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  2. This is the best resource ever,4388.html so hd 530
  3. Well yeah it's expensive. It's a non rusted Miata
  4. there need to be shortcuts for stuff like this next rainmeter skin maybe? ltt notifications
  5. How about "don't provoke a war by exposing or violating the security of the private information of our citizens"?
  6. Hard to gauge how much potential buyers value warranties and potential issues, the OC and custom GPU loop could work either way, increasing or decreasing the value of the rig (due to voided warranties). The fact that it has been used does not help either, and the M.2 drives in RAID are known to have longevity/lifetime issues. Things like fittings are usually not figured into the budget when selling (in what I have seen) and flexible loops are known for failure over time due to porosity of the tubes. Overall I would say $2500 is what it is "worth" but the selling point would likely be around $2000-$2250 due to being used and loss of RMA possibility for CPU and GPU.
  7. One of the panels on the Amazon description has stand included and the other doesn't misread
  8. Snowball is nice, but the Samson Meteor I use now is a bit cheaper (at least when I got it) and sounds better imo. The Blue Yeti is a good choice if you're willing to spend more.
  9. How did you get the Gigabyte GTX 1070 to $338.83? When using the promo code, I get it down to like $350+.
  10. >Laughs at AMD stock >Only looks at one day >AMD stock is actually up over 3 times what it was a year ago kek
  11. Hey all, I want to upload some game replays because I'm a huge nerd but want to do so under an alias. I already have a Youtube account. Can I create an alias profile there?
  12. wait 4 fans? i don't think you need that much - get some rgb fans tho - also pls wait for ryzen
  13. Tried it, the cables are a mess. I wouldn't bother
  14. Not that cooler PLEASE Not that PSU too please? No SSD?? That monitor is so crappy that I wanna throw off, because I have it Wtf you are gonna do with 32GB of RAM?
  15. I have been running a pi for an ssh server for almost two years straight... Minus power outages, reboots, and internet going down.
  16. Blue snowballs are pretty good. I have the cheapest which is the Ice, and it has a plastic stand. It work but if you're rough with it, it will break. The one right above it (don't remember the name) has a metal stand, and then the Yeti is the best one they have (I think). They're all USB, use standard drivers (Don't need to install anything) and with with Audacity, skype, discord, all by default.
  17. I dunno, the title does say opinion. I'd be happy to change it if it seems clickbait-y.
  18. Resell the parts of the mobo that aren't broken. You can get a lot more for it this way, as you can sell the individual parts as repair parts.
  19. So like, do we pat AMD on the back like when a toddler learns to use the potty for the first time? huehuehue
  20. @bcredeur97 i kinda want this ... but its expensive
  21. It's an Intel I219V, hardly a waste of time trying to get onboard ethernet to work.
  22. To all the people talking about Volta, you do realize there's a big "Ti" in bold in the countdown right ? Anyway, I still don't understand why the 1080 Ti is released so late when Vega is coming and Nvidia is allegedly preparing either a Pascal refresh or Volta for the end of the year. I mean, I could be one of the potential buyer for a 1080 Ti as a 980 Ti owner but no one in their right mind would spend that much money on a GPU right now knowing what's coming. Plus, my 980 Ti has yet to fail me at 1440p soooo...
  23. have you tried contacting customer support?
  24. make a Ryzen build
  25. I love it when people start a thread with a question, but obviously have their own answer in their head and will refuse any evidence otherwise. This is just a guy pushing his opinion, not someone asking a question.
  26. Looking at INTC's market cap, I can't honestly believe that there are too many AMD fans running about. At least not BUYING things.
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