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    ayy lmao

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  • CPU
    Ryzen 2700 @ 4.0 GHz
  • Motherboard
    Asus Crosshair Hero VI x370
  • RAM
    16GB G-Skill Trident z @ 3000 MHz (8GB x2)
  • GPU
    EVGA RTX 2080
  • Case
    corsair c70 (army green)
  • Storage
    samsung 850 evo 500gb (OS), samsung 840 120gb (games), 1tb hdd (mass storage/ games). 500gb (movies)
  • PSU
    corsair RM650x
  • Display(s)
    MSI MAG271CQR 1440p 144hz
  • Cooling
    Custom loop (Cpu + Gpu) 240mm rad
  • Keyboard
    Razer Blackwidow Chroma
  • Mouse
    Razer Mamba Elite
  • Sound
    corsair vengeance 2000, RHA T10i, Steelseries Flux In Ear Pro
  • Operating System
    Windows 10
  • Laptop
    Razer Blade 14 (Early 2014 model w/ Gtx 870m)

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  1. Hahah, not sure the 2080 is any faster than a 1080ti, but I guess RTX is nice to have...
  2. I may have worded it badly, but I never put a water block onto the 1080ti. My previous 780ti had a water block on it and I was going to get one for 1080ti if it ended up working properly, but as it did not, I sent it in for a replacement, and got a water block for the 2080. But yes, I was very surprised at the RMA policies EVGA stood behind and how even 2nd hand purchasers are covered. The 1080ti I got was sold before their current return policy came into effect so I didn't even have to show a proof of purchase from the original owner.
  3. Update (hopefully the last): It seems like EVGA did not have any similar 1080ti cards on hand to send as a replacement so I got a 2080 xc ultra as a replacement. All is well in game and it works just like it should. They did not clarify what exactlly was the issue with my original card and I find it strange how it worked in the pc of the guy I bought it from but just not on mine. Seems like a hardware related problem since I tested it in multiple pc's with similar results. For anyone that has a similar issue of the 1080ti crashing in games and generally being unstable until you low
  4. Update 2: Talked with EVGA support and they defaulted to the response of "send it in for an RMA". I know their RMA cards are refurb units so hopefully the one I get from them does not have the same issue... I will update when I get the card back just in case someone else has this issue.
  5. Update: Tried the card in my room-mates pc which also has a founders edition 1080ti and while it lasted longer in unigen heaven, it still got unstable and crashed right after it hit 60C. His psu had 2 individual cables for the 6 and 8 pin ports on the gpu so that rules out the power cables being the issue. Talking with EVGA support on possible solutions or an RMA
  6. Ok thats good to know. About to try the gpu in a seperate PC to see if the problem persists but if it does then it seems like an RMA is the only option. One thing that EVGA support recommended is to use 2 separate cables for the 6 pin and 8 pin power. I've attached a photo of the setup I'm using currently where one cable from the psu splits into the 6 pin and 8 pin, which according to the support guy can cause the issues I'm seeing.
  7. Interesting thought. Tried setting everything to default and turned off fresync in the drivers and on the monitor, and same thing happened. a crash to desktop a few seconds after getting into the game menu. I got the card used so the RMA process will be a bit tricky, but EVGA has a transferable warranty and the seller has been responsive to my messages so hopefully that route ends up being possible if nothing else works...
  8. Yeah, tried to exhaust all my options before going that route. Odd that the previous owner didnt have any of these issues. Granted he was running it on a 1080p 60hz TV and vsync was likely enabled so the gpu usage may never have gotten high enough to causes these problems
  9. Core temperatures have not gone past low 60C before the crash occues. Unfortunately this isnt one of the EVGA cards that has temp monitors on all the components so I can't tell if the VRM is overheating, but they are rated for such high temps that I dont think heat is an issue. The VRM components themselves may have failed in a manner that only 1 or 2 of the phases are defective so it does not become problamatic until power usage nears 250W. Typically they're soft crashes where the game just hangs and I get kicked back to the desktop with an error message from the game. However one
  10. That's what I'm thinking. There is another PC in the house which I'll try to put the card into to see if the crashing persists.
  11. It was at 100% by default when the card was having all the crashing issues. I first tried underclocking it by 100mhz to see if that would help, but when that didnt help, I fiddled with the power limit and while increasing it had no effect, lowering it seemed to improve stability. Seems very much like a power usage problem where either the power delivery on the card itself cant handle the full tdp (which would be odd because it worked fine in the seller's PC), or my psu is causing issues with the higher power usage of the 1080ti as compared to my old 780ti
  12. Hi guys, TL;DR: Recently bought a lightly used 1080ti. Put it in my pc after doing a clean driver install only to have it CTD in games at stock settings. Lowering the power limit to ~85% seems to make it far more stable in games however it still behaves a bit odd (occasionally hangs for a frame or 2). Its been a couple of years since I posted here, mostly because my PC build had stayed pretty much the same from when I built it in 2013 and I didn't have many issues with it. That was till last summer when I replaced the 3rd gen i7 with a ryzen 2700 and all the motherboard
  13. And would getting an x370 board for a 2700x be a red flag? As far as I understand, as long as the boards have had the bios updates post 2nd gen ryzen launch, it should be fine. The x370 boards are having pretty good sales on newegg right now, which is why I'm gravitating towards them.
  14. Been a while since I've posted, and I've been out of the loop for a while now. I watched reviews on the 1st and 2nd gen ryzen chips, but didn't really watch any videos on the motherboard. I have time this summer, and its been 5 years since I built the pc in my signature, so I was hoping to move to a ryzen 2700x based rig while I have the time and money. I saw in a few places that higher speed ddr4 dimms were hit or miss with x370, and was wondering if this is still the case. Definitely seems like something that can be improved with bios updates, and one of the reviews I read on the
  15. My custom cpu+gpu loop makes upgrading the gpu a non trivial task, and since I get most of my computer components including this monitor im looking at used, it'll take a while for those new technologies to trickle down to a price that id be willing to pay. part of my mentality is also the gsync would prolong the time i can use my current gpu for since sub 60 fps will be a bit smoother.