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  1. Rig from a friend: -AMD FX-6350 -GTX 750 Ti -8GB Ram -Win 10 - all running on an ssd My Rig: -AMD FX-6100 (Waiting for the new linup) -GTX 970 -16GB Ram -Win 10 -SSD too. Although im not interested in VR, i will upgrade that cpu. having some real troubles in kicad ~Straw
  2. I feel like Vessel just has too less upstream so that i can watch my videos fine. Still getting many hickups when watching 480p, but on youtube 720p is all fine (on my phone)
  3. Also GMN after 300h Well, havent played csgo since a month, instead playing dota
  4. Well, having a small gaming tv would be nice GL to all of you ^^
  5. Could you maybe edit the first post? Because the Android App is already published https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sonymobile.androidapp.gridcomputing ~Straw
  6. he should add a switch between psu_on and com pin on the second gpu, or connect those two pin with the corresponding on the hp psu. and then simply connect the 6/8 pin pcie connector to the gpu. i dont know if the hp psu can power the 75 watts over the pcie connector from the motherboard Pic for Pins: ~Straw
  7. @SimpleG naah, dont wanna say to not use animations, but not really too much like wobbling texts or blinking or this stuff which arent really necessary and distract more ~Straw
  8. Dont overload it. dont make too many "fancy" animations. have 2-4 pictures in your ppp. dont write everything in the pp what you're gonna tell your class. its better if you have more information than the pp, so they wont loose the attention on what you saying and rather look at the pp. Just like my tips ^^ ~Straw
  9. Oh man, those textures! Its so high def.! ok, jk. try to use one monitor. ~Straw
  10. i think their working on blocks for every pcb design. that must be much work ~Straw
  11. difference between the gpus are mostly 3-8fps. with a bit of oc and it perform the same ^^ can personally recommend gigabyte and asus for good cooling. ~Straw