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  1. PatrikStar24

    PSU Tier List [OLD]

    What was the verdict for the EVGA B3 to eventually land it in Tier 4? I don't want to go through 100+ pages (page 135 or so, onward, when the initial bait and switch controversy happened).
  2. PatrikStar24

    More Intel leaks.. this one is not good though

    Can I have a dumbed down TL;DR so I can explain the upcoming situation to my tech illiterate family?
  3. Ask and ye shall recieve: OpenRA, an open source client capable of running the original C&C (aka Tiberian Dawn), Red Alert, and Dune 2000. TF2 falls under my criteria of games with Free-to-Play mechanics. In TF2's case, it is not much (hats), but it is there.
  4. DISCLAIMER: First, I want to apologize for the admittedly clickbait title, I couldn't think of anything better given the topic. Second, the following games and links do not involve Free-to-Play mechanics, piracy, or grey market sites. Third, I am not associated with any of the following developers or (if applicable) publishers. My reasoning for this post is because I am sick (almost literally) of what AAA gaming has become, and it is too much of a hassle to sift through the indie games market. As such, my logic is this: The only way to go is back. 1. First on my list is the original DOOM released back in 1993-94. You would be hard pressed to set up a multiplayer match by itself, but with Zandronum (https://zandronum.com), you would be able to play not just in its original form, but heavily modded as well, on servers from all parts of the globe. 2. Halo: Combat Evolved on PC. This listing pertains more to its modded variant, Halo: Custom Edition. It amazes me how large the population of this game is to this day, typically peaking around 1000 players a day. Between the numerous custom maps (which sometimes include custom vehicles and weapons) and general versatility (when used with HAC2, enables automatic map downloads, FOV adjustment, and more), it makes for a great game to go for. If you just want to play the campaign, the 1.10 patch removed the CD-check and enabled support for 4K resolutions. The main drawback is that you will have to somehow obtain a physical copy of the game and (for certain members) you will have to dig up your optical drive again . 3. Renegade X This is a fan remake of the multiplayer portion of Command & Conquer: Renegade. Unfortunately, it has been suffering from a low population as of recently, with only 1 server being populated at a given time. Here is hoping this thread gives it the boost it needs. 4. Recently revived fan project Mechwarrior: Living Legends After being shut down by what was presumably a C&D by IGP (then publisher of Mechwarrior Online), it has been brought back from the dead, and is better than ever, with new features and fixes. For those who want their Mecha fix and don't want to give IGP (or Piranha Games) any time of day. 5. Star Wars Battlefront 2 (2005) No, not the EA crap version, the real deal . As of a couple weeks ago, it received an update allowing it to play multiplayer online again (since Gamespy shut down). 6. Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance Forever Just as a note, you will require a copy of SupCom:FA in order to use this community maintained version. For those of you familiar with Total Annihilation (which I equally recommend w/ the Total Mayhem mod btw), it is a Real Time Strategy which involves massive armies (upwards of 500 units per player, 8 players max) and the chaos that comes with such large battles. Honorable mentions of games I was unsure where to put on this list include: Age of Empires 2 (any version), Insurgency, Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance (via Game Ranger, joystick or controller required or it simply won't start), and Heroes of Might and Magic III: Complete (found on GOG, played online via Game Ranger, best played with the HoMM 3 HD mod). I await your feedback, and I hope to see you in one of these games.
  5. PatrikStar24

    Post Linus Memes Here! << -Original thread has returned

    Linus Trollface!!!
  6. PatrikStar24

    Recommended headphone amp solution?

    My brother is requiring more power to drive his new headphones (Status Audio OB-1), which is quite high in its requirements (1,600 mW @ 54 Ohms). As a result, the onboard audio on the motherboard isn't sufficient anymore. I’m looking for a solution capable of driving these headphones, averaging $100 USD, the highest I'll go is $120 USD. If you want me to spend more, you will need to do some convincing.
  7. PatrikStar24

    TAILS speed?

    You would be able to run it just fine, as long as you have at least 2 GB of RAM. You would be able to run with less to an extent, but it wouldn't run as smooth.
  8. PatrikStar24

    How to get the front panel off this case?

    I will try that when the fans arrive. In the mean time, his computer will remain off since I don't trust the default airflow configuration (2 x 120mm exhaust, 1 top, 1 rear).
  9. I built one of my brothers his own computer today, and he intends to get case fans to put in the front panel within the next few days. The problem is... I can't get the thing off to save my life. It is a NZXT Source 530. Instead of flexible clips that snap to an inner edge in the case (a la OEM cases), there are these knobs of some sort (pictured below). Now, according to the manual, I'm supposed to remove both side panels, then (somehow) lift the front panel from the bottom. Does it just come out with some force? I should also mention that my other brother's case (Rosewill Armor EVO) faces the same situation, so if this gets solved, I end up killing 2 birds with 1 stone. WARNING: LARGE IMAGES PS My cable management sucks
  10. There's promoting it, and then there's shoving it down people's throats. This is a list of the KBs (so far) that involve Windows 10 upgrade and/or its backported telemetry. Source: https://github.com/th3power/aegis-voat Many of these KBs try to hide themselves as "Important" or "Recommended" updates.
  11. Or even worse, their computer doesn't support it. I've been continuing to update, and periodically removing any Windows 10 BS using this: https://github.com/th3power/aegis-voat Uninstalls any (known) Windows 10 Upgrade KBs, Telemetry KBs, and more. Whatever isn't hidden by this, I check each one and hide it myself.
  12. Source: http://www.infoworld.com/article/3042155/microsoft-windows/windows-patch-kb-3139929-when-a-security-update-is-not-a-security-update.html#comments Disclaimer: I have no association with infoworld.com or any of its authors, I am spreading this around because I feel like it. This latest wave of insanity makes want to switch to linux, if only the games I play supported it. From KB 3139929's description: Emphasis mine. These so called "nonsecurity-related fixes" are basically stealthy attempts to get more people on Windows 10. I don't use IE, but I know many people that STILL do, including a family member who clings to it like it's the last Vinyl LP on Earth. Despite the clickbait, the author couldn't trigger the banner ad himself, and wants people who can manage to verify these claims to email him screenshots. For obvious reasons, you will have to dig for the email address yourself. As for my opinion. Regardless if this is true or not, I find it ridiculous that Microsoft is showing higher and higher levels of what seems like desperation to get as many people on Windows 10 as humanly possible.
  13. PatrikStar24


    Rate the build in my sig.
  14. PatrikStar24

    Arma 3: How high can I run w/ the following specs?

    Without any monitoring software, just eyeing it, I averaged in the 30s with occasional jumps into the 50s and occasional drops into the 20s.