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    East Coast
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    Managing Director, EK USA


  • CPU
    Intel 5960X
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    Asus Rampage V Extreme
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    Corsair Dominator Platinum 4x8GB
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    3x Nvidia Titan X
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    XForma MKII
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    Intel 750 PCI-E 1.2TB NVME
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    Seasonic 1200W Platinum
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    Dell UP2715K
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    EK Water Blocks
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    Asus Strix
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    Asus Strix Claw
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    Asus Xonar Essesnce One + Asus Strix 7.1
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    Windows 8.1

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  1. Guys. I'm finally done. Sorry for delay! Fully functional btw!
  2. For anyone still subbed, I made a video! This is my new channel for mods & media related stuff!
  3. Yep it's already planned to replace them. Those were a last minute idea that was not so great. Finding a functional, steampunk-style gauge is a bit tricky though.
  4. Finally took the hardware for a photoshoot last night. The CPU block plating was botched (local guys) so I'm going to be polishing it up and starting again... First, a shot of the whole family Asus Z10PE-D8 WS "Copper Edition" Kingston 8x16GB DDR4 ECC 2133Mhz Memory! 4x 1.2TB Intel 750 NVME drives... 4.8TB total SO, this is the their old U.2 cable that they used to include with their 750 2.5" drives... colorful cables and overall, quite ugly. Ugh, those cables. THIS is the new m.2 direct version of the cable! All sleeved and in black, with a sexy black PCB to boot! Those cables tho... Then of course the 4x Nvidia Titan X in full copper glory! Let me tell you how much it sucks to clean these backplates... Single slot ftw!
  5. Finally...an update! Thank you to Bill Own @http://mnpctech.com/ First Item: 3.120mm "360" Rotating Insert Aluminum Radiator Grill, Silver Second Item: Billet Pro-Line 120mm Adjustable "SLOTTED" insert Third Item: Diamond Knurl PC Feet, Silver Painting Video Tutorial by Bill I gave that copper leaf a go on the fan grills and I have to say I'm a pretty big fan of how it turned out for a practice run! Those rusted rads... The case feet from Bill turned out amazing! Much better than any of the items I copped painted lol And a teaser for next time...
  6. Big update... no fancy photos though, no time Got the last Titan X in there Still waiting on CPU blocks... All 7 devices Started some designs on the last card, not final placement for res. Rusted rads are finally assembled and back in the case From the front: Dual D5s Dressed up the PSU a little too Dual FC10s on the top, still need to be mounted. Have a really cool idea for up here coming soon! I got two batches of copper sheet... the first, the bottom two panels, as you can see is in much better shape. The second wrinkles so god damn quick. Might have to replace all of these ones So many wrinkles.... but check dem custom windows! They fit the theme perfectly Yes sir And the front window, which I realized I put on backwards, oops. Probably will be redoing the bottom left panel, need a different design for the power buttons. The embossing I did of the sponsor logos! With my derpy "Garage"... Closeup of the windows again
  7. I figured you'd appreciate this Update: So honestly at this point I won't be sharing pics of the hardware pr0n until after the build is finished...just not enough time in the day, however here are some in progress pics I snap with my phone on occasion for everyone: Rad pieces painted with iron Leather, before being darkened: All panels: Inspiration for external btw: Randomness from Etsy First layer of rust Darkened vs stock leather Second layer of rust Internal panels being painted Time to paint fittings, in bulk! First in black 6 coats later Top panel being cut Fully rusted! Cutting that beautiful copper panel...
  8. All done guys... Huge thanks to Charles@XForma & my sponsors for making this possible: Time to go dark...
  9. Single slot brackets! First round of copper plating Sadly the copper didnt' want to stick to the 2.5" enclosure or heatsinks so they'll probably just get a coat of black paint. Second round New 9ft wall mounted photo backdrops! Here's my "modding room", which isn't necessarily where I do assembly or even most of my modding, just things like drilling/activities that involve flying metal shards, and my painting! City life is rough but fortunately I at least have a spare bedroom and bathroom I can dedicate to modding now. Not too long ago I was living, working, and modding out of a 1 bedroom apartment so at least I'm past that madness! Yes, that's a toilet. Yes, I still use it on occasion. Paint "booth"! Far from ideal but when you live in a city, what can you do. No garage for me, or anyone else. It works out okay, keep the ceiling fan running constantly, sometimes bring in a box fan, have the window open and wear a face mask. One block installed, 2 to go for now. The last one will be put into the build at the end, for complicated reasons. First round of painting And result: Heatsinks will go back in for a few more coats still Went to Blick and picked up a bunch of fun materials to play with! RAM Blocks De-flowered-stickered Same for black modules, for painting: And the copper modules: To give you an idea of how many EK components are going into this... My list of how many stickers have to be painted! While tearing down the FC10s, (thank you again to @Ceadderman for hooking me up with a second!) I noticed the print size and location are ever so slightly different. Fun Lamptron (@Luciel) facts. Time for black! It seems I forgot to take a pic of everything being painted copper, will do later. Some results: Sadly I put too much black on the EK badges, will need to redo at some point The bits pre-badged The bits, post badging! I'm quite happy with this For next time...
  10. Kingston Finally got the RAM from Kingston all 128GBI will be liquid cooling them and covering dat greenBoard fits great!I most likely wont be using a dual Predator setup anymore, probably dual XE radsCards from NvidiaDamn dvi wasting space...Uh oh... 3k worth of GPUs getting readyOh dear...Much betterOh yes...So. Much. Stuff.Intel sent me a rare gift with all the SSDs This will be their replacement for the ugly hyper kits/M.2->U.2 cable adapters. So clean and perfect. This will be for the 1.2TB U.2 form factor 750 drive. Total of 4.8TB of NVME storage.
  11. Asus Man I've missed 2P boards... Luckily Asus is the only manufacturer that bothers to make BEAUTIFUL looking workstation boards still... Hnnnng Now with chips!
  12. Moar updates! Brought to you by: Corsair The beast... First Titanium rated PSU BIG BAG OF CABLES LOOK AT ALL THOSE CABLES So glad this is a thing with high rated PSUs. Beast mode So many things!
  13. First update: Case Labs So the awesome guys over at Case Labs whipped me up a custom motherboard tray in several ways. They got me a real sleek looking copper powdercoat, a hole up front for an EK-RES X4, and the extended it to cover the entire area huge thanks to them! The hole starts here... and it also through the second layer They also whipped up this custom holder to secure the reservoir to All assembled! Don't worry, the outside will be receiving a paint job and there are still more of those slick copper finishes coming as well. They sent me one panel so I could check it out and get a feel for the case and how I would like to proceed first. Look at the shiny texture