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  2. I'm pretty sure but not 100% sure. When I flashed my 7950 to work in a mac it had dual BIOS and I didn't even know it so it worked on both mac and PC after I flashed it. I never specified or switched the switch on the card so I assume it flashes one and the other is a factory default one.
  3. not impossible but hard to believe the clockspeeds would be that low. Would expect them to be similar to Polaris. if it is true i wish they had provided 4k performance instead, or at least 1440p. 1080p isn't so relevant in this segment.
  4. Would it be possible to gut the system and just put it in my old thermaltake v3?
  5. More like 30 minutes
  6. I do mix with speakers but not monitors, I can't afford those right now and I live in a house full of people so mixing with speakers is not easy. The Yamaha HS7/HS8 is on my purchase list but right now, something to drive my HD650 and the Magni 2 looks like a great option right now.
  7. Can't move to another ISP.. and TunnelBear will only give me 500 MB which I'll burn through in 1 day lol.
  8. In that case, yes, you can do everything you want to with the SFF case. It's entirely likely that you damage something while making Swiss cheese of the case so it fits a 580, an ATX PSU and a 212 EVO, thus making the whole exercise a waste of time and money when you could have just bought a tower and been in a minimal risk plug-and-play situation.
  9. I would but im a noob. I do have a dual bios though so if i do fuck up i can always revert. Quick question though, can you flash the gpu bios that isnt in use?
  10. can someone help me with offset oc with a msi z270 sli pro and i7-7700k (im new and want to learn how) Thanks, Christian
  11. If that's all they've managed after all this time, then there's no hope for AMD.
  12. I have never seen copper plating in an engine bay before. It looks amazing!
  13. Sorry. I should've mentioned the items I get at Walmart are food. Like frozen pizza for example. Please wait notification? Does the 2DS (I assume that's what you mean by slab) have a problem running Pokemon Moon?
  14. You wanna BIOS mod?
  15. I have barely no idea about networking and things like that BUT it seems like Comcast is somehow making the connection to that game servers laggy or bad. Since they don't know where you are connecting to when using the VPN they can't block it. 2 possible options imo: - Go to another ISP - TUNNELBEAR !!! (vpn)
  16. This reads like one of those weird blogs on the depths of the internet where you aren't sure if a bot or a human wrote this... I don't know what's going on.
  17. monitor

    looks cool but too expensive for my taste, i rather have a duel or triple monitor than a single giant monitor setup.
  18. Image result for duran duran decade


    I love you, Duran Duran, but what is even going on in this album cover? Left guy predicts Kenpachi from Bleach, middle guy gave a thumps up that actually took off, and right guy looks like he's itching his inner thigh...

  19. I agree. You're going through a lot of effort to save $30.
  20. its not the default thing for the modem my internet provider blocks that and redirects me to this
  21. Hey, it's not my job to figure this shit out. Can someone tag Linus and Luke in this?
  22. Yeah will be going back to the store later and get a new one. My current build uses less than 350 watts in total, i'm notbsure of the exact numbers but it is less than 400 watts im sure of that. Core i5 4460 Gtx 750ti Asus vanguard b85 Avexir core series 1600mhz 2 x 4gb Seasonic evo 520w frostwin cpu cooler 2 hard drives Optical drive 4 case fans
  23. So i got pretty lucky with my rx 480 and its currently running at 1412 (i had to 1 up the 580) up from 1266. Ive curerntly got +96mv on the core and want to go higher. Its pretty hard to kill a gpu when going up by 10 mv but i cant seem to go any higher. Can you lend me a hand? Thanks!
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