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  1. there is an adapter that lets you hook argb devices to a rgb controller but it wont act like argb.
  2. i don't get all the y's in there. you should have the res feed in to the pump and the res higher then the pump. option 2 is what i would start out with later on you can play around.
  3. quietpc is a good site to look at rpm vs air flow and price
  4. something like this a good start. looks like you have to add a power and reset to it.
  5. i posted a diagram on how to wire non corair argb strip like you asked. i also posted a pic of were to cut the argb strips and to show you what 30, 60, 144 led per meter look like. if you cant under stand it then your not ready to do diy argb strips. if your not in to soldering then there is a cable that is made for argb strips. corsair 3pin or 4pin to jst-sm connector
  6. you might be able to find some guy that can do it cheap but i would think that it will require skills to solder and need equipment to see what your doing. guys on here were talking about having troubles soldering 2020 smd so if its even smaller than that might be even harder. but im not expert so w/e the smd should be cheap it self.
  7. what dose a electronic guy charge per hour?
  8. ya for me i started with a 1366 and a i7920 and 6 gig of ram. 2x 150 gb wd velociraptor drives. i got get what gpu i had i no it was fanless if the rings any bells. and me and my dad got in to water cooling so i got his hammy downs gpus with water block's. then i upgraded to a i5 6600k,noctua nh-d15, z170 mb and 16gb ram and got a gigabite g1 winforce 1080 and got a 480 gb ssd for $135 at the time. i later on upgraded the mb to an mark 1 z270 mb only for looks thow. all pics and info is posted in my build log. i normally build a budget pc say $900 ish but this time i when mad with power haha..... only thing laughing is my wallet. that ssd thow once you get one you never go back....
  9. ya we all buy things that we might not need or upgrade even thow have no reason too. over the years me an my dad building computers we had hhd,mb,gpus,psu's, ram, all go bad. my dad right now has an asus 780 gpu with bad ram. he had to down clock it to even play some games with it. gpu cooling it alot better then what it use to be so gpus might not die as much but back then your lucky to get 4 years out of it.
  10. other youtubers for posture uprighthealth grillazenfitness grilla zen fitness stopped posting on youtube and post on facebook and twiter i think. you want your monitor you you not looking up or down just strata at it.
  11. you could but it will cost more then buying a new keyboard....
  12. asus manual looks to me that mb only has 12 rgb and not addressable (argb 5v) witch is what the Anidees RGB LED controller uses. so there an adapter that converts 12v rgb from the mb to argb 5v device but it wont be adressable so all the leds will show the same color.
  13. there was a topic about this a few moths ago and the verdict is its too new so there no adapters, convertors or cable extensions.
  14. thx i get it but my last post talking about how much rgb and the second it got moved i got no post's. i just wanted to talk to people about stuff that all
  15. so dam hard to look at laptops as they only list the cpu ram and hhd size. you have to go out your way to look to see what gpu is in it! pane in the butt. if there marking for gamers there doing a bad job imo
  16. ya i got an caselabs th10 case (the bigest you can get ) and i put 38 cheap fans in there. at the time i cared more about air flow and number of fans that i got a side panel with a vent instead of a window and i got a gpu bracket that you an attach 4 more 120m fans too.... haha ya my friend had a 486 good times good times ya back then your wallet determent how good of pc you had then and the games were way more demanding then today. i grew up with a voodoo 2. good for 3dfx games but lots of games would not run with it.... i guess that just shows how good we have it to day what you money can buy. ya monitors and tvs are getting cheaper and cheaper. i played vr once and loved it but for the cost for games and having space to setup is my problem but in time it will get cheaper.
  17. hmm good point. resolution could be the option to upgrade in the future. also better vr as well. my self i have no idea what my monitor is i think is 60 herz. and i don't really care about how things look so long as its not lagy. so 60 fps is probably were im happy at as well. if there were good looking games that were fun and not full of micro transactions and pay to win then maybe id care a little more.
  18. what do you think about having higher temps for the sake of looks. reason to save money, or just don't care. seems like there lots of people that pick bad air flow cases over looks or just didn't no it was a bad case. the people that complaint that your pc runs 3 degrees hotter should you care ? and why. how long do you want your pc to last? are we at a point were are pc are so powerful that it will be still a good pc10+ years form now and heck may even be a good gaming pc? how long do you go till upgrading? do you build he best pc that money can buy (or makes scene) or do you build a budget build that you upgrade over time or in a few years or build a new pc in a few years. do you think about what you can sell your stuff for a few years form now or 10 years form now or don't care. most pc's can last at least 10 years but will it be even be usable or even care about it in 10 years anyway or do you build your pc to get the temps as low as possible so it will last longer. what i think: as long as the games i play don't lag i don't really care about resolution. and as of late i mostly just watch people play games on youtube then play them myself. if games didn't have micro transactions or pay to win i would care more about playing. i mostly play mindcraft, diablo 2, no man sky, but there are a lot of old games that are good, cheap and fun to play that i have not played like borderlands or skyrim or titans quest haha. maybe your in the same bot and put off building an epic build for gaming and just build for looks and fun like me. Plz Moderators don't move this post for at lest a week. once it gets moved the Discussion stops! this is supposed to be a community Discussion forms! grammar nazi's plz don't post!
  19. things to come. i decided to add argb under my case and got better casters, this mofo gona be heavy.....i might add an out side argb hook up too in case i want to add argb to my desk. i order for rubber grommets to clean up my holes i made for the 120mm fans on the bottom as the cables will go under that case. i thought about adding plexy or some plastic to hide all the mb rubber grommets and all the holes i made trying different set ups.... so ill have to look at what's local for plexie galss or something and see what it cost. well im at it i might get a peace clear and add another window to the other side and i thought about making my own heat shield mb but i already got a mb that has it so it be for another pc or the asus mb. i still want the mark 1 z170 mb thow as i really like the 40mm fan on the north bridge for some reason. i thought about getting a custom 40mm argb fan gill made but i have not asked the guy yet if he can do it an what it cost. if not then ill have to get an 40mm fan adapter to like 120mm fan will look weird but w/e that my thing haha. (oh looks like the guys not selling on ebay anymore... hmm) another thing is getting an 25mm thick clear 40mm fan and add an argb strip around it. that's how corsair argb ram cooler works just 2 50mm clear fans with an argb strip around them and a housing around that. i don't have a 3d printer so i cant make a housing so it will probably be geto. also got some u channel to clean up my cut in the front.
  20. hmm dint no that cheap diy stuff dint work with aura. i do remember reading on forms about it thow
  21. one controller to control the strips on the outside and one on the inside (im guessing your mb) but they wont be synced up. if you want them to be then your option is to run a cable out side the case.