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  1. Look boo...I can't keep playing these games.

  2. QueenDemetria

    While gaming - neither GPU nor CPU at full usage?

    Unfortunately it's not possible due to being limited to draw calls and other 'bottlenecks'(mostly software).
  3. QueenDemetria

    Obama taking actions against Russia for "Election Hacking"

    I'm pretty sure Putin himself hacked the election.
  4. QueenDemetria

    Tesla Predicts Accident and Gives Warning Before It Happens

    Yeah, I don't want any power stripped away from me.
  5. QueenDemetria

    7700K Overclocked to 7Ghz (On Ln2)

    What's the point of race cars if they have no use outside of racing? Oh yeah, its fun and it can help with future technologies.
  6. Yep, that position should be fine
  7. I mean, thermally it should be fine, but I can see the car acting as an insulator(it would only effect temps by 1-2ish degrees on components like VRAM and VRMs).
  8. When your PC crashes and takes out a crowd of people... jk, but electrically the car is probably fine. Most model cars have clear coat over the paint so you should be covered there(edit: lol the pun). I would just secure the car wherever you place it, since PC's tend to be moved and bumped. You can place the car on the GPU, although I would avoid it due to thermal reasons(meh) and to prevent even more GPU sag(and depending on the weight of the car, it could strain the card/slot).
  9. Happy whatever you celebrate


    Here's a gift:


    1. Frankie


      Happy whatever :D:)

  10. QueenDemetria

    A little rant here

    This is why I troll people with gifts. Somebody is getting a 3D printed dickbutt for Christmas this year, actually everybody is but me since I mass produced them :]
  11. QueenDemetria

    How would one fill a loop like this?

    I don't know of any that are 25mm, but this one is 30mm: http://www.performance-pcs.com/bitspower-leviathan-slim-360-4xg1-4-radiator.html
  12. QueenDemetria

    How would one fill a loop like this?

    If they are using this radiator, then there would be two extra ports on the top that you can use as fill ports.
  13. QueenDemetria

    Tim Cook: "Great desktop Macs are in the works"

    The new Xserve is looking great