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  1. if your PSU was about to die you would see reboots and blue screens when using your pc and especially when under load. It's possible that it could be at fault but unlikely if you haven't noticed any other issues. It's worth looking into your PSU, if you have a good one from a reputable brand it and it's not very old it should be okay. However if it's a cheap one, at low watage and efficiancy, despite what it says on the label it may be barely capable of running your system and it's more likley that it will fail soon if it's constantly working near it's limits all the time. Replacing the CMOS battery with a fresh new one is not a bad idea, especially if your motherboard is slightly older. Have you made any recent changes to the BIOS/UEFI or settings that may have caused this sort of behaviour?
  2. well it's pretty simple.. for download and upload -> higher is better. for ping, jitter and packet loss -> lower is better. 5Ghz is usually faster than 2.4Ghz especially at close range, and before you go past any walls, after that 2.4Ghz tends to catch up and then offer better performance.
  3. It has been said many many times... The main point and reason why people seem to dislike consoles or prefer PC is probably due to the closed nature or "ecosystem" of consoles. PC has always offered more options in terms of hardware configuration, keyboard and mouse/controllers/input devices, multiple monitor support, higher resultions like 4K and beyond, mods, extensive graphical settings, selection of games available including a larger amount of exclusives and indie games only playable on PC, as well as accessories and extras that you can plug into a PC. People can also choose how much they want to spend on a PC depening on the level of performance and/or features they want. It's about having the options and freedom to do what you want. Not to say that you can't do some of those things mentioned on console too, you can! but it's genearlly more restrictive as a platform giving you less options when compared to PC. There are however some benefits that come with a 'closed' platform such as ease of use, less setup and configuration required, potential for better support etc. PC can also run many other applications besides games, movies and entertainment which is what consoles primarly focus on. Somtimes though... it's not down to specs and features, sometimes it's simply to do with the games you want to play and the platform your friends are on.
  4. It's hard to tell without having all the info... have you checked what voltage is the cpu running at? if you have it set on auto in the BIOS/UEFI it could maybe spike up the voltage much higher than it needs to when it's under high load such as prime95 which is pretty intensive and can generate a lot more heat than if the processor was under a actual real load.
  5. If you are just transfering perosnal data such as photos and videos and not apps, .apk, executables etc it's unlikely you will infect the other device if you had a virus. If you already use it or even have regular backups setup then the cloud storage solution would probably be the eaiset way to transfer your data, but it could take a while depending on the amount of data and bandwidth available. If you want to be super paranoid about it you can transfer the files to a non-networked computer and then run a scan on the files you've copied. Once you're happy they are safe you can copy them over to the new phone.
  6. everytime i go out for long periods of time or before i go to sleep if it's not doing anything.
  7. Still running a Radeon HD 7970 from ages ago.
  8. Are you using a 32bit operating system?
  9. sure we can try... do you have a windows installation disk or USB drive with you? Boot from the installation media and when you get to the installer screen press shift+F10 to open a command prompt window, type the following commands... diskpart list disk select disk 0 (or whichever disk you want to format) clean now you can either leave it like this or you can create a partition and format it using diskpart if you want to exit
  10. it's clearly hasn't been wiped properly...
  11. Why did they offer to trade?
  12. If you choose to bake it, you might want to detach any plastic shrouds and fans. Ideally you only want the the PCB and GPU to be in the oven. You could alternately use a heat gun to re flow solder that way. I probably wouldn't do it in the same oven you use to cook food.