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  1. I understand the benefits of NFC over MST, but their justification is weird. While a lot of large stores like Walmart and Target have terminals that are fully NFC compatible, there's a ton of places that don't, ranging from vending machines to your local small businesses (in the US, at least). Eventually they could definitely remove MST with no complaints, but this feels a bit preemptive.
  2. Ah, the removal of MST support is limited to the US market. Removal of the microSD card is, as far as I can gather, worldwide.
  3. Summary With the launch of the Galaxy S21 series, Samsung has made the decision to remove MST support for the US lineup, and to remove the microSD card expansion slot. In doing so, Samsung Pay will no longer work at payment terminals that don't support NFC, removing one of its biggest strengths against competitors such as Google Pay and Apple Pay. Additionally, users now must choose how much storage they want in their phones at time of purchase. This can go up to 256gb for the base and plus models, and 512gb for the ultra model. Quotes My thoughts
  4. Twitter thread about it: https://twitter.com/virginmedia/status/1162756227132198914 Just thought I'd post this here for any UK people that use Virgin Media. Also a massive GDPR violation so... file complaints away?
  5. I mean title explains it. Ran out of USB resources, so I'm looking for a PCIe USB controller I can use to add more ports. My question is, would a Thunderbolt 3 AIC (such as this) have its own USB controller, to enable more devices to be plugged in, via say, a Thunderbolt 3 USB hub? Or, would I need just a whole dedicated PCIe USB card, such as this. Thanks for any advice that you can offer.
  6. Google hasn't done anything wrong here...The EU aren't going to fine Google over this. They're complying with the regulations of the US, the country they're based in. This isn't Google trying to hurt Huawei.
  7. In an update sent today to backers, the game Outer Wilds, crowdfunded on Fig, will apparently now be released first on Xbox and PC on Epic. In a campaign update, the team said As a part of the initial campaign, the plan was, which backers contributed with knowing, to release to Steam on PC, Mac, and Linux, alongside Xbox One, all at the same time. Now, support for Mac and Linux are "TBD", and the developers/publisher have not clarified if it will eventually come to Steam. Personally, this is worse than the other exclusivity deals Epic has done, as this was done
  8. Considering the exact phrasing was I consider it still likely that's an attempt to calm people down and then announce it in the future, but that's speculation rather than a fact. Just based on "long term plans will be announced in the future".
  9. Updated post to source it. See this statement from Epic in an article on GameInformer: https://www.gameinformer.com/2019/05/01/epic-games-acquires-rocket-league-developer-psyonix
  10. Despite all of these being good questions, none were addressed by Psyonix/Rocket League or Epic Games. So that's a "maybe they'll issue a statement, but if not, wait and see".
  11. Looks like Epic Games has chosen to acquire another launcher exclusive in the form of acquiring Psyonix, the studio notably behind "Rocket League". As such, Rocket League will no longer be available for purchase on Steam once it's available on the Epic Games Store. If you already own it on Steam you should be able to keep it on your account and continue receiving updates, but if the deal finalizes, then going forward, it will have to be purchased through the Epic Games Store for on PC. As per Rocket League's announcement, it hasn't yet fully finalized, but:
  12. Well, here's what I can say. From having a Galaxy S8+ (And the GS9/+ are nearly identical), its fantastic. Admittedly, I have the Exynos version and have rooted/flashed a custom ROM, but its essentially stock, just debloated a bit (Renovate ICE Rom). In my experience, although, yes, Google Apps are available on iOS for the most part, I've never had an entirely smooth experience using them. GApps on Android is Google's version of "it just works together". (Also, if you've never tried it, Try S Pay. Allows you to use contactless payments even on terminals that don't su
  13. Seems like Razer really is trying to expand their product lineup. A gaming-oriented Router, now? I'd be curious to see how much their "patented" technology actually deals with signal congestion, as according to their own page: It's a bit odd to see that, as far as I can find on the RazerZone page, they don't mention how much/if their boost technology impacts the speeds implied by their AC2400 rating. I'd love to see a LTT review/thoughts video on this. Links: Article RazerZone Page Image: