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  1. Last time I’ve worked on computers has been a few years ago so I’m probably a bit rusty when it comes to troubleshooting. I’m helping my younger brother with his build and we’re running into an issue with booting up. He has a ROG Strix b350f motherboard which has leds that light up while on standby. These light up while the power supply is turned on, but then even by shorting the power switch the pc is unresponsive (no fans, no response). The power supply is a EVGA 500bq and even when using the paper clip trick i can not get the fan to spin when bridging the pins. What confuses me is how the motherboard gets power (because of the leds), but then the pc won’t boot or run the fan on the power supply. Any insight is greatly appriciated.
  2. I am going to be selling my computer today, and since yesterday I have been attempting to reinstall windows 8.1 on my computer. I have a USB drive with windows on it created successfully, and I was partially through the installation last night (all my drives are formatted) then it said there is an issue with the installation and it told me to restart. So because all my drives were formatted, I had no OS and i was given a prompt to disconnect the drives I wasn`t using to install an OS. I was left with just my USB (which I have tested on another computer and it is not corrupted or anything like that) plugged into my computer. Then I went into the BIOS and the only drives that were shown were Generic 7453mb (or whatever the capacity of the drive is). If I try to boot on to that drive, a black screen will come up with a flashing underscore kind of like a prompt to type something, but you cannot type anything. This screen willl stay like this, I left it alone to test it. Thank you so much if you can help me with this, I really need to get this ready to sell, and I`m sure nobody will buy it with no OS.
  3. Just posted it online, here is my clickbait: "Selling custom gaming PC it is liquid cooled and extremely fast, it can beat most Alienware computers in gaming performance."
  4. I was considering getting a decent laptop as a replacement. A laptop is much more practical than this PC. Not saying it's bad, but I don't need all of this gear to type papers and watch YouTube...
  5. Hello fine people of Linus Tech Tips forum, just over a year ago I built a gaming PC as I'm not using it to it's full potential and the money could be used elsewhere. So on to the PC, it has been kept very clean and taken care of since I bought it, it has red LED lighting on the inside and you can see a full list of the parts here. PC Part picker says that it's worth about $1600 new but obviously because it's used I wouldn't be able to sell it for that much.
  6. I'm looking to buy a pair of earbuds to use with my Xbox one. They must be comfortable and have a mic that is compatible. (Xbox one can use PC headsets so if the mic works on PC it will be good) I am willing to pay $50. I don't know much about headphones any more or what brands to look for. Thanks, -Lamb
  7. I made my account on April 11th last year. Almost 1 full year on these forums! :O

  8. No. If I were to get them, they would be banned from school (Which is where I spend most of my time). If I were to get them anyway, I would wait for a second or third generation. One that has better battery life, and is a bit smaller.
  9. I wouldn't watch it.
  10. I would go for another card and monitor.
  11. As cool as these new AMD things are, I'm pretty sure nVidia has something up their sleeve. Don't count them out yet.
  12. Mmmm... :wub: :wub: :wub: And by the way...
  13. Just make sure they are pressure optimized!
  14. I prefer IOS, but at the moment I am using android. I find that I don't do much on my phone and I find that IOS is a bit more simple, which just leads to me being more productive. Also I like the app store.
  15. I just type. My hands don't go anywhere specifically. My hands just fly all over the keyboard, going to whatever button I should be pressing next. I mostly type with around 8 fingers, and recently I have been trying not to look at the keyboard when I type. I type most accurately and the fastest while listening to music. (Fast for me is 50 wpm )