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  1. one good thing about that is when its in idle you don't have to turn your led;s off if it was in your bedroom like mine is.
  2. that's what im talking about haha you have any pics?
  3. haha ya i no. back in the old day when i had no rgb...
  4. ya rgb dose just add cost and for looks but alot about pcs about looks. back in the days people uses to do just black or chrome. gold and silver was a thing for a bit there. and way back then was rgb and uv evrything...ya thows times
  5. ya i got a cheap $10 rgb mouse but it was a bit to heavy so ill just plug it in for photos. i also have an Razer Goliathus Extended Chroma mouse pad and corsair rgb headphone stand but i hate Razer software...!!! so ill just use its default. hard to give up a logitech mx510 mouse... if only thay made it in rgb.... i can dream...
  6. ya i have a cheap entry rgb keyboard the Rosewill Neon K51. i wanted as much rgb as i could get and cheap and dint want to go mechanical as there should much louder so this was it. but the rgb that shines thew the key caps makes it hard to read the keys (you you don't no how to type that is) but uses no software just push a button to change modes or on off. it was $35 so w/e
  7. ya i wanted an rgb monator. i was looking at the MSI OPTIX MPG27C but it was $350 a few years a go around xmiss and well its discontinued now. there are used ones on there but there way more then $350 funny that the MSI OPTIX MPG27CQ witch is better is cheaper.... i read that it was an fify monitor. and it was free sink and i have an invida gpu so there that. i no asus makes one with rgb in the stand they had some were its on the back were you can see it.... don't no if there any more thow
  8. ya i have one too i got to build a pc then sell for money but its not going to well... flipping new pcs for profit hard thing to do...
  9. so i was thinking could i possibly have the most rgb in one computer system? let me no what you have in your system and what controllers, fans and stuff you use. 29X hd120mm corsair fans (12 leds each fan) 1x argb cpu block 2x argb flow meter's 2x argb res rgb tube 1x argb strip probably 6 to 8 feet 1x argb corsair ram cooler (hard to say if im going to use it as i did buy tryden z rgb ram or find a argb water block) 1x argb lianl li 24pin and 2x 8pin 1x argb m.2 to pcie (don't no if im going to use as im still ruining windows 7 and cant git it to install. i think i can use it for storage tho maybe install my games to it for faster booting times) might water cool it to haha mad with power im probably going to put 5mm rgb leds in some of the g/4 stopper and might look in to adding some leds in my pump housing. need to get an argb strip for my ek water block for the gpu. all of the lighting going to run off its own psu so the power down the one psu and all the light should go out as i do like to sleep.... would be nice if there was rgb switches. one guy was trying to prototype some but then stopped the project for some reason so orange led switch it is (as i think the core 200 uses blue led ones) to run all the rgb stuff i have: 1x corsair comander 2x lighting node pro 's the hard part is going to get all the other stuff to hook up the the corsair controllers lianli, bykski, barrow. ill have to make diagrams of the pinouts in all.
  10. just wanted to add that a hairdryer works for the heat shrink as well.
  11. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000043704234.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.1ec721dbmAXVE4&algo_pvid=dd9eb348-3c93-4eac-9156-33be1cda1d93&algo_expid=dd9eb348-3c93-4eac-9156-33be1cda1d93-0&btsid=9c87501f-38e1-4baa-8c90-d49d414abbbf&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_6,searchweb201603_52
  12. i have not used silver stone rgb stuff so i don't no how it works. i think its just expensive for no reason but that me. but if a cost is not a factor then why not use it.
  13. looks like it has pass through holes( don't no if it comes with the bulkhead fittings thow) if your planing on adding another mb on the other side and it being an open case it be much easer to do on this case. should be a simple mod. same with an io for it to. as for the 5.25 bay no one uses em but i guess you have a plan for it so you would need some cage for it. or make some shelf for it. more details on this would help were your planing to put it.... the other side is for the other pc builing a new system is fun to do but using 1 case can save money if done right.....my build was done wrong....
  14. and i thought having the mb software work at all was good but then there this guy that wants more......haha im kidding
  15. sounds about right. keep in mind any 12v rgb stuff pluged in to the deepcool hub pulls power form the mb so your limited to w/e the mb and do (seem to be 3 amps) the 5v pulls from the sata power on the deepcool or w/e you case hub. there probably a limit there but i dont no what it is as deepcool said nothing. seems common to not incude power details of produces for some reason. probly so you buy more hubs, controllers, and rgb strips even thow you don't need to...
  16. t the node dose not sync with Gigabyte RGB Fusion. to do so you have to hook the fans to the mb. to do that you have to buy a cable or make one. corsair 3pin to 3pin argb cable
  17. i dont no at some point it might just be free or cheap as there just collect your data to sell anyway. for now its likes that but anything can happen. i my self hate phones so im all for a pc till the end. but vr could repace it someday were you dont have to type you just enther a room and all people on mic's and can see them. heck the enet we no today is slowly going away old stuff is de listed there fewer stuff there then use to be. take paintball there use to be so many pic;s and forms and such and most are gone.... so if you want info on pc there will be a subscription you will have to pay. want a food recapy oh need a subscription for that. that whay they can heave regulate what info is out there.
  18. ya i no that's why i said statia wont work or altlest for most people. if its not statia it will be another company that will do streaming.
  19. if anything the pc is dead. same with consoles. laptops are just as powerful as a pc. and statia is trying to replace the hardware all together. (don't think it will work for now) only thing pc have right now is vr but you could just use a laptop for that now too so...
  20. i payed like $185 for a rx 480 8gb Sapphira a moth a go off of ebay. so its ok price. look at your local buy and sell can find a cheaper deal thow.
  21. well i guess lets price out a copper loop first to see if you even save much. (i guess the more rads to the loop the more saving) so i got a 360 copper rad for $35 + shipping say $40-$45, cheapest d5 pump i could find was $40+ say $5-10 shipping, cpu block probly get 1 for $15 or an rgb 1 for $30-$35, and hybrid gpu block is around $15-$20, fittings are $1-2 each, res well you dont need it but say $10-$15. so say around $125 to $150 for a copper loop with 1 360 rad. only cpu i could find is the cheap one around $5 (they do make ones with fins in them but they cost a bit more) , $28 for a 360 rad, and dont no about the gpu block i guess just use a cpu block as well so $5 there, if you got the rad with fittings on it and the cpu block have fittings on it save money. as for the pump i personly only like d5 but maybe there a way to set it up if a cheap pump fails it will shout down the pc or something so i guess as long as its plastic it should be fine. i no the d5 some metal in it and uses an magnet prop. still if you can find cheap aio and hack em up to make a full loop that's probably the better way to go.