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  1. You can use a different launcher to do that. Like Nova Launcher for example, you just need to press and hold the app, tap the edit icon and change the name
  2. You should back up your personal data somewhere else, do a fresh install of windows on the SSD and install the drivers for the new laptop
  3. That's weird, maybe you can try a tracert command to see where the packet is being dropped? Don't post the full results here as it contains your IP on the right side And maybe also try pinging your router to check if your connection to your router is stable
  4. Unfortunately most laptops won't let you mess with the voltages, maybe consider getting a laptop cooler?
  5. It shouldn't be completely timing out when pinging as it's Google's DNS server, do you have a few requests time out or is all of it timing out?
  6. Is it still under warranty? Your best bet would be to contact Thermaltake support
  7. What sort of ping times are you getting when you In your command prompt? Is it stable?
  8. Try a stress test like AIDA64 to test your hardware. I've have instabilities caused by anything from unstable power supplies to defective GPUs
  9. Are you sure it's not a problem with your ISP?
  10. Yes those temps are fine, do you have Corsair Link or iCUE installed?
  11. If you're seeing the Windows Automatic Repair screen your hardware is most likely fine, your windows installation is probably corrupted or damaged
  12. Just leave the charger plugged in the entire time you're gaming or using the laptop near an outlet, it's better than charging and draining the battery continuously
  13. Whats your budget and your current NAS? Upgrading to a better NAS might be a better option for you
  14. Try uninstalling the Logitech Gaming Software on your computer and see what happens, if you have it installed