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  1. I could see a lot of use out of something like this. I travel a lot and my desktop weighs about 50 pounds.
  2. Is there anywhere that isn't having economic problems right now?
  3. IMO focusing on security makes you seem better, in terms of IT, as long as you are already a competent developer. I suspect most companies want to not be destroyed by hackers. BTW, if you're in Ontario, don't claim to be an engineer without a license. The PEO can take severe legal action here.
  4. http://static1.squarespace.com/static/5462de69e4b068e8b9fafb81/546ab083e4b0dbd991d89718/546ac65ae4b06c793915ad40/1416283739573/Drugs+%26+Guns+Front+Cover-1.jpg?format=750w it links to this image:
  5. Seriously though, you should learn INTERCAL. If you can learn programming from that, you should probably be on some kind of watch list.
  6. I decided to try implementing my terrible sorting algorithm idea. I couldn't get it to sort more than 7 numbers with a 200 MB stack size. lol edit: I think I figured out how to fix the stack overflow problem with tail recursion. I'll update with results if it works. might take a few hours to sort all 8 numbers though. update: it looks like it works, but sorting an 8 int array seems like it'll take a few days void shuffle(int *unshuffled, int len){ int shuffled[len]; char mask[len]; for (int i = 0; i < len; i++) mask[i] = 0; for (int j, i = 0; i < len; i++) { do { j = rand
  7. I've heard a lot of people say OO makes it easier to organize code, but easier to work with is a whole other thing... IMO Java and C#'s implementation are a bit confusing, compared to C++, apart from multiple inheritance.
  8. I've literally never heard anyone say that before... C# and C syntax are fairly similar.
  9. you can't say you're bad at math, you're not even learning real math yet.
  10. If you want to stay out of prison, no I'm sure any community that has porn that would need to be on tor would be extremely difficult to find, anyway. If a random guy on the internet can find it, the FBI can find it too. I thought you were talking about some Tor version of Grindr, the first time I read this. "Hit men on" turned into "hit on men" for me lol
  11. Isn't the kind of fetilizer that explodes an oxidizer? Unless it was mixed with something, I can't imagine that kind of explosion coming from it alone. Could have also been a weapons shipment that exploded.
  12. Illegal implies this is a criminal issue. It's just a terms of service violation, a civil issue.
  13. If you forgot a } all of the methods after that won't be visible to the webpage... That's what I call a terrible syntax.
  14. Just remember, just because your professor said it, doesn't make it right. I had a prof tell the class that i += i+++++i; is valid. He later mentioned how to optimize an if statement that made literally 0 difference with compiler optimizations. I actually timed it to see how stupid it was to care. How much of the c language did they get wrong?
  15. Go make find a team and play scrims