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  1. About a month ago I was looking around for portable but powerful gaming notebooks and decided to buy a MSI GS43VR (i7 6700HQ, GTX 1060). I've never had problems with the manufacturer before (mainboard & GPU) so I decided to get one. Except for all the useless bloatware that they pre-installed, I was quite happy with my purchase. Until today - when the machine started making weird rattling/grinding noise whenever the GPU fan started ramping up. Let me describe the problem in more detail: Looks like MSI made some poor post-manufaction fix to ensure enough spacing betw
  2. Game still dips, even with stronger GPUs than you listed. It's just an ass game overall right now. Gameplay is shallow and performance is garbage. Why would anyone pay 60 bucks for that.
  3. Apples and oranges mate. Since game developers try to achieve best looks with as low performance as possible you can't really compare these two. Developers won't release games that look "photorealistic" if it gives you 0.5fps, on the other hand if there's better graphics chips, more studios will have an incentive to add rendering features that are heavier to compute. Furthermore, game graphics as a whole doesn't develop in big steps like graphics cards do. There's games where a bunch of features get added, then another game has these features too, but they get achieved differently, more
  4. It's just the way some games are designed. You can't use high res textures and high poly count models for rendering all the time because not even the strongest gaming rigs would handle that (especially noticable in open world games because obvious reasons). If there's games like GTA that let you set the transitions between LOD and high quality shadows in some way don't whine like a bitch when the performance drops.
  5. Been hyped for this game ever since the reveal 3 years ago. But I'll wait for reviews before paying 60€ for it. It has a lot of content but there might be the possibility that it still gets repetitive due to the way the game creates things.
  6. ivhyn

    Horizon 3

    A better Horizon 2 on PC? Day fucking zero for me.
  7. This. We don't know how Halo 5 would run at 30 FPS because it never does (the game is pretty much a perfect 60FPS all the time due to dynamic resolution), but I'd imagine they tied physics to the framerate. Removing splitscreen in favor of a better solo experience was a brave move and probably one of the reasons the game didn't do as good as the predecessors (combined with their stupid obsession for sprinting and armor abilities). If they ever bring a Halo fps to PC it atleast should have legacy options and unlocked framerate - then I'll be happy.
  8. Halo 5 doesn't have splitscreen.
  9. One of the best shooters ever made. A proper PC port with fov sliders would sell like hotcakes, even with UWP. And at higher resolutions it aged very well.
  10. Why can't they release the whole fucking thing already.
  11. The game is running forced V-sync, you're not seeing more than 60FPS.
  12. Spoiler alert, it's WW1 Leaked through Xbox Store
  13. I have an i7 + 980, pleb, that doesn't make the game good however (look at the playercount).