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  2. Electronic music(s) producer of choice

    Hipster's choice: a local producer named Martin, who's involved in quite a few different projects: Body Stress Prostitute of the 19th Century Cum Dump Haraam There's more than that, but that's probably enough to get a feel for his oeuvre.
  3. Hi all i have a question Which is the best choice for these planning to sell my rx 570 or g4560 which ever choice is the highest picked thanks ! Options: Go for ryzen 3 1200 and stay with current gpu rx 570 and upgrade gpu later if needed Go for i5 7400 stay with current gpu and upgrade gpu later if needed stay with current cpu and go for rx 580 8gb And upgrade to ryzen 3 1200 later or i5 7400 .stay with current cpu and go for gtx 1060 6gb and upgrade to ryzen 1200 later or i5 7400 My rig now is Intel G4560 Msi H110m Pro Vh Plus Gskill ripjaws V 2x4gb ddr4 2400mhz 2 tb hdd 7200rpm Power color red devil rx 570 4gb Seasonic S12II 520w Bronze Which option should i go first options 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 ?
  4. Why do people hate Apple inc?

    Well I might as well throw my hat into the ring, some points I thought up while reading:(sigh)(I DISLIKE NOT HATE apple, in my mind there is a difference) 1. The followers of apple: most(which is a lot) seem to call everything non apple (smartphone) Samsung. Samsung charger. Samsung cable. Now with apple's removal of the 1/8"/3.5mm jack, how long before it gets called the "Samsung jack"? 2. Yes both sides have poisonous followers 3. If they are so good like some of their people claim, why don't they have +80% of the market share like Microsoft does?(as in os) and iirc Samsung is beating them (11% to 22%) in the smartphone business. 4. Apple products seem to be a status symbol more than anything else. 5. "Revolutionary" things: removing something that's accepted as a almost industry wide stand is not, creating another competing standard is not, and claiming you invented stuff is not. 6. Isn't their "support" just give-you-a-new-one and don't let independent repair shops work on them? 7. Some people(apple) think Samsung is terrible and whatnot and they are superior, but Samsung is making $200? Dollars per apple device in component sales. 8. Every market apple is in they only service one end. Every other market has budget to super high end, most of the time from the same company. 9. 129.99+ shipping for a cheap(know from experience at school) rubber dome keyboard? 10. Simple not super high end stuff is priced at high end. 11. Apple has to do it first to not be "clunky" or "oversized"(see apple ip.+ and note reviews) 12. Apple being sue happy 13. What's the deal with emojis? 14. Apple started out as the "start a business in a garage and make a mil/bil-lion" American dream, but ends there 15. Here's the wall(sorta) of text someone asked for. 16. Apple had/has battery issues similar to the note 7 yet you don't hear about it. Just my thoughts and opinions so far. Probably will add/edit more or make another post.
  5. ISP donated $101 million to Congress

    Just think, Congress is trying to make these donations tax deductible too. What a time to be alive.
  6. ISP donated $101 million to Congress

  7. Should intel GPU's be i4 i6 i8 ?

    No. Also, read below.
  8. Help

    we can help with the built also if you need help.
  9. @Tabs Yes, disk management; neat. Running Win10-64bit from a win7 update key. I don't have my original Windows activation key anywhere around. I don't have a physical media boot device. I have no method of backing up my files I'm actually running Win10 I hear that Win10 keys originating from Win7 upgrades, tend not to be deactivated, how valid is this generalization?
  10. 2 1070s? u need an 8700 at least
  11. Intel Whiskey Lake(This is not a joke!)

    Breaking News: Intel hires Jeremy Clarkson as outside marketing consultant.
  12. Fradulent cards on wish app

    stuff that is cheap compared to value on those kinds of risky selling sites are super sketchy.
  13. I will take a look at this program after work, see where it gets me.
  14. try taking out ur cmos battery and putting it back in. That worked for some people with this issue, there's no definitive fix, check all ur motherboard cables too if that doesn't work
  15. Can I run a oculus rift?

    if your graphics card says "vr ready" on the box, well... it's vr ready. if not, just use a vr ready test.
  16. First build, OS won't install

    the 8.1 USB works, but I don't have a key. so I'm going to set a new 10 usb to start setting up 10 doesn't require a key on startup right?
  17. Help

    First off you probably need to give us your total budget and if it includes peripherals (e.g. mouse keyboard monitor) For FreeSync to work, you just need an AMD Graphics Card, and a FreeSync monitor, nothing else. FreeSync only works over either DisplayPort and HDMI. Most monitors do it over DisplayPort but there are a few (e.g. LG monitors) that only do it through HDMI. If you can give us the specific model number of the MSI monitor you found, we can check for you. But just off the top of my head, it'll be FreeSync over DisplayPort. The motherboard doesn't matter for FreeSync functionality.
  18. Should intel GPU's be i4 i6 i8 ?

    No. Also, read above.
  19. overclocking my strix 1080, is this normal?

    The card will automatically boost higher if temps and power allow. The card will push itself to certain limits if those I mentioned arent too high. With MSI Afterburner you can actually adjust that boost and keep it within reason.
  20. overclocking my strix 1080, is this normal?

    I use precisionx, I trust its reading over anything. As I would any gpu program. Compared to what benchmarking programs say. Like unigine always reads off.
  21. I know for sure I can't stay in that high of a gear all the time. Lowest I can go at idle is third, there's no way someone would be dumb enough to allow you to stay in sixth the entire time with the transmission mapping.
  22. Show off your latest purchase!

    Well, they tried to make it 60 but the dev said every time they tried the game broke itself.
  23. Should intel GPU's be i4 i6 i8 ?

    No. Also, read above.
  24. Intel Whiskey Lake(This is not a joke!)

    Of course it's English! Only the lack of common sense founding fathers of the "English language" would come up with a ridiculous name.
  25. Help

    Hello, my son wants a gaming PC. So to get the best one for my money, since I don't have a lot, I've been searching the web up and down about all the different parts! I found a nice curved monitor -MSI free sync - but i found out free sync monitors aren't compatible with Nvdia gpu or graphics cards and they seem to be the best PC. What graphics card and mother board are the best to make use of everything a free sync monitor has to offer? Also, is a display port necessary in the monitor? Any additional details would be helpful😊 TIA
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