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  1. Recently I’ve been thinking about getting some mass storage. Mostly inspired by stuff learned at the job, providing space for various code projects. Thing is, looking up stuff mostly lists Synology and they seem to have a lot of products out over the years, with varying specs and capacities. And I wonder: is that even the only company providing stuff like this? Probably not? So I guess this is a question about “what is the most capable/modern stuff and where do I find it/compare it”? Also, I might get a system with a lot of slots, but only fill 2 and then more a while later
  2. This happened way too fast. It could literally happen again while I'm typing something here. I have no idea what it said, and no idea how to prevent it. Is there a way to prevent the spacebar from being seen as an "Enter", systemwide?
  3. I realize firefox has a built-in text-to-speech feature these days, but it's rather limited in type of voices. It's still good though. This topic is more for gathering knowledge on alternatives. I know of this site: https://ttstool.com/ A lot of options there, but unwieldy. There's a limit on payload size and if you're done with 1 and want to do another, it's sort of unwieldly. Other software seems to simply be a frontend for Windows's built-in voices. So, what's out there that I don't know of yet? Any good stuff with nice options?
  4. https://rootsofprogress.org/alphafold-protein-folding-explainer I'm just linking this as a bit of nice news, I guess? The article is also nice because it actually gives a nice overview of what protein folding aims to achieve, what some common problems are, some nice pictures, etc... This seems like good news. At least a step forward. EDIT: Though it's not a solved problem yet: http://occamstypewriter.org/scurry/2020/12/02/no-deepmind-has-not-solved-protein-folding/ EDIT2: Though apparently this rebuttal doesn't hold much gro
  5. https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=nv24-compute-refresh&num=1 Good lord that's a lot of GPUs. And some interesting data. The temperature and power consumption of the 980 Ti really stands out, while being pretty low on the geometric mean. Other than that, expected results. 2080 Ti and TITAN RTX are king of the hill. This should get really interesting when the new cards are properly out there and can be compared.
  6. Personally experienced this back in 2014 with my Galaxy S4. Tiniest of scratches on the screen -> they won't do a thing. This may also be a scheme by a store to try and get you to buy warranty. And more than likely: both.
  7. No manual OC is in place. Everything is on "Auto". That themp is the one reported by Speccy. Ryzen Master is consistently putting it 10C lower though. Heatsink is a beQuitev4. Don't remember case name, but I can assure you there are fans back and front and the airflow is working fine. I'm in the advanced control but I'm not finding that stuff about amount of cpu cores anywhere. FaH version 7.5.1, which appears to be the most recent on the website. Dear god you can doubleclick that? Christ, the edit button is so small. Alright, I thin
  8. So, if I put "Folding Power" to "Medium", my CPU, a Ryzen 2700X, quickly approaches 90C, which isn't healthy. Dropping the power to "Light" keeps it at a steady 74C However, "Light" folding power means the GPU won't be folding. Meanwhile, the GPU, a Vega64, at Medium, stays at a nice 64C. It seems I can't provide separate Folding Power? One for GPU and one for CPU? Anyone know how I can make this happen?
  9. Title says it all. Are there any at this point? I know AMD motherboards are supposed to support the standard, but are there any components using it yet?
  10. For the question of what to test: why not throw the phoronix test suite at it? Sure, that's Linux, but hey, it should be pretty nice.
  11. So I was listening to the WAN show on youtube when Linus mentions how bad the windows search is and mentions how they could probably make a tool that just lists all filenames, perhaps filter by executable, etc... Sounds like this tool I've been using for over a decade now, called "Everything": https://www.voidtools.com/downloads/ Has a bunch of filters, bookmarks, etc... Not sure if it has all the functionality one would want, but it goes a long way.
  12. Bumped into this, gonna link it here: https://old.reddit.com/r/pcmasterrace/comments/bwie2f/why_apple_users_think_you_cant_build_a_gaming_pc/epy9vap/ Quoting the person who wrote it(for some reason the forum's quote feature is messing up the layout of this text big time if I just paste it in there): Unpopular take (on the monitor, not on the stand, which is absolutely fucking ridiculous): If - and this is a BIG if - the XDR monitor is as good as Apple claims, $5k is not only a very good price, but almost certainly a game changer for digital cinema.
  13. Did I just hear "we use Slackware"? Seriously, Slackware? Props to ya, but Slackware ain't exactly the friendliest of Linux Distros out there. Any summary or a list of reasons as to why Slackware was chosen and not just Ubuntu server edition or something similar? Far as I recall, Slackware doesn't have systemd and all of its startup stuff is RC scripts.
  14. Just slightly under the 9100 in performance but under half the price(The 9100 is at 2199 USD MSRP right now I believe). Should be a nice price point.