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  2. Final Part List!!!!

    get a CX450 instead of the cx430.
  3. With Navi they may catch up but it will have huge power draw
  4. $1500ish Build Help - including monitor, OS

    First off, thanks for the replies! Not planning to reuse parts outside of an SSD, PSU and CPU cooling. Loop will literally be transplanted from one system to the next, tubing runs and all since it is going into the exact same case, just with TG window this time. I'm open to other TG cases that have room for a 240 rad and pump res combo. Eventually I plan to upgrade this loop with a D5 pump, drainage ports and hardline tubing. I am going to attempt a clean install of windows on this old machine. If that fails, I will format and part out things best I can. If the clean install succeeds, I'll keep this old PC as a basic to mid level machine and probably sell the GPU only to recoup a bit of cash, then buy a low end GPU to keep this rig functioning as the i7 875K has no on board graphics at all. Hypothetical at this point, and I'm not banking on either outcome affecting this new rig. I like the Ryzen path more than Intel due to cost, but if Coffee lake is going to outperform it in some game loads, it might be worth it. I am NOT a fanboy of either platform at this point, although I am salty at Intel due to the last year of shenanigans. Forgot to mention that I primarily play Arma 3, so single-core, high clock performance is very important. While I am sick of intel's shenanigans tbh and know that Ryzen will at least use the same socket for the next gen processors from what I've heard. Coffee Lake will undoubtedly not use the same socket as Cannonlake, so upgrade path will really be the same as my current rig was - nonexistent. HOWEVER, Arma 3 favors single core performance and higher clocks in general, so Kaby or Coffee Lake really is the way to go here. Issue is there is no Coffee i5K-sku available, the i7 8700K is way out of budget at nearly $400, I could get a 7800X for that price (lol, no)... 7700k or 1700X both are $299 at MicroCenter. 1600X is $219 7600K is $199. Now that I think about it, the cooling, PSU and one SSD will come out of my current build, that would be the one with games only on it. So I can save some money there and get a better CPU or GPU. I will for sure go with a 2TB bulk storage solution. I can get a cheaper PSU for my current rig if I end up keeping it. Why the lack of M.2? Pure overkill? I thought everyone was doing those over SSDs now. (Been out of the build game for a few years). I will for sure look at that monitor since it is IPS and saves a good chunk of change. I don't play enough FPS games to warrant an over 60hz monitor anyhow. I've seen 120hz in person and they are nice though. Looks like $1500 is not really doable on paper, but might be when all is said and done. The final PCPP will probably be higher. Here's what i came up with if I make just about every compromise I can and keep the 8700K. The motherboard is kinda hard to pin down for now, but I would err on the side of premium rather than middle of the road - I've learned my lesson there. Seems some of the other Asus boards are no good based on reviews from respected industry folks. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/9TrDtJ
  5. Threadripper system not responsive?

    does it do this without the internet connected? does task manager show any usage on any system device?
  6. Dual monitor, No display issue

    The monitors would have to be Thunderbolt in order to Daisy chain.
  7. Threadripper system not responsive?

    Ive left it on a few nights now to see if that was indeed the issue but not luck
  8. Thoughts on Build?

    https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/list/XqBjm8 I designed this PC for myself. Please share any thoughts or suggestions in the comments. I am going to use this PC for basic recording, rendering, basic editing, and gaming.
  9. Threadripper system not responsive?

    the machine might be very laggy on fresh windows 10 installs as windows itself will use all system resources trying to update the machine.
  10. So i got my hands on a 2013 macbook pro with a broken screen and i figured i could put it to some use (my idea was to just get it set up as a desktop for my younger sister as a Christmas present) So I hooked it up to a second monitor and mashed command+f1 to get it running on the second monitor. Luckily, it worked but obviously it was password protected so i booted it up into the recovery mode to reinstall the OS. (im not much of a mac guy so I was kinda winging it) So I deleted the main partition and went to reinstall OSX but that didn't want to work so i decided to restart and try again. and now i can't even get into the recovery mode so im kinda stumped
  11. Multiple Networks

    nah, just start typing random commands into the console, eventually you will get the right one, and in the right order.
  12. High spec system is not very responsive?!?

    yeah it has a weird name on this chipset right?
  13. Zotac mini gtx 1050 ti (non oc version) overclocking help required

    System have flicker some time and frame drop happen every now and then. Best example to this gta 5 the game i play alot ,run at 60 fps before oc and after oc it run at 64 fps and frame drop happen And i use msi afterburner for oc
  14. just informing... i was under the impression that you thought it was a torsen.. but I guess not. ...moving on then.
  15. High spec system is not very responsive?!?

    That's weird, not sure what could be causing this... maybe defective RAM? Run a Memtest over night perhaps...
  16. Getting more consistent performance in games.

    Game Mode where? The Xbox App? Where would I find Fast Startup? Edit: Found Game Mode, Game Bar, and Xbox DVR.
  17. High spec system is not very responsive?!?

    xmp enabled?
  18. Should I wait for Volta?

    Eh probably
  19. can i put normal ram in a server?

    It is not recommended. I always use RAM on the tested/validated list for the server board.
  20. new member, hi :)

    Hello, person. I am Jake, and I will be your less than scrupulous tour guide.
  21. Windows 10 Insider Topic

    just figured it out. i was using English(Malaysia)-us keyboard. switched to English us(us keyboard) and pressing either win+. or win+; key works.
  22. Anti virus(free) for windows 10

    Yeah, like I said: common for free antivirus. AVG is like that too.
  23. Zotac mini gtx 1050 ti (non oc version) overclocking help required

    I have oc my graphic card to 200 mhz 500mhz to memory but its not stable
  24. Am I missing something, why is XAMPP needed to install a driver? XAMPP is meant for setting up a quick and dirty dev environment for the LAMP stack.
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