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    Actually booty is life
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    Latvia bruh
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    I like pancakes


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    AMD A6 6400K
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    MSI FM2-A55M-E33
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    Crucial 8gb (2x4gb)
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    Gigabyte Windforce R9 270
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    ACC 38° Computer Casing
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    Toshiba 500gb and Kingston 120gb SSD
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    TakeMe 600W
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    LG Flatron L1752S
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    STOCK ._.
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    Some JVC headphones

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  1. I have been using a6 6400k for 4 years now, it still runs but is slow. an i5 4960k or an i7 should last the 3 years you said, I dont plan on heavy gaming probably GTA Online mostly
  2. I have found a i5 4960k and I do now have 8gb DDR3. Should find a MB I should be set. also I found a 980 for 40 euros more than a 970
  3. hi everyone, I havent been following the tech world a year or two so I dont know the latest and greatest tech... so I thought buying used parts. my explanation is that I rarely use my pc, I dont see it worth my money to buy newer parts just to replace them the next week. my budget would be around 350 euros, I need a MB, GPU, CPU. That said I have found a used GTX 970 but what MB and cpu I should pair it with? or do you guys rather have me buy new parts?
  4. Hello everyone! So my phone died with the well known G Flex 2 battery problem. Now, fixing it is pretty self explanotory - get a new battery, replace the old one ... profit?. Yes, that would be but... I can't get a new replacement battery and sure as hell won't go to a overpriced phone shop. Therefore, can I get the phone running without a battery, provided theres enough juice going into it? Answer is yes. The main problem lies in the fact that phone wont turn on becouse it doen't have a battery. So anyone knows a way around it..?
  5. Hello people of LTT! My tech knowledge has been declining and declining, to the point I think 8 cores is a lot.. therefore, I would ask you to build a PC. A 600 usd one with monitor included. Needs to be a media server for home TV, run GTA V, Diablo 3, make vids about youtube drama, shitpost on 9gag, you know the usual stuff! As always - thanks in advance!
  6. Thanks, I highly doubt that's worth my money's, since I will be buying a new PC! Thanks! I think I will be getting a new pc rather than a new gpu Yes, they did ?. I won't, I think about getting a new pc, since this one couldn't deliver what I was asking for even with the GPU. But thank you all!
  7. Hello people of Linus Tech tips! So long story short - burned up my R9 270 (rest in rip). But since I have a APU I didn't fear, since APU's are pretty good on their own (at least for minecraft, which I am playing now lol) So, I wanted to understand - do I have to do anything other than taking out the GPU and plugging the HDMI in MB or anything else..? Thanks in advance!
  8. Hello people of Linus Tech tips. So, I've had my computer for a while now, no problems have visited me... Until now So like 2 weeks ago I started noticing my pc was having hick ups, in the sense of that it stopped for a couple of seconds, like 2 mostly. Like I was minding my buisness then it stopped for 2 secs and continued, this stopping also included the annoying sound when a music is played and the pc crashes. So that wasn't that bad, so I did mind it. But 10 minutes ago my screen went white and the pic crashed - it started a minute after that and now I'm stuck on t
  9. Hello people of LinusTechTips, so I have my LG which has turned off or rather, the screen froze I pressed the locking button, screen locked and I can't get it back on. Help Things I've done Started chargin it Spammed the lock button Held the lock button up to a minute
  10. Hello LinusTechTipers, I have came to you with a question... about a Raspberry Pi. (Yes, I do know this is not the place for ir, but hear me out). You see a guy I know theorized the idea abou RPi as an car ECU. Now, I searched the webs and found several reasons why it is both a good and a bad idea. So, question is could the RPi be a car ECU, power wise (as in could it run it, without running out of RAM and coocking the cpu). Becouse you see, I think, that when all is done (making your own OS, getting all the wires connected to the RPi, etc) and thr car is turned on for the 1s
  11. Thanks for the answer! Well, then soon we'll have 3 living proofs! Or I could use the one I have
  12. Hello humans of LinusTechTips. It is me, SimpleG the most interseting and coolest guy in the world (maybe 1 thing was wrong in that last sentence, never the less). I have returned with a question; So, when I got my pc I had a choice, buy a new copy of windows or buy a cracked one, by reading the title, you should know with which route I went. And in the past 2 weeks Windows has said, that I CAN upgrade to Windows 10, for free. So I'm here on a cliffhanger, should I do it, mainly CAN I actually do it. So LinusTechTippers, what are your suggestions?