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  1. rgb works the same way rgb leds work. got 1 ground and 3 positive. and can be set for 0 to 256. argb has chips that tell each set of smd to do (normal 3 smd per chip) and they work off a pwm frequency but there are many other argb strips that have different chips and some chips don't work with some controllers as the frequency wont match up. so you got ground data and 5v
  2. the legend him self the guy that got me addicted to moding.... who hackes a pc mod website???
  3. heres a 30cm one if your ok at soldering then you can make a custom length cable with this all you need is the strips the rest is for the controller.
  4. ya i can see you looking in to making it look good haha
  5. looks good only thing i can see is rotate your back fan so the wire is at the top.
  6. i picked up a 4670k and an msi mpower mb. best find yet. but i might be giving it to my dad as it should be an upgrade for him.
  7. keep in mind that some software wont run or install unless you have an rgb controller pluged in.... but ya a good start is to see what software works. for software there are, nzxt, corsair, coolermaster, asus, aquacomputer, thermaltake, and a ganaric Airgoo. then there are the rgb software for ram some built in some not. theres also software for the mb if you have rgb/argb headers. but its a pain in the butt some dont play well with each other. also it might be posable to get other produces like nzxt fans to work with corsair controller if you no the pin out that is of can find a cable that will work as some have proprietary connectors. seems they all have pros and cons w/e way you go.
  8. cooler master has softer ware for both rgb and argb also manually. (i dont recommend cooler master thow....)
  9. look like ARCTIC COOLING P8 fans keep in mind that the o11 have different gens and some have mount holes for fans and other's don't. i no the 011 air has mounts for 2 80 mm fans and 1 92mm fan. and the Dynamic / razer has no holes. i think. it could just be the older gens dont have the holes and anything new dose but i dont no. keep in mind that its posable to add 2 92mm fans (the grill wont mach up) but 2 will fit. or up 2 3 80mm fans. the 92mm should be quieter then the 80 but you can probly just run them low rpm more for looks i guess.
  10. funny i think i have a thing for pre builds there just something about not noing anything about it. were to get drivers, what ram or cpus work in it. what heat sinks working in it can it take an stander atx psu, how to get in the the bios and the smell....but ill never use em i just like to take em part and have a challenge on making it better....
  11. my first mager data lose. so i was playing around with hhd in my pc (when it was on) done it before and swapped out drives well you can put a molex cable in the wrong way.....lesson learned
  12. well not a 100% on how it works. it works just like a fan in the front of the case. if the gap from the panel and the fan is too small it will reduce air flow and make more noes. testing says on average a 1 inch gap is ok. fans blow throw the heat sink. if it was the other way it probably wound not matter as much.
  13. my complete build (or not complete) witch ever way you see it.... tip plan plan and plan. worst case scenario you save money buy buying it later.... if you do want rgb plan ahead! also just try a strip first...hell of a lot cheaper
  14. i found a cable that will let you use the gigabit rgb for more useful stuff....i have yet to see an gigabit rgb device with the vdg.... i found something cheaper with the vdg cable adapter also comes with the gigabit adapter
  15. well it has 3 but all 3 use different connectors so your have to make your own cables to use the others. i don't no what the max amps each port has but it gets its power from sata. so you could just add a splitter if you got a few argb devices. there is no other convert out there so this is it. unless you want to go usb.
  16. if you have to put it in that case what i would do is remove the usless dvd drive, move the hhd some were els and uses a pcie cable. then its a mater will it fit and how to mount it to the case. this gpu mount looks like it might work and mount it to the back to the mb. but ths will cost more then just getting a different case.... witch the point was to do it cheap i guess. or... cases are like free or cheap like $5-10 used so..... i found this... not in English another one ya
  17. ya np. i was going to buy it and still might. if you do get it let me no how to hook it up to rgb. i have corsair ecosystem so no rgb only argb but there is a convertor to go rgb so ill have to get that costly but only option. other option is to go aqua computer as they support corsair fans and have both rgb and argb.
  18. i don't get what your looking for but this might help... silver silver ring silver dot
  19. did you even watch the video? liquid metal dose nothing for a gpu... the gpu dose not have a heat spreader like a cpu witch is the problem with cpus. the gpu is a naked die and no problems with heat transfer.