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    The One Who Needs 32GB RAM for Web Browsing
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    England, UK
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    Uses Arch and Windows
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    Intel Core i5 4670k @ 3.9 1.4V (degraded I think)
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    Gigabyte Z87X-SLI
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    24GB - (2x8GB) KomputerBay PC12800 + 8GB Kingston Value Ram
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    MSI R9 280X
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    Define R4 (not a meme)
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    500w EVGA 80+
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    Triple 1080p BenQ screens
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    1985 IBM Model M (manufactured 1994)
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    Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury
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    Sennheiser HD280 Pro
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. They're glorified internet-connected speakers that generally also support Bluetooth, with the assistants on them. The smart assistant stuff I've seen my friends using is generally slower and less accurate, in my experience, than typing a query into a phone and reading the results. However, they can be quite nice for music (though I've had some very inconsistent experiences with Alexa), can sound decent, and if you have multiple, can be nice for a speaker in every room, and your smart assistant with that, if you can use it enough to justify it. I still don't see the appeal of them for myself, even if the devices are super cheap. Plus, they're listening!!!1111
  2. Hynix is also producing chips that work for them? Very nice. And that's very encouraging for my endeavors
  3. That sounds super not good. I would, then, try to remove the card.
  4. Welcome to the forum! What you've specced out looks pretty solid to me, though I would suggest you look at a higher-rated but lower-power rating power supply, for example an 80+ Gold rated ones. If I'm that vague, however, I'm going to get screamed at by someone Could you send a link to the parts list you created so we can more easily mess with it?
  5. Thanks! Yep, it explicitly states there that it supports the 2280 form factor, which is what the SSD you're looking at buying is. Fair warning: don't expect great speeds through that adapter.
  6. Can you throw the old hard drive back in, and see if it still works? There may be something that was set in that install that isn't set in your new one, that helps it determine what platform it is?
  7. You can't swap between memory standards like that, sorry.
  8. To me, it looks like it would be fine. Could you send a link to the exact USB device itself so we can look at its specifications, or better images of it?
  9. Welcome to the Forum! It sounds like the motherboard is...confused. I assume that the weird behaviour with on-board graphics is unrelated, and that the cause of the issue your son is facing was that he forced the GPU clock way too high, and then told the computer to reapply that on boot (as is a feature in Afterburner). I would try to reboot in Safe Mode and uninstall Afterburner, then see what happens.
  10. Hey! We're both along the same lines at the moment. I'm looking to build something around a 3600 to support up to 128GB. I don't have much to say about the 32GB sticks, but judging by Buildzoid's reaction to these sticks, it seems pretty nice: (I would assume that any 32GB sticks made now would feature those memory chips or very similar).
  11. Have you tried uninstalling it in Safe Mode? Else...try something like Revo Uninstaller, maybe in conjunction with Safe Mode? https://www.revouninstaller.com/revo-uninstaller-free-download/
  12. You're not running at that high of a voltage, I think you might get away with a 212 Evo (but the Dark Rock series is very, very nice). Also consider Noctua's coolers
  13. Hi Forum, again, it's...been a while. I presently have a couple of webcams plugged into my desktop. I want to use one of them for its microphone and one of them for video (in different locations). Disabling the microphone I didn't want was trivial, but I'm stuck wanting to use the webcams with applications which don't let me explicitly choose which one to use. Looking through stuff for a couple of minutes, I realized that I didn't know where the option was, to then notice that the option isn't there at all. The advice given: 1 - Disable the unwanted webcam. I can't do this because with disabling the camera, the audio goes too. 2 - In Devices and Printers, right-click on the device you would prefer to be default and set it as default, in the case that it is not already default. I would happily do this and be done with it, but that option...doesn't exist. I'm not sure how to proceed. Any suggestions? Should I go and dig around in the registry until I find something?
  14. 1.2 volts is a very healthy voltage for DDR4. I'm unsure, but XMP profiles may control the voltage, potentially why you're not able to change it manually. If it's stable, then it's clearly perfectly fine. If it's not stable, then find a way to increase the voltage a bit