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  1. Although I can't totally help you, this is what I did when upgrading my current pc from an amd platform to intel (swapping motherboard and cpu). This is a guide to windows 7, before I obviously upgraded to windows 10, then did a clean install of windows 10 (win 10 key stays in your motherboards bios, idk about 7/8). I would assume you could do something similar with windows 8/10, just make sure to write down your windows and any other application activation keys you have used just encase. You should boot and be activated regardless, there is just concern with removing old drivers first before you do the swap.
  2. I currently have a gtx 980ti (sorry AMD) but if I won one of these graphics cards, I would give it to my friend trying to build an AMD budget system.
  3. Well in games that use async like the new Hitman, you can see the fury x dominate the 980ti, where the 980ti doesn't have proper async management or whatever. The 1080 spanks the fury x in that same game, so they did something other than just an increase in raw power to deal with async. I assume it's something like how the implemented SMP, just adding a new compute block on the gpu to do the extra work. Thus preventing the improved async improvements seen on pascal being brought to maxwell.
  4. Tom Petersen from Nvidia said that, not me. Plus he and Ryan talked about how there are like 25% more shaders running at a 40% faster clock speed. Transistor count doesn't change from 28nm to 16 either... You can just fit more gates and stuff. Of course the 1080 spanks the 980. I would assume if both the 980 and 1080 had the same number of cuda cores running at the same clock speed, as per Tom, theoretically they should have the same performance, minus the GDDR5X part. It seems (to me at least) that pascal so far has been shrunken maxwell with the new space filled with more refined shaders and a few new pipelines to do stuff like SMP and async-compute.
  5. He was comparing it to small maxwell, you know, 980.
  6. PC Per's interview with an Nvidia dude said clock for clock (shader per shader), pascal is the same performance as maxwell.
  7. Well if you are the kind of person that really wants a perfect monitor, (and for the cost of a monitor like this) you should have one. Those xr34's that are $1,000 shouldn't ever have anything wrong with them, but most do sadly. I would try to find a store that sells/stocks them so you don't have to wait weeks for an rma until you get a perfect one, unless stores won't let you constantly return/re-buy the same thing again and again lol. Edit: Oh shit, 1k posts. Woot
  8. I bought mine used from Ebay for $465 and I think it was defiantly worth it. Still had the plastic on it to peel off. Mine does have a few dead pixels but luckily they are all near the edges of the screen. One is near the top left and the other few are near the bottom right. Literally undetectable unless you have single color, uniform background, AND are 2in from the screen looking for them. I came from a 60hz 1080p pls monitor, so every single thing about my upgrade was totally worth it. You on the other hand, already have a 1440p ips monitor. I would still say the gsync and high refresh rate are huge pros and are must haves, but maybe you could sell your old monitor(s) and recoup the costs? Just a thought, I kept my old 1080p monitor to go portrait style next to my XB270HU TLDR: I think the SLIGHT defects in referbs/used XB270HU's warrant the extremely discounted price for such an amaze-balls monitor. P.S. Maybe consider a vr headset instead?
  9. Follow that cnet link, but when it asks for a password, just don't put one in and you are golden!
  10. So I had to sign in with my dumb microsoft account to download the new forza beta and when I restarted to install the newest nvidia drivers, blam. My icons and everything were just like my laptop, which I only use the microsoft account for. Bad thing is, this happened to my drives. My question is how do I go back to my local account I was using before? I only has a username had no password. No restore points to speak of for some reason... I REALLY want to go back to my previous "state" as you will, but more importantly all of my important files are on my HDD... Which access is denied to... Please help.
  11. Anything look fishy? The only real difference with this ssd is that it only maxes out around 450MBps reads and 200MBps writes.
  12. Must be a problem with only the low capacity ssd's like the one you have. My 480gb Ultra II I have had for almost 5 Months has been used as my steam games ssd and has been perfect. Just ran HD Tune and here are MY results. If I forgot to provide enough information please ask me for more.
  13. I've had the Ultra II 480GB for a short while now (3-4 months) and no problems (so far). The write speeds are kind of a joke, but they will be able to keep up with gigabit lan transfer speeds so you will be fine when transferring files and what not. The read speeds are fast and for $109 when I got it, I like it. There are some other ssd options like Silicon Power 480GB ssd for $99, which are just as likely to fail or die as my Ultra II. Just make sure you go through a retailer with a good return/replacement policy and you'll be fine if you backup your data on the ssd. Not a problem for me because it's used as my steam ssd Here are MY read/write speeds
  14. I'm glad this new Homefront is being made completely different than the previous game, but it still worries me. I think I will pass this deal up for now and just buy it on steam when it comes out so i have a chance to refund it if I don't like it. Plus the preorder crap is just useless crap.
  15. Check out this thread, and in particular, my comments about the quadcopter I decided to pick up for ~$50.
  16. Then you pay $150 in tax curse you if you don't pay tax on Amazon purchases
  17. Yup I agree. I played 32p servers fine but when it came to 64p, fps always dipped to around 45 with my fx 6300 at 4.8Ghz and overclocked 7870. I was running high with 2x msaa at 1080p (looked awesome) on the 7870 with minimum fps above 60, albeit only in 32p servers and only in 64p servers when I upgraded to an i7 4790k
  18. Not that I live in Massachusetts, but I am glad the bill died there that was going to ban airsoft!
  19. The minimum fps is what really puts cpu's like yours behind. Maybe wait for zen or w/e and buy a gsync/freesync monitor in the mean time? It seems as if you are satisfied with your cpu for now.
  20. and then recoup the cost of the upgrades by selling your old shit?
  21. From Ebay/craigslist, I was able to find an i5 3570k, hyper 212 evo, 8gb ram, and an Asrock z77 Extreme 4 motherboard for $200. From amazon I got a used aftermarket r9 290x for $170, a new 1TB hitachi drive, and new cx600m. I did give my friend my old shitty case though, and adding a monitor would certainly add another $100 making the whole build around $550, but hey. Got literally 3x the performance out of buying used parts vs new!
  22. Limited ships to lock 2 missiles at a time (Except 325a which allows 4 missiles) hehehehehhehe Also, I want the Sabre but $170 :'( I could only spend $100 and upgrade from my 325a... hmmmmm
  23. I didn't really want anything, so I got my friend the nabu for his birthday, $50.
  24. The range is reeeeeeeally good. It will go close to 300 feet straight up (measured with a phone app strapped to it lol) and a little more than that in the horizontal direction, unmodified. I cut and soldiered this mini SMA cable to the stock antenna wires and then gorilla glued it in place where I then attached this 5dBi antenna to it. This mod has let me fly this quadcopter literally almost out of sight and back! As per the version of the quadcopter I linked you, there is no camera included. If you were to get the version with the camera, it only records to a micro sd card, and in very crappy quality. IMO not worth it. I record flight with a gopro in a mount glued on the battery door. It does not have native support for fpv or a live camera feed. I purchased this fpv kit for it. It attaches to the bottom of the battery door, although you start to see choppiness in the stream when approaching the quadcopter's max range, a good thing I guess? Flight time is average I guess. If you just casually fly around, high or low, I get around 11-12 minutes of flight time. If you race around it's more like 9 minutes. I cannot speak for how fast the included charger charges the included battery because I use my own that charges it in ~30 minutes, but I did buy 2 more batteries for it and they last just as long as the included one. I don't see myself upgrading to a better quadcopter anytime soon!