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  2. New at PC build

    I think i5 8400 would be good enough.
  3. New at PC build

    Lol, how do I make one
  4. JOKES

    Why can't you bring a Pokémon with you to the bathroom? Because it might pikachu.
  5. Keyboard

    Hey guys i was just wondering idk if ihave askeed this already but i have a keyboard a cheap mechanical one with outemu blue switches it says that the switches of this keyboard are swappable but can i change them with any other outemu switches the keyboard is :eagle z-77 and if i can i want to know what is better reds or browns thanks
  6. New at PC build

    not a perma link either <3
  7. Gaming mouse under $30

    I think a palm grip mouse would do you best
  8. Which gpu is better

    1060 is on another level...it's a small and very efficient chip.
  9. even online ppl dont answer me 😩

    Benq because they look normal. Asus look cringy with their ROG style.
  10. New at PC build

  11. click the gray button that says wifi and wait a minute.
  12. New phone time

    Where can we buy unlocked phones in Canada?
  13. New at PC build

    That's not a good plan, because if you wait a few short months, when the new GPUs come out you get more performance for the same price, or should anyways. Like for the price of the GTX 1080, you'd get 1080ti levels of performance and in the mean time you can game just fine on the APU
  14. New at PC build

    thats not a permalink
  15. I'd get 2200G because the iGPU makes it easy to troubleshoot
  16. New at PC build

    i7 8700, alternatively i5 8400 if you want to save money.
  17. I wanna see Luke more often. Also when you fade away from Linus for product shot and you got that purple haired womans nail polished hands.
  18. What do people use home servers for?

    Why home lab? because its dope as shit and cheap as fuck! Get proxmox and mass deploy them VMs Get openVPN and nomachine so you can remote into those VMs from remote locations Get pihole and say goodbye to all ads! (LTT hates him!) Set up a caching only DNS server to surf your favorite sites faster! Set up game servers and voice chat servers Set up sickrage and auto download shows! Set up a plex server with your openVPN credentials so you can stream your plex remotely! Create a sensible backup strategy! Create a PFsense router and configure them vlans for a neat network. Set up a DMZ vlan and configure your wireless network to operate on the DMZ Miss anything boiz? Download CBT nuggets RHCSA (or other cert) course and do the labs at home before taking the cert! EDIT: Forgot one. Set up a TV tuner, a PVR backend and mist server so you can create RTMP streams then access these streams by logging into your VPN.
  19. lol, the hype. By the time most of us on current Ryzen actually needs an upgrade, the gen at the time will destroy Zen+. See ya in 3ish years when I upgrade again for some mad gainz bro.
  20. Red Hydrogen One Phone

    Yeah, you're right. But I really want that phone with interchangeable camera with RedCode format being supported, and we all know that red cameras are the best.
  21. New at PC build

    By 8700. You mean i5 or i7?
  22. Overclock advice

    Have you maxed out the power limit? 2GHz is already a good result. If it crashes then you need to back off a bit. Also you can OC the memory.
  23. how would this build fare?

    what is vrms?
  24. Older GTA games

    Yes I almost bought those as well, but I forget how much dinero they were. I've been playing 3 and I dig it on the PC, I have GTAV on Playstation and I never liked it, kids dont play it either because of the violence. --------------------------- I found out that WASD I can use or the arrows, but I need to use 2 hands for movement one on keyboard one on mouse, it will just take time to get used to it. Whats the average time it takes to finish these games?
  25. how would this build fare?

    that board has bad VRMs, get the Z370-A or extreme4 instead.
  26. Prices are for once a lot better in Aus than US 580 $450 1060 $450 1070 $750 1080 $900 1080ti $1150 These are starting prices but have seen the odd card even cheaper. I bet you could import a card back to the USA and still be Infront.
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