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  1. The Face

    OnePlus 3 Screen Repair

    I actually just got ahold of Oneplus support. It's not done yet but the rep estimated that getting them to do the repair wouldn't cost more that $100 CAD. Probably have my phone out of commission for 2 weeks. Considering the screen replacement is ~$150CAD by itself I'll probably investigate through oneplus support first. edit: spelling
  2. The Face

    OnePlus 3 Screen Repair

    Are you still looking into this? I also cracked my screen and am ready to replace it myself. I found a site that will sell everything I'd need (witrigs.com) but haven't pulled the trigger yet. If you haven't gotten to anything yet, maybe we can take this journey together
  3. The Face

    ISP recommendation (Saskatoon)

    That's the best news I've heard all week!
  4. The Face

    LG PF1000U Ultra Short Throw Projector Giveaway

    Just got back from a week off and trying to scrape my way in. Great Job LG, this thing is like magic! Looking forward to some great summer movie nights if this comes to me.
  5. The Face

    Tesoro GRAM Spectrum Keyboard Giveaway

    I'm currently using a ducky shine 3 but would like a mechanical keyboard for my wife's computer. She's about to start her PhD so she's going to be typing a lot!
  6. The Face

    Black Star Custom Pc?

    Been keeping up with him too! Just watched his custom sleeving/wiring video (already watched all of LutrOs). Singularity's b-roll of his finished systems :blink:
  7. The Face

    Looking for a Division PC Beta Squad

    In for the beta, don't know how available I'll be yet though.
  8. The Face

    Black Star Custom Pc?

    Yea, this is going to be my first loop. I've been studying up haha. Dazmode, Jayztwocents and pretty much anything else I can get my hands on.
  9. So with the Canadian dollar the way it is right now, I'm on the hunt for Canadian retailers. So far I've found DazMode and another site - blackstar custom pc. I haven't seen anything about black star anywhere though, does anyone know anything about them? I found them via the Monsoon "where to buy/Canada" page. Mostly I'm interested because they seem to have the D5 vario priced at around $80CDN as opposed to around $80US pretty much wherever I look. http://www.blackstarcustompc.com/
  10. The Face

    March 27, 2015 - The WAN Show Document

    Didn't know that... how long does twitch keep it for?
  11. The Face

    March 27, 2015 - The WAN Show Document

    Sad I missed the afterparty on this one. I would have liked to hear the conversation about getting your parents into tech.
  12. The Face

    Weird problem with connection

    Check modem/Router settings? Do you have a PPoE connection? My router has a drop down indicating "connect always" or idle xxx time before dropping connection.
  13. The Face

    Modem powercycling under load

    Ok, so a while back, my modem (Sagemcom F@st 2864) began to powercycle whenever I put it under under any significant load (ie. game downloads via steam or P2P sharing). It would be fine for about 2 minutes, then powercycle/reset itself (taking about 5 minutes), wash rinse repeat until what ever was downloading finished. This was a modem that I owned (and currently do) but I have since swapped it out for the same make/model (which works just fine). Before replacing the modem I fixed a damaged power cable that was causing what was probably a brownout situation. After I replaced the cord, the problem persisted however the new modem is currently operating with the exact same ethernet and power cables as the old one (and working fine). I'm looking to fix the one that powercycles so I can sell it and recoup some of the cost of replacing it. What I hope is that it's not is a hardware failure because I'm not an elecrical engineer. Does anone have any ideas?
  14. The Face

    New Platform Launch Feedback & FAQ

    First off, i apologize if this has been asked already. I did try and look for my question before posting, but then I realized there were 40 pages of questions. Is there a difference on your end between watching (for free) on Vessel vs Youtube? I'm always willing to try something new for a bit, but if LTT makes a little more from ads on Vessel vs Youtube I'll switch on over to Vessel.
  15. The Face

    DIY Illuminated Rear IO

    Sweet idea; I'll probably look at a solution like this (w/ 12 volt of course) for some glow lighting inside instead of I/O though. Like the format, this was a good one for my daily dose.