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  2. Stefan Payne

    How to boot to m.2 ssd

    What is if you put Diesel in your gasoline car? That are two completely different things. So you have two options: a) get a BOard with NVMe Support, wich means getting rid of your Haswell and move to a modern Plattform b) deal with it and use it for your Games and boot from a S-ATA Drive.
  3. Why gta4 graphics are bad than gta san andreas in pc even in high settings
  4. WickedStarfish

    MSI Afterburner Question

    will do, thank you for the help
  5. Origami Cactus

    MSI Afterburner Question

    It doesn't do much, the Core clock is more important on Nvidia cards (but on amd vega memory clock is important), I have no idea about the 2070, because it has the gddr6 memory. I recommend looking at some 2070 overclocking videos to see some examples.
  6. No, but they're both bringing air into my case. Nothing is circulating it out.
  7. Oh, so I'm just an idiot..... lol. So where can I see my ram frequency in windows?
  8. TeoPap

    Some games run without audio

    i reinstalled the audio drivers and restarted system , opened game but still nothing also heres a photo tha might help
  9. Jurrunio

    What Can I Run?

    drop the texture quality so it doesnt break the VRAM buffer? You can check memory usage with software like HWinfo or MSI Afterburner btw
  10. WickedStarfish

    MSI Afterburner Question

    what does OCing the Mem Clock do? and what is a safeish OC for a 2070 Gaming Z In your opinion?
  11. you mean the stock fans are bad?

    HELP! Freezes with SSD + HDD

    And something i need to mention again, it doesn't happen that random, for example in pummel party, which has minigames, game will freeze in the beginning of the minigame after countdown, in cs sometimes when i leave the push to talk button etc. From what i've seen from other games it usually happens in sudden changes
  13. I applied 1.65V but the Dram frequency is still on 668
  14. mikegeek

    Help! I broke my web servers.

    If you're not all that good with Linux, I may recommend installing Plesk Oynx, it's cheap, it's got a web interface, and it doesn't really suck.
  15. I'm seeking out either a nuc or mini-pc (gigabyte brix poissbly?) to run ~ 14 VMs. I'm needing this to be a small mini-pc as it's location has very little room, and the existing tower must go (T110 II, 32G, E3-12xx series). Storage will be provided over NAS, but would like some M.2 SSD ~120G or greater internally. Looking to do this as cheap as possible (sub ~$500 CAD)
  16. CPU-Z reads the actual frequency of the memory (I/O bus clock) while the speed we typically talk about is the data rate, which is twice the I/O bus clock. You're already getting 1336
  17. _Hustler_One_

    Help me choose these small fans

    The Noctua NF-A8? I ask to any retailers here, this fan is out of stock, only the redux one is available. The Fractal Design fan is the most expensive among them all, wonder if it has any advantages over the others. Specs isnt better than NF-R8 tho.. Maybe I'm just overthinking about this
  18. As the title suggests, I have 2 fans taking in air. Normally Id just change them but as one is right above my cpu, id need to remove the cooler to change it. How important would it be for me to change the fans/ how dangerous is it to my pc to have bad airflow? Cheers.
  19. LogicalDrm

    LTT Should expand into development

    VR companies maybe. But Nvidia, AMD or Intel? Nope. And with VR its still more about getting compatibility/optimization so that game can be used to sell hardware. Would LMG be more likely to get that kind of support than complete newcomer? Maybe. But then we fall back into morality of Linus. Does he want to verify being shill for a VR company over others because they get hardware for testing purposes? Engines cost money. And I still don't see them being able to make a game in under 5 years even if they get almost all assets. Besides that, those games are kinda shitty imo. Games which are good usually have some good original ideas. LTT content hasn't have much of that recently. They would need to first hire good screenwriter and concept artist. Based on what? If you watch WAN Show, they talked about these things just in recent few (not this week, but week before for sure). FP is still losing money. Forum is losing money. Pretty much every bigger thing they do is about breaking even. Only their core operations are profitable. And those don't generate revenue fast enough to be able to support full development team that could be losing money for next 3+ years. I don't know, those things fall into trade secret department. I've only watched WAN and Luke has been talking about them coding new transcoding stuff for FP. Which is apparently rolled out now. "They don't have game devs/publishers as sponsors, so they don't have competition". Thats what I read from your post. Thats just odd way of saying it. They will have competition regardless. Competition overall is good anyway, which is why hardware companies don't aggressively trash each other. Not as long as there's now clear stealing of ideas/assets (Thermaltake vs CaseLabs few years ago). In games its even harder as when someone makes good game, everyone is copying it. Flappy Bird, Clash of Clans, DotA, what-ever-was-base-for-Heathstone, zombie games based on CoD mods, battlearena's based on zombie-survival games etc. etc. This part is still bit mystery. You are suggesting they would be running master server or actual game servers from office? Just for security part of it makes that bad idea. And if its matchmaking style multiplayer, then having single server is even worse idea. You want to have multiple servers to make them less stressed and keep pings smaller. Plus, if LMG would make a game, then I hope they wouldn't do anything that current major devs are doing with MP games. So no accounts (they could do optional accounts), dedicated servers and release files for those, actual demo version.
  20. OK I'll try that. But you see how it's set to 1333 in the bios but in windows the ram is at 668. Does the pcie frequency do anything too because its set to 100.
  21. Ben Quigley

    BOINC Pentathlon 2019

    I was going to make a Google forms for this today actually.
  22. What guide are you following and what errors are you getting? We can't really help you without any info. Also WSL at its current state is not designed nor suitable for that, yes there are workarounds but it's not worth the effort and it's better to run a VM.
  23. I too got the define R6, I actually meant to get the type C version. However, I made a mistake when I changed my mind on getting the Taichi x470 and instead got a x370 when it was up for bid on ebay. The x370 had everything I needed, I just missed the USB 3.1 gen 2 header. I saw the rear I/O port and ticked the box (has header). I know this post is old but by the power of google, I did find a possible solution with some caveats. Female USB 3.0 to Female USB 3.1 converter So I looked into this, if you are hoping the have fast data speeds, theoretically this combines two USB 3.0 ports (5 Gbit/s) into one 3.1 gen 2 (theory max 10Gbit/s). If you search for the model number on ebay, you can find it for sale. It's a bit pricey. The caveats are; 1. Will it really be fully data rate compatible. 2. For my use case I was hoping to use the Fractal Design R6's front 3.1 port to charge my phone. To do that "Rapidly" it has to be USB-PD compatible for sure this adapter is not turning the USB 5v standard at (maybe) 1.5 amps into USB-PD. I doubt even a dedicated motherboard like the Asrock Taichi x470 Ultimate has a header that supports USB-PD.. yet. So my thoughts on USB-C on this case were flawed.. Should have saved the money and got the non USB-C version. Ah Well... perhaps my next build's mobo will have the header and USB-PD. Perhaps, just for data the converter will do the trick if anyone does pick one up. Please do post and let us know if you get some thunderbolt like speeds out of that converter. I'd be curious. -Ben
  24. DRAM voltage, should be somewhere near core voltage setting
  25. Boki332

    What Can I Run?

    I bought the gtx 1060 3gb Zotac AMP! gpu and i was hoping for good fps in pubg, gta v, doom but it wasnt good and it was just stuttering. If you know some good games with good graphics for 3gb vram feel free to write it down. Thanks. My specs: Zotac Gtx 1060 3gb amp! I7 2600 3.4ghz 8gb ram ddr3 Corsair 550w 500gb HDD
  26. WickedStarfish

    MSI Afterburner Question

    i'm only new to OCíng, did my first CPU OC like last week. thats why i went the OC Scanner way
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