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  1. Nope, my Titan X is suiting me just fine....ill wait till another Titan
  2. Found a better picture with more even lighting, I couldn't make out in the original if the two tone was a full silver chrome that was just probably reflecting the color of overhead lighting or if the chrome had a gold tinge to it. It looks like its a two tone black and gold. Though i will say the yellows are not as pronounced in this picture....might just be the individual cameras. From closer inspection and some digging it looks like there is also native 360mm radiator support, which is a nice addition as the original D frame didn't have any water-cooling support at all (save for a single 120mm rad, but im not counting that as an air cooler would be better at that point).
  3. I thought it would be like this when i bought this case but that's actually completely false, most of the dust build up in case is due to the fact you are forcing air into it to cool components, now the problem is all the particulate matter has a rather hard time filtering out unlike air which goes through even the tiniest of gaps. With my Dframe I only have two fans...and even those I dont even need them I just like the bottom fan mounts populated and there is no worry about hot spots as there is no place for heat to build up. Theres not even much of a surface area for dust to gather on, most just falls clean through. Ill admit it does not offer protection, but Im not the type that shoves the pc under a desk or runs the risk of spilling something in it.
  4. Oh hell yes, Ill buy one as soon as it comes out...it looks like they are also doing a custom PSU similar to the H Frame 2.0. Im also happy it has accents in my favorite color, not sure about the chrome, would love a flat black all over with the yellow accents. My Current D Frame Mini
  5. To that extent wouldn't you say you need a refinery infrastructure for processing oil into gas for the combustion engine? I like electric cars as they make sense from a PoF perspective. Less parts and complexity = less that can go wrong. Computers are pretty robust and can run for years without issue ( assuming software is decent), electricity is also far easier to produce then processing oil
  6. Seems lately the idea of gaming routers has been: ​IT HAZ MOAR ANTENNAS = MOOOAR POWWWWEER
  7. not going to cut it, you can easily spoof a MAC address, for instance you can also clear the routing table from routers, and leave your wireless open..........you could punch holes in this all day
  8. Lets be honest, they are no longer classified as potholes in PA, they are classified as HTC (Holes to China).
  9. This, was bugging the crap outta me. I can vouch for this solution. It took 3 restarts to get geforce experience to get its head out of its rear and install the drivers
  10. 5820k, 16gb Ram Desktop for when im at home working on stuff. As for on the go I swear by Lenovo T series Thinkpads......you can pry them from my cold dead claws. Why? well they have bar none the best touchpads and keyboards on any windows laptop, on the right config you can have a stupid long battery life....newer ones even have a dual battery system, best of all they build the things to last....They are designed to be taken apart, upgraded and repaired. Most thinkpads i have seen continue to work long past their usefulness. I have a T450 and love it ......before you mention it superfish never was installed on the T series laptops so the whole parinoia about that just made my favorite laptops cheaper...thanks media
  11. My little brother put tacks right below the ladder on our bunk bed ( I had top bunk). I glued his school notebook pages together Other ones include me blasting him off his feet with one of these: Most recent about 4 years ago we were playing Dance Dance revolution in a local mall......he broke his leg....that was an interesting conversation with the police, he tried doing some crazy flip for some reason to try to show off.
  12. THIS, SO MUCH THIS. The rule of thumb is if you don't want someone to know information about yourself don't put it on the net. I don't get it why everyone posts about their lives on facebook and then complains about MUY PRIVACYS. It seems the concept of leaving parts of yourself off the net died off in the 90's along with the era of dial up.
  13. I think you missed the point.......who cares it works, you make choices for what you think is best. I use mine for convenience and hosting my own site nothing more, but to each his own.
  14. How about we go the longest yard and say that every service is bad unless im hosting it myself off my own server.