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  2. if i only had the 2060s and 5700xt as options id hands down go with the 5700xt, just me. but thats just how much you value the features, i can afford a 2070 super and the marginal fps boost is nice but im just considering if any of the new features would have any use for me
  3. according to task manager there is no data tranfered, the disk is empty now and it still sits at 100%. I dont know any benchmarks for disks, but I was running fine in the last system
  4. 9600kf tower cooler 2 in 2 exhaust, my cpu is 34 @ idle, and my gpu is @ 29 when idle. are these temps good, or too cold?
  5. any capable card will work, however if you are looking for high fps you might suffer a light penalty from pci-e 2.0
  6. In the market for a new pair of headphones ( mostly for gaming) and was wondering if anyone had some suggestions? Im also kind of looking at the ad 700x from audio technica vs the dt 990 600 ohm from beyerdynamic. If anyone has any experience with these, which would be better for gaming?
  7. Hi, my Omen 15-ce020ng has caused my some trouble recently. One core is always at 100% usage when cold booting, after a restart it is mostly fixed. Now I want to reinstall Windows 10 Home, to see if it fixes that. But the last time I did that and installed the drivers directly from the HP website, all the fucking bloatware was installed as well. Is there a way to install all drivers without the bloatware, or just dont install it at all? I really dont have much experience concerning notebooks, so I need some help here
  8. Don't buy such an expensive case for a trash build. If you dont want a trash build scrap the case and get like a $60 case and get 16gb of ram instead and get the 2600. Also get a WD blue 1tb hard drive because 256gb ssd is full so fast because os is already 60gbish and fortnite is like 30-40 so ur at 100 then everything else.
  9. R001

    Upgrade or not ?

    It's kind of you to help, thanks! yes I know it is old but purchasing is out of the picture right now so I want to do whatever is possible for me,I watched the performance monitor and CPU (AMD E-300 <---crap) was at 99% most of the time but I said RAM too because is 4GB is not fully seen by 64bit OS and I know it's not enough so it must be contributing too but not much is visible on performance monitor so mainly CPU. 1. I scanned PC with malwarebytes 2. I removed software from start up like Power DVD and Camera and wild tangent software and disabled anything non critical 3. I removed some apps from metro that show news and gif of wallpapers 4. I adjusted power management to always use performance even on battery 5. In advanced system settings I chose performance option and disabled all visual enhancements except fonts I read that windows 10 is better compared to windows 8 but that could be only correct with good specs not old laptop but I am not sure, that is why I posted my question I have doubts about Norton End point being heavy but I am just not sure compared to latest AVG. I know it's a lost cause but if you have more ideas how to enhance performance let me know
  10. You seem to like animals. How about the owl cafe in Tokyo where you can pet real owls. I believe they also started a raccoon cafe.
  11. This can be thought of as a string replacement system. Since you mention that you can have rules of the form AB -> C, or more generally, <input0 ... inputn> := <output0 ... ouputn> you are looking for Context Sensitive systems. Are you sure you're looking for a context sensitive system, or in other words, is the tuple (A, B) really two tokens or is it the single token AB, which is unique from either A or B? In your case, you have a production rule like A -> B. A is known as the predecessor, and B is known as the successor. You then have a production rule B -> C. There is no production rule for C, so C is known as a terminal character (trivially, this is the Identity property, or simply C -> C). As long as you only have one production rule per token, or per tuple of tokens in the case of context-sensitive systems, then your system is deterministic. If you have multiple rules, like A -> B and A -> C, then you have a non-deterministic system. What you can do is put all of your rules in some <key, value> pair collection, like a hash map or a dictionary. Then, you can iterate through the characters in some input string, known as the axiom, transforming each character by looking it's rule up in the collection. Do this for one replacement per character or tuple of characters, per iteration. When the entire string is terminal characters you are finished, or in this case, your axiom is "proven". For more information on this method of doing things, you can look into L-Systems, Semi-Thue Systems, or String Replacement Systems. I gather that you are just starting out in discrete mathematics. You should then be warned that you are beginning to dabble in Formal Languages, which while I find the subject very challenging and thus very rewarding, you may have some difficulties in fully understanding what is going on without first completing the set theory portion of your class: For some reason people like to express the ideas behind Language Theory with formal mathematics instead of practical programs, even though one of the basic tenants of Formal languages is that any given language can be defined by the automaton (in our case, the program) that accepts it.
  12. Oh I didn’t know it will go through LAN cable as well, I’ll take note on that. Should I try plugging to the main power outlets instead of using a power strip? And I was planning to upgrade my PSU to 700W, which one would you recommend?
  13. You don't need "test bench" to repair nor test parts. You can do both without any more than tools you need for repairing stuff. And spare parts. For repairing and reselling, there small market. All depends on how much you have to pay for broken stuff and spares, and how much need there is for the parts you are fixing. Even small computer repair and support shops run on very little margins, and most in here specialize for small business tech support.
  14. Start V Get User Input V Does user input exist in array > No > Are there more values in Array > No > "invalid" V V Yes Yes V V "Valid" Get Next Value (here's where you draw a line going back to "Does user input exist in Array")
  15. Yip thats a nice card! Intel: Yes they have but... yeha. That can surely also be summed of HP and manny others. If you DONT WANT IT you can go with a 970 evo plus 1TB. Fastest PCie 3.0 drive but yeha half the storage or a Corsair. But they all are expensive compared to intel
  16. Well that happened to me at one point, but by trying to set the bootup RAM to 16GB back in Win 7. I had to boot up via USB and go to recovery options. Then to the command promt and reset it that way. Also, when one of your RAM sticks is hardware reserved, it may be because one stick is faulty or not compatible with your system.
  17. You should try to bios uptade. If nothing works rma the gpu, but before that test it in different pc
  18. Hello and Welcome! Im not sure where your confusion is. But more than happen to lay it out ^^ Happy, LOL I just woke up. As stated in your screen shot 3rd Gen CPU support 1 M.2 Drive in slot 2 which is connected to CPU will run PCIE 4.0 x4 speed If using 2nd Gen CPU only thing that changes is it will run PCIE 3.0 x4 speed X570 Chipset 1 M.2 Drive in slot 1 is connected to X570 Chipset and will run at PCIE 4.0 x4 speed.
  19. Best option is to get some bubble wrap or soft foam sheet to protect screen side. After that you can use whatever soft material to pad it.
  20. I’m living in Singapore, in our country the electrical lines are all built underground and managed by the government. One of my buddy also suggest me to get an electrician to check.
  21. The popping sound came from my power supply. I figured it had something to do with the rgb lights still being on, hence still giving power through the power supply. I don't think the case is touching the case, because i made sure to remove all the screws and check to see if my motherboard had the standoffs in the screw holes with a magnifying glass, and they all did. I will try all the steps above and reply back later today, i have to go to work soon. Also another thing i recently just figured out. Somehow one of my motherboard screws is missing.... i don't know if it dropped in the case or what. I tried giving the case a shake and moving it around, but could not find it. I doubt it could've gone behind the motherboard because it barely has any room behind it, other than for it to slightly support the motherboard off the back of the case.I put in a new screw into that missing hole though.
  22. You can and the 1070 is better. Heh nice lol, how much was it and which model you got in the end if you don't mind me asking?
  23. Oh yeah CRT vs LCD difference, it seems we've yet to get there with newer panel tech that we've lost with CRT heh. I take it MicroLED will be very exciting in the future.
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