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    a random guy in the UK who likes PCs

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    West Midlands, UK ( seems like im the only one who lives here lol)
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    None, planning a massive charity project


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    i7 5820K OCed to 4.2Ghz @ 1.22V
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    Rampage V Extreme
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    8GB Crucial DDR4 2133
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    Reference 980 Ti (stock)
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    Phanteks Enthoo Pro
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    120GB Samsung 840 EVO SSD + 2TB Seagate Barracuda 7200.14
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    Corsair RM1000 (OCUK sending a different PSU)
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    10 year old Dell E193fP 1280x1024 monitor
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    Noctua NH-D14
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    10 year old Dell Keyboard
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    10 year old Dell Optical mouse
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    10 Year old Dell speakers
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    Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (UEFI mode)

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  1. I was thinking of using a Corsair 1000D with 2 480mm at the front, 1 420mm st the top and 2 140mm fans at the rear for exhaust
  2. Not just for looks, but because I want silence and a high overclock on everything. I am a computer science student and so I will be using my rig all day to do my final year project and other work and also because I might not get another chance to do this.
  3. I’m planning to do my next build in a couple of years. By then my rig will be 6 years old and I will have completed a paid placement year during my third year at uni which means I can get upwards of £15K on a good placement. thats why i was thinking of going all out on my next build as I might not get another chance to do this. Since my build is going to be used at uni halls for my final year, shall I go custom watercooled or use separate AIOs for the CPU and GPUs? If so i have a few questions 1) if I go custom, should I build the system at uni or build it from home and take to uni? 2) what will be the best way to setup the loop so I can drain and refill easily/ 3) how long will my rig last until I need to drain it and what coolant should i use? 4) should I get a pre made CPU and mobo monoblock combo and 2 pre made graphics cards with GPU blocks installed from OCUK? It will cost me around £150 in total more if I do this as opposed to gettting the parts, removing the motherboard and graphics card hearsinks and thermal pads and installing the cooler myself Thanks
  4. Yes for the card that is a brand new, unopened replacement 980 Ti. I will leave my 980 at home and transport the rig with no card inside
  5. Yes I do; Plus I get an extra large ‘accessible’ room cos I’m visually impaired. The room is huge. I’ve heard that in certain countries like the US, you have to share rooms which sucks heres a pic of my room
  6. What do mean facing down when you build it? Do you mean the window facing up and I put the rear panel side on the pillows? I am going to leave it on my desk in my room at uni I always lock my door when I am in my room and when I leave, so I'm not too worried, plus my flatmates are console gamers so I'm not too worried
  7. Some more details my uni is 15 mins drive from where I live and roads are pretty smooth as it’s mostly a motorway journey. The uni is 8.4 miles away to be exact
  8. My uncle screwed it in, and he made sure it went on tight. He is quite strong, plus he does loads of DIY
  9. I am thinking about transporting my rig to uni as the workload in my computer science course at uni has increased a lot. I am now doing SQL and web development assignments as well as Java and i dont want to stay in computer lab late at night I am thinking of removing my graphics card (GTX 980) as i have a got a replacement 980 Ti which i will install when i get there. I will put monitor in its original box and wrapping, and carry peripherals by hand as they are sturdy. I am thinking about putting my rig under thick pillows and wrapping it in my duvet from my bed while transporting it in the back of my mum's car (she has a big Volvo XC90 so fitting it in will be a doddle) Is this a good plan?
  10. I have an Acer Xb272 and mine does. This is actually a replacement unit as my first one had it too, but at least the buzzing on this one isnt as bad as my first one Do any of you have the same experience with 240Hz monitors?
  11. Here in the UK, 1080 Ti's start at around £600 and I can find 980 Ti a on ebay from £300-350 Plus are you sure volta will come out for consumers I think that if it does, it will be a Titan V with the tensor cores removed or disabled
  12. Hey all, would it be a good idea if I got a second 980 Ti for my 1080p 240Hz g sync monitor as they are quite cheap now, half the price of a 1080 Ti. I am thinking about getting a second card in the summer as I am going to be starting second year Computer science at uni and they do have a computer graphics module which used a lot of OpenGL rendering, I will most likely be commuting so I need my rig to be very powerful as I will spend as little time on campus as possible. ‘I am thinking of going SLI as I will be building a new rig in 2 years time as I will be using the money frim my placement year to build a powerful PC, probably with 2 or more flagship GPUs, so there’s no point wasting money in a 1080 Ti IMO i should have enough money to get a second card as my friend is buying my 980 off me for £200, so then I will have at least £350 to spend on a new card does 980 Ti SLI sound like a good plan?
  13. No it’s dead, I I heard it make a pop sound one day when I turned my PC on (980 is fine tho, 980 Ti is dead)
  14. So my 980 Ti that I got sent from NVIDIA has died, and so after contacting them, they said they would send out a free replacement if I sent the card back to them. The only issue is that they sent me the card in some bubble wrap and a plan box (which I obviously chucked away 2 years ago) and so I only have my GTX 980 box to send it in. So when NVIDIA send me my replacement 980 Ti, I have nowhere to keep my 980 what should I do with it?
  15. I amooking Fira new monitor for FPS Gaming as well as productivity as she started Computer Science course at uni. i am visually impaired so I need a monitor that is a good size, and also I love the hughnrefresh rate as it gives me less eystrain is the Acer XB272 a good monitor for £399?