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  2. My Gpu never exceeds power 60% usage even tho its says 100% Gpu Usage. Is this normal?
  3. I can back all of his claims (except removable handle simply because I've never tried but I was pretty sure you could anyways) One day I will definitely move my system to a smaller case, and it will be hard to say goodbye. It's like your first girlfriend. She wasn't perfect, but you learned a lot and there was still something magical, and she will always hold a part of your heart even if she did end up being a bit of a bitch in the end. OP already picked himself up a used S340 for $20 though Side note I like all the white. It's like a reverse Snow Edition!
  4. No, fullcover blocks are def. only used in custom loops.
  5. Try setting the IP on the PC to: DNS Settings: The config will look like this:
  6. what gpu do you have?
  7. then he is fine
  8. ok cheers so 100 was too much of a jump straight away? ill give it ago with +10 each time thanks do i need to do anything with voltage.
  9. As I said multiple times, google has a right to do this (assuming they don't have contractual obligations that say otherwise, and that will have to be verified) and it's not censorship. However, it is stupid. I fully expect telegram to be thrown under the bus for the same reason at this point, and it doesn't make any sense. Now, if anyone really cares about private messaging they can still get APKs for both these apps online, so what does this accomplish? The apps themselves don't expose the users to any first party political propaganda, so why should anyone need to be "protected" from them by google's curation?
  10. Are there any AIO gpu coolers that also watercool the VRM and VRAM and that work with aftermarket gpus as well? The air cooling solution with something like the NZXT G10/G12 with putting on some small heatsinks is still really bad and the Corsair HGs are not available for non FE cards, do you have any suggestions? IF there actually isnt such a solution and I would have to use a custom waterblock for the card (EKWB has one for the aorus gtx 1080 ti) would it be possible to run a custom loop without a reservoir? thanks in advance, Tiwaz
  11. Yes, but have you checked if they're disabled or not was the question. Overwatch also capped me at 60 when I didn't select 144hz in the dropdown resolution. Alternatively, recording software can cap the fps. Rivatuner server aswell. Make sure none of them are running. Including WinDVR or some shitty nvidia overlay.
  12. its
  13. Download MSi Afterburner and Heaven Benchmark, run Heaven(max out fps here doesn't matter just stress the GPU) for 5 minutes for every +10 core clock you put checking for stability, stop when it not longer is stable then repeat with +10 on memory, when done save as profile 1 and apply on start up and you're done.
  14. Always, vsync has never been on any game of mine nor a frame capping
  15. I think the difference is in the cooler and design. Dell use PNY branded graphics card in their OEM solution. Double check which has the better warranty, that can be a huge deal after purchase.
  16. I had a feeling it kept going into safe mode, since when I was using EVGA XOC it would go from my overclock to below the what it was originally to a 605/505 ratio
  17. The GE72VR is getting replaced with the GE73VR anyway. It's more likely that he'll be reviewing that.
  18. Have you disabled vsync and the framecap?
  19. Love the star wars frames. Where did you get them from?
  20. The OP already has an i7? The 4790K is still a very good CPU.
  21. First troubleshooting step with fps issues is DDU in safe mode and reinstall drivers fresh new.
  22. Flash drive a type c flash drive?
  23. Update: Its been ages hasent it? So, this is just a small update. No work has been done, no major breakthrogs or anything but i thought id note down a few things, mainly the shopping list! PSU: SilverStone SFX ST30SF 300W GPU: Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1050 Ti OC LP LED strip: Ebay orange led strip The LED strip is already ordered and finding this 1050TI from Gigabyte was great because it has dual HDMI outputs and a DVI which are the display standards i actiually use, its also nice to know that 300W is enough power for this system and that PSU should be of decent quality so unless anyone knows its garbage im getting it. This should all be bought the 27nd so early september it should be done so it will be done by the time of the NTI Halloween LAN which i will be atending like i did last year. Its great that i can afford both finishing this project AND Northern Bee at the same time and still haveing some money over! thanks for reading this short update and now you can know that this project will continue pretty soon!
  24. I think it's been divide and conquer since sometime in the late 2000's/early 2010's
  25. yes, but if you play BF1, you should really have an i7
  26. Ryzen 7 1700 OC (4.00ghz) + 32 GB Ram 2133 + Gtx 1080 Ti OC (2.00ghz) My build when Im playing games is having a hard time and I dont understand, one moment I will be playing overwatch and it my frames use to be higher at around 240 fps and now has dropped to around 60 fps and is capping around that area and not budging to go any higher
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