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  2. Thanks for those recommendations. I will check out the Superlux HD668B's and the Hifimans (with mic add-on) as an alternative. As far as a "gaming headset" is concerned, what are your thoughts on the other two i recommended?
  3. Because streaming, R1700
  4. Yeah I'm supposed to meet him today and test it at his place....
  5. I tried but the looser is like "I need to pay my rent"
  6. make sure your monitor is connected the GPU not the motherboard
  7. I already have a good mouse and keyboard for the blade Ok abt the FE cards, ill try to find a good one No abt the desktop, I need portability, I go to friend's houses often
  8. Ok and should I look for bike online or my local bike shop?
  9. Currently have a i5 4690k running at 4.5Ghz im gonna try to do some streaming debating if I should invest in 1700x or 7700k for gaming and streaming considering I would have to upgrade motherboard cpu and ram (only 16gb at 1600 ddr3) what would you suggest me to me to upgrade to? currently using a 1080ti thanks in advance
  10. The 373's did replace the 363's. I've never tried the GSP 300's. That being said the biggest immediate difference would be open backed vs closed backed. Ear cups are a bit different. I read the mic is louder on the the 373. In general if you are in a place where you can enjoy an open back the 373 has a lot better sound quality. I know I would struggle to go back to a lower quality headphone. I know you said you don't have the setup to really go xlr/usb mic and a set of audiophile headphones but this is a wonderful alternative all in one solution.
  11. I'm always looking for ways to improving my coding. My recently, I've been heavily focused on CodeFights. It's helped and I am pleased with the improvements given the time invested but I noticed that a TopCoder Single Round Match is coming up tonight (8pm my local time). I'm looking for insight on others' experience in doing this (or perhaps something like it). I doubt I'd place well -- especially for a first try. But you gotta start somewhere. Regardless, if you've tried this what was it like? Would you recommend it? or is it soul crushing as I imagine?
  12. Wethepeople Reason is a good place to start, good solid light bike.
  13. This System is very color matchy, maybe get something like an s340 to show off that sweet internals. I like the phanteks p300 to, that is only $20 more and has a full tempered glass sidepanel. It might even come with an rgb strip but im not sure.
  14. That's not necessarily a bad thing tbh. Ethereum/Zcash mining hasn't been shreding cards all that long, so if you can find them cheap enough, I'd call it legit. I'd say a lot of people would win out of a predicament like that. A market flooded with 1070s and 1060s f.ex means the used market value goes down. Even if it's a mining card, a cheap card is a cheap card. I think it offers a solution to the problem that the 500 series was supposed to be a complete replacement for the 400 series, and targeted consumers can't get a hold of the refreshed cards because of this. Maybe they're basically trying to divert them away from gaming cards. Hopefully it works. Yeah, between that and the memory shortage, it's a really bad time to build a system, sadly. Here's hoping. That being said, this is helping profit margins as usual, so public outrage aside, people are making money, for better or for worse.
  15. This BenQ is a really good choice it meets all your requirements just under you budget
  16. Well, that's probably the reason why they used the top-end (at the time) prosumer GPU available. Hard to benchmark with two GPUs as some benchmarking tools and games don't support multi-gpu setups, unless you meant two separate, different GPUs.
  17. Everyone in this thread focusing on the CPU and which CPU he should get.... it doesn't really matter which CPU he gets as whatever it is will be limited by the performance of a 1050ti. anything over a Pentium G4560/R3 would be largely wasteful unless he intends an upgrade to the GPU in the near future. Don't let me tell you that your build is "wrong" or anything... You should spend your money on whatever makes you happy... PC building is not always all about price:performance for everyone... but if that is your goal, you are overspending in some areas and underspending in others which would results in lower overall gaming performance. You should be aiming for something a little more like this: A build like that would give you vastly superior graphical settings with comparable framerates in the majority of situations compared to your original build as well as an SSD to help out with your OS navigation. That build is a guideline since I don't have any way to price out anything in Estonia, so you will need to fill in some of the blanks on your own. Its also worth noting that the RX 580 8GB in the build above could usually be had for much cheaper, but due to supply/demand with all the etherium mining going on, prices have gone up. You could wait for them to come back down before buying, and maybe even R3 will be out by then and you could take a look at those as that lineup should be quite promising for budget gaming. Also in your pricerange, I could recommend looking into the used market if there is anything available where you live. it shouldn't be too hard to find some decent gaming components with some slightly older hardware in order to save yourself some money, although you would need to know what you're looking for.
  18. Razer blade is quite light and powerful, just look at the LTT review. the FE Airflow is not really that great. It can be better in certain cases, but in case of a Core i wouldn't recommend it. The reason you see FE everywhere on Youtube is because it has a certain consistency on it. There are way better, faster and quieter cards available. Also, that mouse is mostly rubbish. I'd recommend the Logitech MX Master (2S) if you want a good mouse, if you don't already own a decent mouse. If I were you I'd invest in a desktop instead of the surface and use the blade for portability. But it's your money to burn away (and it's a lot of money).
  19. Dont pay $100 for windows 10, Pauls hardware has a video about how to get keys for very cheap only about 20$, then just install if from any old usb drive.
  20. I do not recommend HyperX Cloud / Cloud II / CloudX because it has a small soundstage, bad imaging and it sounds very muddy. A much better option for a similar price is Superlux HD668B with velour earpads from HiFiMAN and Antlion ModMic 4. The headphones have a big soundstage, very accurate imaging and good clarity and detail retrieval. Soundstage is perceived space and environment of sound. It determines whether the sound is perceived to be coming from inside your head or beyond the drivers and around you. It can be compared to virtual surround sound; both attempt to produce the same spacious, three-dimensional effect. Imaging determines how accurately sounds/objects are positioned. Other options for gaming: Headphones: Audio-Technica ATH-AD500x Philips SHP9500 Samson SR950 Sennheiser HD558 Sennheiser HD518 Superlux HD-681 EVO Mics: Massdrop MiniMic Neewer Clip on Mini Lapel Microphone Sony ECMCS3 V-MODA BoomPro Zalman ZM-Mic1
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  22. so I come from a background of skateboarding and mountain biking and I was wondering if I should get into bmx and also where and what kind of bmx bike do I get. Also is bmx as fun as it looks? On places like YouTube it really seems like it would be really fun.
  23. yeah, you're right. Since I am not buying it until vega comes out, let's hope that samsung launches their models by then
  24. A few months ago, I had purchased an rx 480 8gb to be used in a future build, for reasons that are too long to explain, I still haven't manadged to find the time to get the rest of the parts and do the build. I was wondering how much I would get for selling/trading the graphics card, and would it be worth it, ie enough to upgrade to a 1070 or a better rx vega or nvidia volta since cryptocurrency mining has recently meant that literally everyone wants a rx card but can't get one, Im still under 40 posts and therfore not allowed to use the classifieds forum, I'd appreciate if anyone could advise me on weather it is worth selling and how much I would get.
  25. Im curious, why three routers? CCNA prep or leftovers? Plus which routers
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