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  1. King's X - Dogman Galactic Cowboys - At The End of The Day Black Sabbath - Paranoid
  2. Been there, done it. eBay is a shit hole, the buyer always wins. A seller who's been there for 5 years with hundreds or thousands of sales and 100% feedback will lose to some buyer who just made their account yesterday and isn't verified in any way. Fuck ebay. Also OP, this happens in any industry... Sell ANYTHING online and this will eventually happen to you. Once I sold a pair of shoes with the size clearly listed in like 5 different areas on the auction. Buyer wanted a refund because "I sent the wrong size", won and proceeded to send me back a different pair of shoes. BTW Their account was 2 weeks old and already had 1 negative buying feedback... But they were believed, not me.
  4. Give it a headphone jack and I'll finally have a worthy S5 replacement...
  5. Sidegraded from a FX8320 to a 2600k and upgraded from a 770 to a 970, it ain't much but it does everything I wanna do.
  6. 7Zip Why would anyone go to the trouble of pirating WinRAR?
  7. Honestly I've been thinking this for awhile now. Not saying I haven't enjoyed all of the SYW seasons, because I have, but I liked the first season the most by a good bit. Doing that over and over would get stagnant quick if they stayed in their area, but maybe it'd be cool if they did the original format but changed up the area/prices.
  8. Okay, I know this has been said a million times, but it is HILARIOUS to hear Intel calling eight cores "the sweet spot".
  9. Got a cousin in his mid thirties with five kids, he still finds some time for games. Yeah the maturing argument really annoys me. Could just be temporary burnout, or a taste change. Stopped playing games almost completely a couple of years ago, but then I found a couple of games I really enjoy and I just play them. I guess you can "mature" to the point where you're not jumping up and down over every new release.
  10. Same thing happened to me, now I pretty much only enjoy Melee and CSGO, and every once in a while I'll play through an old RPG or something.
  11. I really hate the gamer aesthetic, but I also hate the super minimalist "glass on all sides, every case looks identical, fuck airflow" look too. Computer/phone design has been pissing me off the last couple of years honestly. Don't even get me started on rainbow puke RGB...
  12. Used to sell, not much these days, got sick of people's shit. Also, I prefer the term "collector", and I don't need your understanding. Being used currently: 4 rigs in my programming/gaming room, 1 for audio recording/editing, 2 in my bedroom, 5 in my redneck server cabinet, 1 rig in my living room, my laptop, my macbook, Computers that I hook up and goof around with from time to time: (off the top of my head) 1 386 machine, 1 486 machine, 3 pentium rigs, 1 pentium pro rig, 1 pentium ii rig, 1 athlon600/voodoo3 rig, 2 pentium iii rigs, 2 pentium 4 rigs, 1 athlonxp rig 2 athlon64 rigs, 2 powermac g4s 3 socket 775 rigs (As you can see, I'm aiming to have at least one of every socket, not quite there yet but I'm getting there.) The rest is in my hoard, all of them are complete except some are missing HDDs or PSUs. If I have the room and they're not in the way, why not keep them?
  13. EVERYONE. I WIN. I just counted and the grand total comes to 69. FUCKING. NICE. Now if you count all my extra parts, then I could probably build another 15 or so, but that's not convenient for me. From now on I will try to maintain this number. If I sell/throw away a system, it must be replaced, if I get another one, one has to go.
  14. Was honestly hoping for this, x399 wasn't really ideal for the 32 core TR2.
  15. I know all that, I just really don't care what the reason is, because in the end, 7 did not have nearly as many issues. We all know that, but what does it actually matter? When MS labels it a new version, that's just that. If all MS did was improve the way they handled updates, then relabled 10 to 11, I'd say 11 is better than 10. Does it matter that 11 is just a reskin of 10? No, because 11 was the better experience, and therefore the better OS. The same applies with VSP2 to 7. So? Just test the crap before you release it, actually pay attention to the issues the insiders are reporting how about? Don't push an update to the masses until it's proven? I don't care what the excuse is, the Windows 10 update shenanigans are real. When did 7 users experience even half of the rushed update crap that 10 has? Again, I don't care about the "But Windows 10 updates are more ambitious than 7 updates" excuse. Also yaaaaay, the tired "but Linux isn't perfect either" attention diversion. This is about Windows 10, not Linux. I'm already done with this thread, we've been down this road so many, many times with WIndows 10 and the discussion always ends up the same. This is a problem Microsoft has the ability to improve on with the power they already have, all they have to do is L I S T E N. They should test their updates better, regardless of the excuse, period.
  16. Of course there is no flawless OS, and any Windows version is about the farthest thing from that, but Windows 7 sure didn't have a new problem every season.
  17. Yeah I'll be using Windows 7 until I can't anymore, then I'm going to Linux. Screw this! And if I need Windows 10 for any reason on my system, it'll be in a VM, and I'll purposely leave it a couple of months behind on updates at all times. Like seriously, this is the kind of stuff that makes Windows a joke, how am I supposed to take it seriously if we get shit like this every other month? EDIT: For anyone damage controlling with the "this isn't affecting THAT many systems" excuse, WHY? Why are you okay with this stuff? I don't care if it was just affecting 10% of computers, that's still a big deal! Hell, 5% is a big deal!
  18. Just taking a second to gush about the Xeon e3 1240. It's a lot of CPU for 40 bucks! And the fact that DDR3 is dirt cheap on ebay right now just makes it even sweeter.

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    2. 2Buck


      @dizmoYou just have to look around, I got lucky and picked up a two stick 8GB kit for 15 bucks on ebay, paired it with the 40$ e3 1240 and now my spare PC is pretty badass for basically free considering I got the motherboard for a couple of bucks. :)

    3. dizmo


      Ahhh that's probably why, I wouldn't consider getting anything under 16GB.

    4. 2Buck


      @dizmoWell if it was a main rig of course, but it's just as a random spare rig for when I wanna have some people over for LAN stuff, or just as a good spare in general, so 8GB does fine. If I ever needed to I could still upgrade to 16GB super cheap.

  19. No, it can't, because a phone will not hold that frame rate. Maybe in candy crush...
  20. No, it's not, because on PC the hardware can actually hit that refresh rate. It looks smoother and the increased reaction times can help slightly. And let's just say the phone COULD hit that refresh rate on games, on PC, you can do exactly what you want with the mouse/keyboard, but on a phone, you're using a crappy bluetooth controller or a touch screen, so your bottleneck is there, not in how fast the screen is refreshing. I know I'm being overly negative, because in the end it's an extra feature for those willing to pay for it. I just have a bunch of built up frustration with phone manufacturer priorities.
  21. Read too quick. I saw ----x2--- and kept going. my b Yeah, like current phones can be now, without 240hz. Seriously, what game is going to take advantage of 240hz on a phone, while being worth a damn? And the majority of phone games just suck anyway. The only fun I've had gaming on my phone is via Nintendo emulators, and 240hz obviously won't apply there either. The priorities of phone manufacturers just saddens me. Phone barely making it to the end of the day? Hmmmm..... Seal away the battery! Remove the headphone jack! Add more RAAAAAAM! Slap a 240hz screen on there! sPeCsssSs!!!!111!
  22. 240hz on a phone... WHAT'S THE POINT?? What games will it play? Can we focus on important shit like battery life already? "gaming phone" yeah that's cute.