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  2. Slow computer, and slower internet

    What specs are in your computer specifically? And considering you're located on, what im presuming is, an acreage - theres probably not much you can do.
  3. How good will this run?

    @Sernefarian I'v already swap;d it out for a 650 W as I like to be safe. and about the Z series motherboard is it good to have if I eventually need to Overclock?
  4. Custom part to render screen?

    So I have a razer blade stealth and an about bottom inch of the screen sort of doesnt work (renders but is pretty much broken) and Im wondering if you can tell windows to just not render that part of the screen so I can have a normal experience
  5. How good will this run?

    Overclocking is the main draw of those boards, however not a neccessity. As a general rule the Z Series boards have better overall build quality than the B and H boards. Including, but not limited to better VRMs, Capacitors, sometimes finer traces, included heatsinks, and finally BIOS and UEFI implementations.
  6. WD green hdd's are remarkably slow I would upgrade your hdd to a WD Blue at the very least or a seagate barracuda 

  7. Good pizza?

    They're lit...and so are their dawgs...dawg.
  8. How good will this run?

    The power supply should be more than adequate for a 1080TI. If you do move up to a 1080TI you might consider getting yourself a 1440P monitor in the future.
  9. Good pizza?

    @BlueChinchillaEatingDorito What about "Costo Food Court Pizza's" ?
  10. How good will this run?

    Also If I was to get a Z series motherboard does I matter if I dont overclock? as Its good to have if I eventually do
  11. How good will this run?

    If I can afford a 1080ti will it be okay to put in the system? @Sernefarian
  12. What is your preferred intoxicant?

    How has nobody mentioned this yet?
  13. Small MicroATX case

    It works in a B350 if you update the bios.
  14. Good pizza?

    If there is meat specifically on a pizza i would prefer it warm, yes. But let's put this in a different scenario where I went up to the pizza place and i told the dude "May I have a Hawaiian pizza or perhaps a regular pepperoni or cheese It must be cold I will be mad, I will be furious, I will rage harder than the coast of the red seas, every ones life expectancy will suddenly drop down to a picosecond; A trillionth of a second somehow lower than Democratic Republic of Congo's life expectancy I will then proceed to destroy all life on Earth and then with my cool powers I bring everybody back to life because I get bored
  15. How good will this run?

    You should be able to push 100+ frames in nearly all major and minor titles currently on the market @ 1080P with the build, and will likely be over 144FPS in the majority of them. The build should be more than satisfactory for around the next 3 to perhaps as many as 6 or 7 years.
  16. How fast is the LTT member's internet connection?

    I pay for 50mbps up, 50mbps down on fiber with Frontier (formerly Verizon Fios). Realistically, I don't think I've ever seen my speed below that, I always seem to get 60 or so. I pay $45/mo for this. I looked into cheaper options and found cable internet for $30/mo, but it was 100 up & 15 down, and to match my upload speed at minimum, I'd wind up paying almost twice what I'm paying now. So here I'll stay until something better comes along.
  17. Small MicroATX case

    Performance not that much faster than the 1600 also there aren’t any B450 mobos currently.
  18. Google Chrome will use EVEN MORE RAM for Spectre security fixes

    Edge be like... oh you haven't touched these tabs for an hour? Let me crash them for you.
  19. LTX 2018 Vlog!

    This is great! Just like the Vlog from last year. Thanks for sharing, as I wasn't able to make it to LTX 2018.
  20. How good will this run?

    I'm heading off for tonight, @Sernefarian If you could answer the question about the Lifetime and FPS would be very appreciated! Thank you all ! I'm going with Sernefarian's build - PCPartPicker part list
  21. New Gaming Pc Build suggestion and Help

    You can definitely overclock that build. The memory is not quite as good as the 3200MHZ modules, however it comes at a significantly nicer price point. The thermal compound I chose is one of the top tier ones with just about the only things that beat it being liquid metal thermal compounds. Kryonaut is a better compound than the vendors include with their products, and results in a cooler system than vendor compouns in a range of 1-5 degrees centigrade. For that particular cooler you would need to switch to a different case as the Intertech case does not have room for a 280MM radiator mount. This is a 240MM that fits in that case though: https://de.pcpartpicker.com/product/RcdFf7/cooler-master-masterliquid-ml240l-rgb-667-cfm-liquid-cpu-cooler-mlw-d24m-a20pc-r1 also with a 240MM radiator the remaining fan slots are 120MM so these fans would work: https://de.pcpartpicker.com/product/3cfhP6/corsair-ml120-pro-rgb-3-pack-wlighting-node-pro-473-cfm-120mm-fan-co-9050076-ww
  22. Dell PowerEdge r720 doesn't detect my SSDs

    ahhh okay... thanks for your help
  23. System Startup and Shutdown Issues

    I have 3 machines from a lot of 24 which are experiencing some odd issues. When I shutdown the machine, whether it is from Run, CMD, Alt-F4, or start menu, the system will not do anything for a good minute. It almost appears that the button does not function at all. I should also mention that pressing the physical power button on the case does not prompt a shutdown either, despite the power options being set to do so. I can still open all programs on the machine after clicking shutdown and they will open, with the exception of Optimise Drives which takes 30 seconds - 1 minute to open, which is another odd behaviour all 3 are exhibiting. After a minute passes, the machines will start shutting down, but they will take a long time to do so, with little to no drive activity. Once the display eventually turns off, the machines will run for a while longer, again with no drive activity, before eventually powering off. I've read that this black screen issue is common among the 1803 update, but nothing about Windows refusing to shutdown. On some occasions, I have had a couple of the 3 flaky machines post (CPU Fan ramps up and down which usually immediately precedes Windows loading), but the display will not receive a signal for roughly a minute. Once the video shows, the Gigabyte BIOS logo will hang for 1-2 minutes and eventually to proceed to boot Windows normally. All of the machines have an identical image of Windows 10, as it was cloned from the same drive for each machine. All BIOS revisions are the same, and all systems are as up to date as possible as of 16/07/2018. I have tried reinstalling all drivers, swapping PSU's and SSD's with known good parts, removed GPU's and used IGPU's with no luck. I tried different SATA ports and versions (3.0 & 2.0). I have also tried disabling fast startup in Windows because I read that this is another common cause. The specs of the machines are: Intel Core i5 4460 Gigabyte B85M-D3H Antec VSK3000B Black Micro ATX Case with stock 500W PSU 8GB of generic DDR3 1600MHz Ram (2x4GB sticks) Kingston SSDNow V300 120GB SSD Gigabyte GTX 750 2GB Generic USB 2.0 Internal Card Reader I am lost as to why only 3 of the 24 machines are experiencing these issues. Each computer has been stress tested using Asus RealBench and the drive health checked by Crystal Disk Info. Any advice as to why these machines would be acting up is much appreciated!
  24. Dell PowerEdge r720 doesn't detect my SSDs

    You probably want to do some learning before using this system. Id go h710 here then.
  25. What is your preferred intoxicant?

    deadass those shits are good
  26. Dell PowerEdge r720 doesn't detect my SSDs

    what does a raid array mean? and whats storage spaces? sorry I'm not too knowledgeable with tech terms
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