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  1. My friend asked my to make him a build for gaming, but idk what to downgrade. His budget is around 590 pounds, and im stuck at 690. --- Thank you all for the great help!
  2. My friend asked my to make him a build for gaming, but idk what to downgrade. His budget is around 590 pounds, and im stuck at 690. Here is the build: https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/user/Darkr/saved/3mTJxr
  3. I wanted to clean my monitor, cuz it was very very dirty. But even after cleaning it with a tiny amount of water, the smudges and dots remained (see attachments) How can I clean these?
  4. I'm an owner of a corsair force 3 120gb ssd, and was wondering if raid0 would work with other models of the same ssd, or even a sandisk one that is the same capacity.
  5. might be bcos im still in high school
  6. Sorry for this kinda wierd thread, but does this happen to you too? Or just me? I have closed back headphones but they do not cover the bottom of my ears which makes me hear my roaring 390 as it spins up and makes me less immersed in the game... Idk if this is supposed to happen, just that sometimes i press in the bottom of my headphones and i can just hear soo much clearer...
  7. So my chair is pretty screwed up. I can see the plywood through the sitting-part lol... And i decided I need a new one. So I went on amazon and was shocked by the prices. However I spend a good part of a day sitting in my chair, Up to 8 hours on the weekends and up to 5 hours on the weekdays... So I wanted a good, quality chair that will last me a while and will be comfortable af to sit in, as well as look nice. On the German amazon (I live in europe) I found a pretty solid dxracer chair for 200 euro ex shipping https://www.amazon.de/Bürostuhl-Schreibtischstuhl-Chefsessel-Armle
  8. yeah i can't even get to 60 on all lowest settings lol
  9. Kombustor furmark, 1440p 8x aa
  10. After over clocking to core 1123 and memory 1595 (no voltage changes) my 390 from XFX is running at 91-93 degrees c, in a stress test. Is this normal?
  11. Also, does This modder friendly policy applies only the United States and Canada. mean that I wont be able to RMA my card if i overclock it?
  12. I have a XFX 390, and I want to overclock it, but dont wanna risk losing it. The warranty states: Overclocking our products does not void the warranty as long as there is no physical damage to the product or missing components. However XFX Support will not be able to assist you in overclocking the product. But when they say no physical damage to the product, do they mean that if I burn it up by incorrect voltage settings it will be physical damage?
  13. Darkr

    DP vs MiniDP

    Hi, is there any difference between DP and mini DP? if there is, then what differences? would it be worth buying a DP cable if I already have a mini DP one? thanks.