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  • Birthday Oct 26, 1999

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    Next To My PC
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    AMD Athlon X4 860k
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    Asrock FM2A88X FM2+ Pro3
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    G.Skill Ripjaws X Blue
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    MSI Twin Frozer R9 280
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    Corsair Spec 01
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    Crucial 240GB SSD
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    EVGA 600b 600 Watt
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    HP Mouse that blows away all the $9000 mouses on the market
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    Case speaker
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    Windows 8.1 Torrented Because Im broke. Dont judge me cuz you would do it aswell.
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  1. No m8 Plot twist; I'm a woman, pretending to be a man That was a joke for the dumb fucking cunts that don't ever understand, you know who you fuck twats are, god damn bunch of troglodytes man. go home you fucking dolt lout pieces of shit
  2. As far as I can see, you guys are kind of just backing the horse that died in the gate with this one. So I'll be posting the same until the day I die, or feel like changing the way I post, which is rarely going to happen, and uhm yea. Have a good day. Feel free to call my posts what you'd like.
  3. I just explained the reasons bro, there was a reason for me to post them, so I posted them and since it was my post, I think the reasoning should be my own. I don't think I should have to worry about what people will think the reasoning is before I post it
  4. Well in that case none of my posts are shit posts. I always have a reason, like this, I wanted to know what shit posting was, and therefore I made a post, with a reason, so it's not shit post. and the sucking dick thread, I had a question I needed answers to, therefore I had a reason, therefore it's not a shitpost.
  5. Describe a "shit post" Describe a "not shit post" Thanks and I'm going to bed now from because I've been awake for the last 30 hours. Have a good day and I hope to read your replies when i awake again in 3 days time. Inb4 "this post qualifies as a shit post" Inb4 lock And no this doesn't mean I'll be changing my fiendish, euphoric, and amateurish posting ways, wouldn't change that for the lord himself
  6. Lose my virginity definitely, who the fuck wants to keep a nice pc?
  7. Describe a shit post & Describe a "Not shit" post I just want to see what it is that makes posts shit and good in peoples eyes This doesn't mean i'm going to change the way I post, I wouldn't do that for any of you people lol
  8. lmfao what was that? I almost blew an eardrum laughing
  9. Wow, that is sweet lol. So I could just escape and get found a year later and still have the same sentence? damn just repeatedly escape just to go visit malls and stuff
  10. If you were sentenced to 25 years in prison, would you try to escape? and it's a maximum security prison, like san quentin my answer; yes as many times as god damn possible. inb4 lock inb4 "shitpost riot"
  11. my sucking post is gone, lol rip
  12. I'd pay to go skydiving, actually something I really want to do