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  2. RGB strip 5v

    Since your board only has regular 12V (4pin) RGB headers you won't be able to use addressable LED's. This would be a compatible plug and go solution. https://cablemod.com/product/cablemod-widebeam-magnetic-rgb-led-strip-60cm/
  3. Which of these PSUs is better?

    The PSU is probably going to be illrevalent after 7 years.
  4. Actually Professional companies (like Intel, AMD, Nvidia) have 10's or 100's or 1000's of hired guns that have PHD's in public communication. They would release press releases saying they love everybody including snowflakes and aliens. And you as the consumer wouldnt think its out of the ordinary, because consumers are brainwashed and highly in debt. Its easy to persuade the consumer.
  5. Trying to make my TV smart

    With Amazon blocking the competitors from using Amazon-website (no listing for google chromecast products are allowed, placing there own products in search about some products of competitors, etc.) for sales using there products is a ethical no.
  6. Cheap CPU For Streaming and Gaming!

    Amd will give you an upgrade kit hopefully it should be already upgraded tho
  7. Best Bluetooth Peripherals?

    I have a psychotic hatred for wires. Mouse? (Logitech G602 actually looks quite nice) Keyboard? (Are there any mechanical keyboards that are wireless and not atrociously large) Gaming Headset? (Any good wireless ones that still have good audio quality)
  8. Life is so short and precious. We should enjoy the time we have however we want. And yet we're required to go to school for over 13 years of our lives.

  9. Query about second hand Gigabit Switch

    I will buy the one you suggested. Thanks again.
  10. So is my loop configured correctly pump to cpu to gpu and back to reservoir ?
  11. In need of a GPU or CPU Upgrade?

    There were firmware problems with this card originally. Your tech is good so as long as your coolers are free of dust and there arn't any funny programs grabbing at the card Id say update the firmware and tweek a little so see if you can get the two to work together better.
  12. DNS Superstar

    My thoughts exatly. That's what i would have done if i had a public DNS server aswell
  13. They tried to do so in 2012-2013 back when people still needed more expansions, thermals were much worse and disc drives were still popular. They didn't execute it well, but this does not mean it can't be done better in the future. That's the problem. There's two extremes here. Compact PC's can be beautiful and lavish, but most of the compact cases are generic and bland. There's no reason we can't have more PC's like this. Nice! We can at least push for space-efficient ATX. I agree ATX is great for the extra PCI-E slots, but even in that, there's a ton of a wasted space. But the number of expansions needed will lessen over time. USB-C is very versatile and will be standard in a few years. Storage is less of an issue with higher capacity drives and cloud storage. Bluetooth will reduce our dependence on more ports. USB 3.0/C Wifi should be good enough to where PCI-E Wifi is no longer needed. A lot of things we thought we needed 5 years ago, PC's already do without a need for expansion. I'm not saying ATX will be obsolete, but rather if people were given a fair choice, I don't think 90% would go ITX. Fan loudness is also an issue. 120mm fans are louder than 140mm. However, with less power consumption, that is slowly becoming a non-issue. There is still that "bigger is better" fallacy in which people think they need 600w power supplies. You are right though. Power supplies are unnecessarily big and heavy out of tradition. I'm not saying desktop PC's can be directly compared to laptops and tablets, but to see the progress they've made and to say that the desktop market can't adopt any of it is just hard to believe. It's not cheaper to make nor cheaper in raw materials, but Mini ITX is expensive. Cases like the Loque Ghost S1 cost $200. Cases like the Node 202 cost $90. There are few to no ITX cases for $50-60 that are actually compact and don't look ugly as sin. There are very few cases that take SFX as it is. The EVGA Hadron Air was a great case, but you're right; it was introduced during a time when the market wasn't ready for it yet. Right now, there are $60-80 motherboards for ATX and MATX. But for ITX, there aren't any under $110. Most if not all SFX PSU's are over $90-100+. All around, the cost of going for a compact case will easily cost $100-200 more. For budget builds, this is undoable. For mid-range build, it means you'll be sacrificing in processing power opporttunity cost. PC building itself is a niche. Either way, tech is moving in this direction. At the moment, there are some sacrifices that must be made to achieve ITX, even if they're not a lot. But eventually, processors will become energy efficient enough to where the PC market will basically be forced into small form factors. NVidia and Intel are eyeing at the laptop and tablet market; they are designing their next-gen technology with this in mind.
  14. I can hear noises coming from it
  15. Windows 10 Game Mode

    UWP Games benefits the most of Game Mode, which is enabled by default. As for the rest, it really depends on the game. If the game is multi-processed, it may have a performance drop, as it allocates resources to the process that is in front of you, that displays image and reduce prioritization of all other processes, including the games very own back processes, unless Microsoft put the game in its compatibility list to know and add the other processes of the game. If the game is single process it will benefit you more. The point of game mode for UWP games is that it removes a lot of layers so that the game runs closer to the hardware like Win32 made games. The point of game mode for Win32 games is that it if you have multiple programs or a program doing things on the back, the game performance impact is reduced. This can also benefit weaker hardware that has trouble handling the OS on the back and the game. If you tend to close everything on the back before playing a game, Game Mode will result in no performance benefits.
  16. Computer Stutter: I:E Playing games

    This is been happening recently, and I previously had no problems running my usual programs, but for example I have been able to run over watch at a very high setting, at 70+ constantly. Now I still run at 70+ but i keep experiencing a lot of stutter whenever i play dropping down to 10 frames constantly, and experiencing stuttering in other Triple A game title's . Away from games I find that running programs now take even longer to load up. I checked my Task Manager and found out my disk was running at a constant 100%, but later fixed it, and to my luck didn't solve anything. Help? Thank you ! I once downloaded a extension for my google homepage, and that when the problems have started. maybe that's the culprit? My Pc Specs: GPU: GTX 1050ti CPU: Ryzen 5 1600x
  17. Screen tearing using a TV

    OK, I'll give that a shot.
  18. Best parcel forwarding service (Hong Kong to India)

    I ordered $5000 worth of goods, and I was charged $800. Basically what happened was I had a guy I hired independently to look over the merchandise, he took pictures to send to me so I could approve the process. He was my hired middle man, he spoke great english. Once I approved everything then the company https://www.tiptrans.com/ took over the process and it was seamless and went without a hitch.
  19. Screen tearing using a TV

    In Nvidia Control Panel, make sure that Triple Buffering is enabled as well as Adaptive Sync.
  20. Cyborg Dragon

    gg. It's gonna be a blast.
  21. Will I benefit from Ryzen?

    Thanks for clearing that up.
  22. Query about second hand Gigabit Switch

    Id personally spend the extra buck for a name brand box, these cheap ones can be pretty bad.
  23. Guess who don't have this problem...? This is the issue: how long should they license (pay) a song to include in a game released once? Can you imagine watching the original Star Wars and find it has no music, because the licensing from John Williams expired so the songs got deleted from your copy? The way it was licensed in the first place, and this constant overwriting of software products we are getting accustomed to is getting out of hand fast. And some people even call it "a feature"...
  24. Trying to make my TV smart

    Just plug it into your PC...?
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