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  1. You can always just buy a real mac keyboard for your desktop: https://www.apple.com/shop/product/MQ052LL/A/magic-keyboard-with-numeric-keypad-us-english-silver
  2. LMG is not part of AT&T even indirectly. They have a business relationship where LMG basically buys a management service from Fullscreen and in return Fullscreen displays ads on their videos and handles copyright stuff.
  3. I personally use 2015 Macbook Pro 13" every day and love using macOS on it. If I could pick any laptop in the world, I would pick this one as it has the amazing trackpad and ports. 1) MacOS has bad support for software It has support for everything I need. It has web browser, spotify and office suite. I don't really need to use anything else on my laptop. Everything is online nowadays.2) No Gaming or just few games If I ever want to game I have a windows computer for that, though I rarely even want to play games anymore.3) Less piracy ( good for some and bad for other )
  4. Well Xbox One X has Polaris gpu paired with that Jaguar processor, so it's not that old gpu wise.
  5. If I remember correctly the raw power of Xbox One X is around the RX 480 or 580. PS4 Pro is slighly slower.
  6. Sounds smart, at least now you finally get good return on your money when you buy fancier card. They could be more transparent with this though.
  7. Quadros and GTX cards are basically the same cards. The difference comes in software, there are some specific features that only Quadro cards support in professional applications. But this is very application dependant, a lot of applications can do just fine without these. Quadro drivers also go through a lot more testing but how much this affects normal usage is arguable. Quadro cards can basically game just as well as Geforce cards, just look at the clock speed, architecture and cuda count, that determines how fast the card can game.
  8. I use iPhone SE because it was at the time of purchase (and still is) the only small and powerful phone (small phone being under 4.5 inches here). iOS has all the apps I need so I have been very happy with it. Though when this phone kicks the dust I will probably get an Android device, the lack of headphone jack on the newer ones is a deal breaker.
  9. I hope you realise that the "small" $8 cut equals over 300 million dollars saved in a quarter. I am not sure if that is penny pinching. Apple phones benefit less than the android counterparts from fast charging as well. Because the batteries are so much smaller.
  10. I would decide between 8370 and 9590 if you want the best. 9590 has TDP around 200w and will burn your board if it's not ready for it. 8370 should work on almost all of the boards as it has way lower TDP.