ad is in my vision for a brief second or two on the home page... and it's the only place they show up. Often times the ad is for a new Netflix show or similar that I am actually interested in.
  2. Heads up to all, I have decided to sign up for Astiga web player, and simply connect my Google Drive to it. It's able to by FLAC, as well of course MP3s and other common audio formats. So far so happy!
  3. I'm trying to do a stream instead, so I don't have to do a local file sync
  4. How can I connect VLC on PC to Google Drive for music playback? So far in web of Google Drive, I can open 1 file at a time... not very useful. I'd like to browse into my Google Drive via VLC on PC to queue up multiple tracks. Thanks
  5. Thanks, I had to go into Realtek settings and swap the mic input to be a sub/center output. Luckily I have a USB mic
  6. I have an Asus B550-I motherboard with just a normal line in/out, and mic input. I have line out going to my M-Audio speakers. I have an old Monoprice subwoofer laying around, and was wondering what I'd need wiring wise to get this integrated into my current setup. Any ideas? Thanks!
  7. I'm new to the whole ARGB world, and have a new build with Corsair Pro ARGB ram and an Asus B550-i motherboard with an argb fan header that I have connected to ARGB fans (via a controller). What do I do to get things setup? I have Asus Armourycrate installed for AuraSync and AuraSync creator, and Corsair iCue. Thank you!
  8. I'm having the same issue, for sure EMI from the GPU because it only occurs when my GPU is being used. About to move the soundcard to the lowest PCI-e slot to move it away from the GPU, but my hunch is nothing will happen. Update: Moved to lowest slot, no change.
  9. Can I override Corsair Link's 500rpm low as a limit? Ideally I'd like my 4pin fans to be off under a certain temp threshold. Thanks!
  10. FYI it can do native 108MP, but the quality is just "ok". No real purpose in doing it when you can use the pixel binning and get a higher quality photo:
  11. Is your older media centre PC on Win10 1903? Do you ever get straight-up frozen screens with no BSOD, on your Win10 1903 builds?
  12. Just tested out the 4GB version of MSI RX 580 (on loan from a friend, I have the 8GB version) in my system, and within an hour or two I had the same frozen screen required a forced shutdown, with subsequent Wattman recovery notifications. No BSOD dumps to diagnose with. DDU'd and installed an Nvidia 1070ti (also on loan) with latest drivers, and so far testing has gone very well (fingers crossed). No hiccups, freezes, or anything close to the problems I had on my Radeon card(s)+drivers. Still doing more testing, but I'll keep you all up to date. A reminder that I am on
  13. Done and done, no change Even tried default Radeon drivers for Windows 10 2018 update.
  14. Since I've done a fresh install of Windows 10 1903, I'm having relentless lock-ups during anything GPU intensive on this Radeon RX 580 from MSI. I've tried DDU uninstall and install of fresh drivers - even yesterday's new drivers - and it isn't working. Random lockups, requiring a full restart, are still happening. No BSOD is occurring, so I have no dumps to investigate. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks