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    Ford Mustangs, photography, videography, PC building.
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    Dangerously serious Ford Mustang enthusiast. Quite like mountainbiking, too.
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    Professional procrastinator


  • CPU
    AMD A4-3400 APU 2.7GHz
  • Motherboard
    It has one, that's all I know
  • RAM
    4GB DDR3
  • GPU
    Asus GTX 560
  • Case
    Some coolermaster case
  • Storage
    250GB HDD, 500GB HDD, 1TB EXT. HDD
  • PSU
    Something with some amount of watts
  • Display(s)
    24" LG IPS FHD, 17" ACER LCD
  • Cooling
    Second to none
  • Keyboard
    Motospeed CK108 (Outemu Blue switches)
  • Mouse
    Motospeed V30
  • Sound
    Logitech something
  • Operating System
    Windows 7 64-bit

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  1. Yes it did. Opened task manager, found a program that required administrative permissions. It wasa trusted source (Windows itself) and that fixed it. No idea what caused it, but it's solved for now.
  2. Sup folks, Since today my PC is being weird. My PC starts fine, get to the login screen and fill in my details and when logging in, my screen goes black with a popup message: Personal settings Creating personal settings for: Windows Media Player 5.2 Help? System info: Windows 7 64bit Thanks in advance, Cheers, TJ
  3. I had this back in the day when I still watched Pewdiepie's videos. Used to wake me up at night at like 3AM with 10 YouTube tabs of Pewdiepie playing, truly terrifying... Anyway, check out what @Lurick said, it's probably some timer, no biggie. Not sure what solved it for me, but I believe I got the same advice.
  4. I know, tiddle taddle on the streets sounds much better.
  5. Thanks, I'll go for the 650 in that case, I'm planning on building an M-ITX system.
  6. @MVPernula @LinusTechTipsFanFromDarlo @WereCat Thanks for the responses.
  7. Sup folks, I heard some chatter on the streets that Corsair PSUs are no good for high end systems, so will a Corsair RM750X suffice for the following system? Core i5 7600K GTX1070ti 16GB DDR4 1 7.2k HDD 1 SSD Hydro H110i v2 I know it should be plenty power-wise, I'm wondering whether it is reliable enough for a semi high-end system Cheers, TJ
  8. Sup folks, I recently picked up a Steam Controller and Steam Link for cheap and was eager to try it. I unfortunately have to use wireless as getting an ethernet cable to my room is nearly impossible. However, my Internet is very much up to standards but despite that the results are dreadful. When testing my connection using the Steam Link it keeps displaying the same error message, "frame loss 100%" and says my internet might not be usable for Link. Even turning down all settings to optimize performance doesn't work at all.Here are my internet specs if you need them:Router:Fritzbox
  9. That's awesome dude, is it a GT? I loved these cars for as long as I know and I have no particular reason for it nice to see you've enjoyed it too for many years!
  10. Taken from the recent "cheapest PC case" video. Who at LTT owns an SN95 Mustang? I friggin love it I've seen it before in way older videos, too.
  11. This fixed my problem with the NCG: Wreckfest launcher. It now recognizes the 1050, thanks! For some reason this remains the same (image) but I assume that it's still running off of the 1050 when using the laptop monitor, seeing as how the performance is on par with what the 1050 promised.
  12. I'll try that, thanks. Makes sense, performance was way too good for Intel HD Graphics