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  1. Well I wasn't really interested in overclocking, I was really just hoping for a boost clock above 4 GHz on all cores. I just ordered an X470 board, so I guess I'll see how it goes when that arrives.
  2. So is this normal performance for a 2700X without XFR2 and PBO?
  3. Hi all, A few days ago I decided to ditch my 6700k and finally go back to AMD after probably a decade of owning Intel chips. I got a 2700X and an ASrock AB350 gaming-ITX Fatal1ty-whatever board. Plugged in my M.2 SSD, my 32GB kit of 3000MHz DDR4 and my NH-D14 with the appropriate mounting kit and it booted smoothly right away. The issue I'm having now though is that I'm seeing significantly lower performance than I was expecting. My CB15 score is around 1650, where reviews seemed to be showing above 1800, even with older X370 boards. I've noticed that while temps are fine
  4. That's part of why I'm asking. If it's only x4, that could be a problem. 2 x8 slots are perfectly fine for me though, this isn't supposed to be a gaming rig.
  5. Don't need SLI and x8 is fine, I plan on using it for rendering in Octane.
  6. No SLI, I just need 2 GPUs in the same system, it's for GPU rendering.
  7. See image. It says Gigabyte GA-H110M-D2P, but I am unable to find it anywhere, not even on Gigabyte's website. I'm looking for a cheap motherboard that can support two GPUs (Edit, NOT in SLI/CF) and stumbled across this on ebay. Maybe someone here can help, I'm a little uncomfortable buying a motherboard that doesn't exist on the manufacturer's website.
  8. Hi all, I just came back from a business trip to find my PC having updated itself automatically without asking, as usual (thanks, Microsoft). Only this time all my settings are gone, my desktop has reset completely and all my shortcuts are gone, my language settings, privacy settings, default programs, registry edits, outlook email accounts and settings, a lot of smaller programs like Spotify... it's all gone. WTF Microsoft? Has anyone else had this happen? Is there any way to undo it?
  9. Simple answer: Yes. Up until I got a 1070, I was running pretty much everything just fine at 1440p with a 6GB 1060 at mid-to high settings, even ultra with well optimized games like GTA V. Since a single RX 480 outperforms a 1060 and you're planning on getting two of them, I'd say you should be more than fine in any title that supports crossfire without issues.
  10. That's the smart way to go then. Trust me, 1440p is well worth the money. Save up some of the cash you would have spent on a 1080 and get a 1440p screen, it's glorious.
  11. What the hell kind of settings were they running that at for a 980 to not even break 50fps...?
  12. Unless you're planning an upgrade to 1440p, the 1060 would be your best bet. The 1070 and 1080 are hopelessly overpowered for 1080p, I'd invest the money elsewhere.
  13. Yeah, I guess that's what I'll do, although I don't think it'ss help as I already had the game files verified through Origin's repair feature. My guess is that the problem is probably one of the recent windows updates, so I'll probably start rolling those back before I redownload the game. If successful, I'll update this thread in case anyone else is having similar issues.
  14. nothing there. I guess firewalls aren't the issue.
  15. No I meant how do I look for an issue? All I can see is a bunch of firewall exceptions for BF4, there's nothing indicating a problem. I'm not sure what to look for.