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  1. @SQZY98. Nice image, I like the power lines in the background and how it is completely symetrical, subject could be more interesting... 8.5
  2. 8.5/10 - I wish the sky had a little more color to it; otherwise, it's very cool. Edit: Sony A7R w/ Helios 44-2 - 1/200, ISO 400, F?
  3. Is your uplay program installation on the secondary drive as well?
  4. I solved it. The Uplay classic: game was installed on E drive; had to move it to C for it to work.
  5. Assassin's Creed Syndicate stuck on this thing when I attempt to launch it. Please help. I upgraded my graphics drivers too.
  6. That was the closest my lens could focus b/c it's a 55mm prime
  7. True, I wasn't thinking about used
  8. Really cool shot. Nice Exposure. I like the crane (red thing) in the foreground. The buildings that are at the very top of the shot and further away are muddy (for lack of a better word). 8.75/10 Edit: Sony A7R w/ 55mm f1.8 Zeiss lens. F1.8, 1/400, ISO 1600
  9. @Pearsonia, I can't rate that one because I'm out of ammo. What do you mean by "if the car was out frame"?
  10. 8/10 - Would be stronger compositionally if the horizon line wasn't in the middle of the page and if overhang thing was slightly more inside. Light are great and come through better than the other pic. Could be sharper, but thats the gear not the photographer. Another car pic. Not quite as wild about this one because the backgrounds a bit busy. Edit: F1.8, 1/2500, ISO 100
  11. 7/10 - Conceptually really cool, but too dark and the crane off to the left weakens it a bit. Would be interesting to see during dusk/dawn. Sony A7R w/ Zeiss 55mm Prime --- F1.8, 1/2500, ISO 100
  12. More like a normal A7, A7 II is way out of his price range.