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  2. Hi all, since I didn't get any reply on this topic I will reroll this question, hopefully someone could help me strange that I cant find anything in google about it... but how do I change the graph color in the msi afterburner? default is this neon green and I want certain graphs in red. I changed it in the settings "color of the graph" to red but it is still green Anyone got the same problem? I already reinstalled the software. Also when I change the skin, it also changes the colors of the graph... but I can't change it manually . Thanks!
  3. So my EVGA GTX 970 SSC has over time developed coil whine that is starting to become unbearable to listen to. Sadly the 970 still gives me just about all the performance I want in the current games I play, but I certainly wouldn't mind taking a look towards the future with potential upgrades. I have recently upgraded a few pieces in my system, and it currently looks like the following: CPU: i7-4790k at 4.5 GHz (haven't bothered OCing too hard yet) RAM: 16GB DDR3 @ 1600Mhz Storage: 2x SATA SSD, plus many TB's in a NAS GPU EVGA GTX 970 SSC, stock clocks Bought a new PSU to help diagnose the coil whine, but to also correct my previous mistake of buying a cheap PSU. Now rocking a Seasonic Focus Gold 650W. My temps are all fantastic in the current case. Never once when I tested OCing the CPU or GPU did I feel that temps were ever a problem. System runs nice and quiet (except when gaming due the coil whine). As for GPU options, I'm using a BenQ 144Hz 1080p Gsync monitor, and I have two nvidia Shield TV players that I frequently use for Gamestream. That more or less locks up in the nvidia world. The RTX2060 looks appealing as a brand new unit, but would cost me over $500 Canadian dollars, which is WAY more than I ever spent on a PC component (970 was sub $400 when I bought it). Any other thoughts or opinions? I looked into the 1060 6GB, but that's barely an upgrade (more like a side grade) and that's still $300+
  4. Attitude12

    Help to choose a motherboard

    Ok, i'll go for the Crosshair VI Hero then. Thank you all for the help and the inputs.
  5. TechyBen

    Windows 10 May Reserve Another 7GB For Updates.

    5 mins? Some of these updates have taken near entire days! Yes, instead of 2 hours of "updating, boot failed, retry 3 times, rollback update, go into windows, sorry update failed" I'd get a "if you wish to connect to internet, please download *required* security update" and I could still render/work/ backup or whatever I needed in the meantime... That's pretty much a decision we make as a society. We can force people to do things. Is that where we wish to go? As said, we have a viable option. We can force reboots/downloads/updates. Or we can force lack of function until there is an update applied *by the user*. They chose the latter. And that's not going to fly for me. Fine if others do, but I am keeping my autonomy.
  6. YiGiTTy

    Building a satellite

    I did something very similar using just BC547 transistors.
  7. ImR3D

    Need Help With PC

    its blinking thats it 1 sec it comes on other sec its gone basically just a blinking/flashing light
  8. ☝ is why reddit (subreddits, rather) needs good mods like them

  9. Did 103 but I got black screen. It seemed to work at 102.5, is this safe?
  10. Lathlaer

    GSYNC why it messed my firestrike scores?

    No it doesn't. It changes your refresh rate to your FPS, not the other way around. Now, I've heard that G-Sync might cost you about 2-5% fps drop but definitely not something very huge. OP, which Firestrike are we talking about? G-Sync on, Vertical Sync in NVIDIA Panel on (ingame V-Sync off) and frame limiter just below your monitor refresh rate (say, limit to about 140hz). Buttersmooth and G-Sync always stays, minimal input lag; no point in going 200Hz if your monitor can't refresh that.
  11. seon123

    keyboard help

    Well? Unsubstantiated claim about quality, then claiming it's personal preference? That does not change the fact that within the enthusiast keyboard community, you don't really see modern Cherry MX switches very often. You see some NOS Vintage black switches, but Kailh Box, Zeal and various other Chinese switches are far more common.
  12. NunoLava1998

    Help to choose a motherboard

    Pretty big improvement. Go for the Hero
  13. Attitude12

    Help to choose a motherboard

    Doesn't matter. It has the bios flashback thingie, and i got a usb flash drive and my laptop. I just wanna be sure that getting the hero will be an improvement over the b450.
  14. Aloau

