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    Best 750TI bench in UserBenchMark!
  • Birthday Oct 26, 2001

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    I change names a lot
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    havent touched in ages
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    xbox peasants
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    dont stream,so...
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    ayy no
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    PC Gaming,computers and energy drinks
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    Just a guy with an interest in computers and videogames in general.Ive built my own PC when I was 13,and I continue to do so till today.Work in some local electronic stores as an intern.About to study to become an IT guy.Also yes,I live in Greece please keep the 'pay debt' jokes at bay :)
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    Studying IT(student)


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    AMD FX-4350 @4.5 1.4V Stable Overlclocked
  • Motherboard
    ASUS M5A97 R2.0
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    2x4 HyperX Fury @1866
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    Gigabyte 750Ti 2GB GDDR5 @ 1404 core 3100 Mem (OC'ed my factory OC :3)
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    Sharkoon VG4-W
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    WDC Blue 1 TB,850 Evo 250GB
  • PSU
    XFX TS 550w
  • Display(s)
    1x Crappy Fujitsu 1680x1050 and a crappy LG TV as 2nd
  • Cooling
    212 Evo
  • Keyboard
    Deathwidow 2014 Ultimate
  • Mouse
    Deathadder 2013
  • Sound
    Kraken 7.1
  • Operating System
    Win 7 x64bit

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  1. I managed to narrow down a fix. Disabling the ''Kraken 7.1 Chroma APO Helper'' from starting up fixed that. For some reason it made these certain few programmes quieter. However disabling this made the ''Bass Boost'' option buggy, but I cant notice a difference with it turned off so whatever. Marking this as sovled for anyone that might have the same issue.
  2. I have a pair of Kraken Chroma 7.1s, and have had them for a while. Back before I upgrade to Windows 10, while on Windows 7, there would be this rare bug where once the computer booted up, certain sounds would be way too low, however a restart fixed it. Now that I upgraded to Windows 10, this bug still occurs but isnt fixable with a restart. Certain sounds in programmes, like Discord's notification sounds (however not voice chat or Text To Speech), Steam games all have lower than desired sound. If I plug in my speakers at the same volume however, they output sound at the level they should be.
  3. I dont think I got a prompt to do so, but from the research Ive done, I thought that by recieving a digital license for the key means it can be reused at any time for future instalations, which Im sure I recieved since the key is genuine.
  4. When the free update for Windows 10 rolled around, I upgraded my system to it succesfully and run with it for around 2 weeks. Then after some compatability problems I had to roll back to 7. Im replacing my current CPU, and as an extent, my motherboard, so Ill need to format my current rig and I want to get Windows 10 on it finally. Will I be able to use the Windows 7 key I used back when I did the upgrade?
  5. Personally,if you are primarily using the CPU for work,the FX-6350 is better.FXs are gret for budget rendering builds since most programs can utilise their many cores.They aint so great for gaming tho,due to their low IPC.Also be sure to get a CPU cooler too,since these chips tend to get hot(125W TDP).
  6. Yea heard about Battleborn really not havingthat much content,but I honestly am just too curious to klet that get to me.I also heard Fallout 4 did some things really well and some things really badly,aka the Skills and the Dialkog system got removed and stripped down respectively.
  7. Alright,so I have about 60-70 euros left and want to get myself a present when I finish my exams.Now,Im between 2 games: Battleborn Deluxe Fallout 4 w/Season Pass Ive played all of the Borderlands games(200 hours in BL2 alone) and I finished FO3 with all of its quests and Im curently playing NV,I love them.Its a hard decision so Im hoping some of you guys who have played both fo em can give me a second opinion. Thanks!
  8. If its the legit Steam SUpport asking you for a CD key,then thats normal,if you search on their official page they say its one of the ways to verify that you are indeed teh owner of the account.If they asked you abouyt debit.credit card numbers,DONT GIVE ANYTHING.Steam has made it clear they wont ever ask for any credit/debit card credentials.
  9. I actually agree with you.Altho I cant find myself wanting to go back to console,PC is just way better for gaming imho,depsite its flaws.
  10. I also say PayDay 2.You can stealth almost all of the maps that are avainable(with and without the DLCs),but my only problem is the game has a LOT of DLCs,including map DLC,tho due to how the game is made you dont need to own the DLC,just to join a game that is playing that map.Stealth is kind of generic and most stealth veterans will find it lacking and sometimes stupid,given how guards arent alerted to lets say the security room door beeing open or like other 3 guards just dissapeared,and then theres this pager mechanic that after a while doesnt start to make sense(operator asks if anythin
  11. If you got it from Steam,all of the steam games come with their program runtimes they need in order to function properly(i.e.:DirecX,C++ Software Redistributable,older games like Fallout 3 have Games For Windows Live etc.) and steam(uppon first launch) will check if they are installed and install them if they are not.If it didnt do that,try verifying your game's files but going into your library,right clicking the game and choosing ''verify game integrity''.If the game was ot acquired via steam,reinstall it or try finding that file online.
  12. Maybe when I actually get more money,already in some debt here Anyways,anyone in this forum with a Razer Chroma?Would like some confirmation.
  13. In my pleb ears they dont,been using them for 3 years now,destroyed my ears in the proccess because of the bass at 100% but they were fine...
  14. Because it was free...And Razer hasnt failed me once,until recently...