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  1. *massive hug* i'm sooo sorry Jack, it's an aweful way to lose a laptop. I feel I should call in an expert on this subject... @LinusTech
  2. I'm not sure a dual proc chip will work in a single socket. Will it?
  3. Stable 99% of the time = not stable. Back off the clocks.
  4. StarFire


    No but really this thread confuses me. A good friend asked me to post this to find out what the popular opinion is?
  5. StarFire


    A friend PMed me and asked me to post this, They're too embarrassed to say their name.
  6. StarFire


    What do you like better? I'm thin, busty, and somewhat tall, and a good friend of mine is thin, flat, and even taller. But when you're snuggling (specifically, snuggling a girl), what feels best to you?
  7. Have you ever just thought of putting Character Bios in the back of the book, with a glossary of everything else?
  8. Core i5 750 @Jack.EXE's favorite. I wouldnt reccomend ruling out the Phenom IIs either, They preform similarly to the C2Qs.
  9. I'm in a mood to answer questions, the dirtier the better!

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    2. GhostWindGamer


      the dirtier the better you say? I could answer one million and one questions but I won't cause you'll probably block me

    3. StarFire


      Fire away, I'm bored, so I'm looking for some unusual stuff to answer

    4. gnarly0531


      its really too bad you are all the way in Japan

  10. I was grounded, but now I'm just not on too often.
  11. DO NOT show us that greasy ass photo of a greasy ass!