    Basic Cisco Phone Setup

    Hold on, just learnt that there's a difference between analog and digital telephone lines, is this considered an analog or digital line? (fibre optical cable -> optical network terminal -> RJ11 out to phone) Will an digital telephone line also work with these equipment? (SPA3102/SPA8800/OBiHai 110)?
  15. Which is harder to make vs making a bootable media with unetbootin(plus its pretty much foolproof). My family totally not tech-sawy so i have to cook up some pretty easy to do and understand solutions whenever there is a problem and i cant go over to fix it for them. (For instance my Grandma cant even handle the newer TV's that have EPG without an extensive instruction manual. And even with that she still hangs sometimes and do not know what to do.)
  16. NunoLava1998

    Help to choose a motherboard

    You need to update the BIOS. However, in most cases new boards will already have the new BIOS (or atleast a BIOS new enough to support the 2600X). It's not guaranteed however
  17. JesseStillwell

    Need advice for building an NAS for an office of 30+ PCs

    Thanks for the advice, it's much appreciated. I will be going with a Supermicro X11SSL-F-O coupled with either a Xeon E3 1220 or G4600. I will go with 16GB of 2400mhz ECC RAM that is supported by Supermicro. Seasonic 450W 80 Plus Gold PSU hooked to a UPS, 6 2TB drives in a raidz2 (RAID 6) set up with FreeNAS intalled on a small SSD. I will do weekly back ups to 2 external drives and always have one offsite. I used to work as a tech when I was younger and we did a whole set up for the library where I lived. They never took their external drives offsite and when the library burned down, they lost everything. I like the idea of doing offsite backups via the internet, but I can't keep the same old server running. It's too old and 2 drives have just gone on it. I will get the full specs tomorrow when I get back to my office, but the drives are some weird interface that can't be easily bought.
  18. Attitude12

    Help to choose a motherboard

    You mean it won't work at all? Or that i need to update the bios for it to work?
  19. Doobeedoo

    Fps gaming mice

    What's wrong with his prese presentation, he talks completely fine and explains stuff well and simple.
  20. YiGiTTy

    DIY fan controller with Arduino

    1) Yeah try using a capacitor. Seems like the readings suddenly bump 2) The "delay" function delays your whole program so it might interfere with something else. Using PWM for LED brightness is a very overcomplicated solution too. Simply use a higher value resistor for the LEDs. A 220 or a 330 Ohm resistor would be fine.
  21. NunoLava1998

    Help to choose a motherboard

    Get the Hero. The Hero is a high end X370 board with very high-end features (and better than the X370-F Strix). The B450-F Strix is a mid-end B450 board with okay ish features. Only thing is, the Hero might not be guaranteed to work with the 2600X. That's all however
  22. owen_pi

    Help to choose a motherboard

    Please update system BIOS before upgrade your processor (CPU) to avoid system failure 24 * (R) Please Ensure You Had Updated the Latest BIOS Before Install the Raven Ridge CPU. Ok dont get the biostar board lol
  23. Princess Cadence

    GSYNC why it messed my firestrike scores?

    You should max settings etc... with a 2080 Ti always push it hard don't be afraid... the best experience to be as smooth as possible you'd want GSync+Vsync Triple Buffered. However if you feel that is causing any sort of 'input lag' or 'delay' then you'll have to turn both off and go with FastSync instead but then with FastSync you must make sure you're ALWAYS above your refresh rate.
  24. Doobeedoo

    Who has a Samsung 49" QLED Gaming Monitor?

    Hah you say they're still making small monitors and I'm here, everyone are making oversized ones. Can't find a normal Freesync 2 monitor that's not enormous and cured. Majority don't want huge TV sized monitors though. I'm here looking for 1440p 244Hz IPS in 24" form factor and such simple monitor doesn't even exist. But yeah, get this https://www.anandtech.com/show/13845/dell-at-ces-2019-alienware-55inch-4k-120-hz-oled-gaming-monitor-showcased
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