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  1. well i would just cut a hole in the front of the fan and just add a gill to it unless you like the holes look. the wire grill has like the second best air flow. ya that case lots of people say its a hot case. another thing if you don't mind messing with your gpu heat sink is to add case fans to it. looks ghetto but get mad performance.
  2. i got that controllers and it did not work so.... cooler master makes crap stuff but gl
  3. all rgb is the same so dose not mater they all are voltage controlled not data. if you no how to solder then just cut the connector off on both and wire em up for cheap solution. other wise its complicated to get an adapter and will most likely cost as much as a different strip.
  4. the adapter only makes your argb act like rgb.
  5. i mean j2c did a video on a modded front panel that has an restrictive mesh in it so....
  6. you got the wrong strips you need a strip with the jst-sm connetor
  7. ya the safe answer is no its not compatible.....but that didn't stop people. i my self have the thermatake argb, cosair argb, nzxt argb, coolermaster rgb and argb and aquacomputer rgb. i want to get the aquacomputer argb but its hit am miss in stock or price too hi. its posable to attach rgb to cosair argb with a dac but you will need there strips... i got the dac and the strips and i orderd an rgb 19mm switch from ebay so some day ill need to find how to hook it up to the dac. all the rgb in my case will have its own psu so when i want to sleep i turn that psu off and all the rgb with it is the plan....
  8. well you can do it with low risk if you no what your doing. just pulling that data from the mb too the corsair fan hub. hooking up just the data wont kill any thing it will work or it wont. this cable says its what you would need imo the corsair rgb software is better so then it be a question of hooking the AIO to corsair witch should also be doable.
  9. it should work. i would go with a cheaper splitter thow that phantech argb controller only has 3 out puts thow keep in mind that there are 2 common argb connectors 1 the one on our mb caled the stranded 2+1 connector and the other one that phantech uses called the jst-sm connector so depending on what argb devices will depend on what going to work with what. going from stranded 2+1 to jst-sm is a pain.
  10. well if you no how to solder then you can just get all the power form the psu instead of the mb header and just use the data for the mb. or use 2 of thows hubs and use a spliter for the data
  11. well that one way of doing it haha nice.
  12. hes talking about rgb vs argb not powering the fan...
  13. if you have only 4 pin and want to use your mb to control them just by 4 pin rgb fans.... there is an convector but its buggy and it just make the 3 pin act like the 4pin rgb anyway.
  14. i found this don't no if it will help
  15. well i guess i could try that i do have both of my pcs up and running (kinda) in a temp case for now. the plan in my build log is to have 1 pc with windows 7 for net stuff and the other windows 10 for gaming is the plan. i have dived in to windows 10 a bit as my laptop is windows 10 only (only because i cant get 7 to install on a nvme) and i have kinda disable updates and kortana and got a power shell to make it look more like 7. there is a time were i will need 10 for the dx 12 unless linx or something eels supports that... i jsut dont like the spyware on 10 thats all. all thow firefox spys on you anyway and facebook all realy for all my info so there not much els left....protecting thats on my storage drive i guess. i do like a 30 second boot thow...
  16. i got other programs Geeks 3d gpu shark gpuz msi afterburner GPU temp hwm prossess haker how many more you want?
  17. anyone no of a good free screen capture? ill try and get a video of it.
  18. i don't want to use that program i don't want to use google play or my phone. but when why is the fan ramping from 0 rpm all the way to max rpm fore a few seconds and repeats and sits only at 48-50 degrees so i got an audeable q that something is wrong.
  19. it could be mining malware from say web surfing but then more people would be reporting problems then i guess. my guess is i may have over heated it a bit. i guess until i get it on water i don't no what to do. but having my 15gb ram usage all at the same time is a bit odd. maybe its a ram mining malware? is that even profitable? seems to be fine in games so ill keep using it as i did pay $750 + $300 for an ek water block.
  20. not moving to 10! so stop asking.
  21. ok...so if i have 1 youtube video playing my gpu should ramp up using only the memory and 15gb of my ram? dose not make any sense. and it should ram down when i stop it right?