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  2. Guys Brooksie might be going somewhere with this, since laws don't prevent the transaction from taking place we should just remove laws, drugs - legal, murder- sure why not, afterall the law against murdering a individual never stopped someone from being murdered so why have it? We should just remove the entire justice system and put blame on the parents itself because it's not the government's job discipline anyone... All jokes aside... I am really curious on what you propose the parents do to discipline their children you being a parent and all... What would you do that would make the child think of their actions? Beat them, starve them for a week, lock them in a basement for a year because taking away their video games for a week is not going to do jack sh!t. Life is life, even if you sit down with your child and explain the goods, the bads life is still going to test them whether it's peer pressure, feelings or just the stress of going through new changes to their bodies and lifestyle. Do you really think the children/teenagers need addiction issues added to their plate as well?
  3. My game is rendering partly black

    I would blame CPU if temps were high. Go to AMD official website and download their automatic detection software for updating. Its very simple and it will tell you anytime you have updates. Since what you are saying indicates you likely have VERY outdated drivers - Im guessing this will be your problem.
  4. System wont bot and not detecting any SSD's

    Even if it's been in use before, once you put it in a different system, you may need to partition it again for windows to detect it
  5. NVMe questions

    honestly, 4x PCIe is overkill for home users. Considering the 2x PCIe are as expensive as SATA drives of the same capacity, i would HIGHLY recommend a 2x PCIe NVMe drive over say a 960 Evo.
  6. Potential Bottleneck in my first build? Need some advice!

    @eth_jones If your GPU is @100%, and your CPU isn't, there may be a GPU bottleneck (preliminary analysis). Try a better CPU cooler first, to see if CPU thermal-throttling is causing an issue. If that doesn't fix it, try adding a GTX 1060 6GB to the mix.

  8. I have a full time corporate job data mining, and own a storefront business in the same town (MMA gym) - My work doesn't care what I do as long as I get my work done so I don't have an issue there, I can take calls etc - but I try to hide as much as possible of course because I don't want to be accused of abusing anything. So it was really only possible because I have a business partner so we could share the burden.
  9. bricked 1050ti

    ill try
  10. System wont bot and not detecting any SSD's

    yeah the first SSD was my boot drive for a few years and the other SSD has windows installed and being used on a working PC, the SSD is not new and has been in use without any problems until now
  11. No it's just that he's done shitty things, its not about his content. It's not for me, but I think a lot of people like it. It's how he became popular after all. To remind you of something- the robbers (if real) were likely familiar with his videos and studied them. A while ago when LTT was in the house, they had one video with one shot outside not showing much, and using that I was able to find his real address for fun. Literally just by having a general area, then identifying features in housing editions around him and narrowing down. I knew I was right as when I searched the address I found that someone else found it first. I've never been to his area, let alone Canada. Commercial space is easy to find even if his address was not public, and the video basically provide them with a picture of where everything is and they knew whats worth money. If it's a real robbery is was a targeted attack not random. It was really nice of them to sweep and dust the tables.
  12. Is this Build OK?

    SSD's are great all around but then you get those speed demon snobs who are like, huehuehue I boot up in 2 seconds, your 10-15 second boot up is for peasants. 10-15 seconds for a complete boot up isn't even that bad. Some people just have no patience lol. To OP: your life will change with an ssd
  13. H100 v2 Temp too high?

    Yo thank you so much for the help, I didn't know the difference between DC and PWM. Problem solved, again thank you so much
  14. My game is rendering partly black

    im not sure if this is abot my gpu+ i dont know where to find drivers i have R5-310
  15. College or work?

    Really? Your university/college has two deoartments/school and they are either nursing or engineering?
  16. Dpi

    My mouse has a on-the-fly DPI switch.. what does it mean?? How should i use it??? What dpi should i use.. 800 or 1200 or 1600??
  17. Ventilation may be an issue. Any thoughts on including the gpu in the cooling loop?
  18. Zip Files to SAVE STORAGE VOLUME ??

    Nothing special about sending them vs. archiving. You can zip/rar/etc files you don't regularly need just to save space, yes. You can also enable "compress this drive" in Windows, but I haven't tested how much it does or what the performance impact is. It largely depends on the type of files you are dealing with. If you are compressing JPGs, which are already compressed files, sure, there will barely be any difference in total size. If you are compressing TXTs, on the other hand, I can assure you that you may have billions of files and still compressing them will dramatically reduce their total size.
  19. Sony Announces The PlayStation Classic

    The Genesis Flashback is going to be complete garbage since it will be made by AtGames. Their previous Genesis clones have all had horrendous sound, slow emulation, terrible mushy button controllers, and only composite video out with mono sound.
  20. He has done many shady things over the years. Giveaways but blocks the winner on twitter, has promoted a shady streambox and some more things. Some one posted bunch of reddit links earlier, look into it.
  21. If it only occurs when watching a brown noise test video, why would you care? (unless you really like listening to brown noise of course)
  22. bricked 1050ti

    Contact EVGA anyway, give them the serial number of the card and if you're lucky they'll accept it for RMA.
  23. bricked 1050ti

    neither did I when i bought my 1080ti from a friend.
  24. System wont bot and not detecting any SSD's

    have you partitioned the new ssd?
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