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Thrasher_565 hub of links, build logs and w/e els




this is going to be my hub were i post links to other post ive made so i can clean up my sing a bit. a index to thrashers crazy findings and ramblings. links to argb, case, build logs and w/e els i want to add.


Build logs:


Thermaltake core wpp200 water cooled quad loop (main pc build )


x299 build (i7-7740X, X299 AORUS Gaming 7 broken..., mono block, 2x G.Skill DDR4 16GB (2x8Gb) 3200Mhz CL14-14-14-34, want a gtx 3090/80/6800, 3x m.2 wb, 2x ram wb, nb wb,


98se pc build log any tips be heplfull (attempt 98se build...Gigabyte GA-P43T-ES3G, ati radeon x850 xt platinum, x5470  wd raptor hdd, sound card, bran new in box ultra usb pci card...)


amd agp 98se build (evga 6800 ultra, k8m800 micro am2, 5200 ) might look for a 775 agp mb as i think its slightly faster single core. 


Cheap case mods build log ( show off some cheap diy mods )


Room/ Desk log (sit stand desk, server rack with kvm, Ethernet hub, cable hell...)


Consoles/ tv build log ( tv pc to watch youtube and twitch, server rack to put my game consoles in hooked to a hdmi kvm auto switching with Ethernet switch)


Off line media pc build log ( Thermaltake Core X71, sound card, storage drive, hot swap)


antec lan boy build log ( all i have atm is gpu mount, bequiet dark rock tf2, pcie extension) 


xp build log (x79, gtx 960, i7-3930k/Xeon E5-1680 v2, tower 900, 2x 420mm rads raystorm cpu block, corsair dominator ram) broke the asus rampage mb by putting in cpu wrong way...


hot pc FX-9370, gtx 580 so far waiting for a am3 mb with water blocks




Corsair Lian Li Bykski Barrow thermaltake nzxt aquacomputer pin out guide + other useful videos (master guide any pin out of argb controllers, mb headers, video info,)


12v rgb mb header to 5v argb device links (links and info to the controllers)


ODDS and SODS Anything Rgb,ARGB (links to anything rgb/argb)




Odds and sods Nothing rgb (links to things that have no rgb but i think looks cool)


all the hate in the world so play some good games list


Case's i own:

my first pc generic weight case with p4 that i payed $800

paid my dad $100 for his generic weight case that i moded

Thermaltake Xaser III Lanfire (my first moded case)

Thermaltake Armor Jr

Xigmatek Elysium (dad stole it for his nas...)

antec 1200 moded the crap out of it

azza solano 1000 paid $40 new was a home theater pc that we didn't use as ps3 was better...

caselabs magnum ht10

thermaltake core w200 (main case)

thermaltake core x9 (non tempered glass)

Thermaltake Core X71 (offline media pc)

thermaltake mozart tx

antec lan boy air

antec P120 Crystal

corsair obsidian 900d

dell xps 720

lian li 011 air tv pc atm for youtube to sleep

lian li 011 evo other pc no uses yet



Cougar MX330

Cougar MX330-x


other case's i had/sold


2x DARK BASE PRO 900 sold them for my core w200 case

corsair Crystal Series 280X got it for the argb sold the case for $100


011d razor


CoolerMaster CM 690 II put my voodoo 5500 build in it

sunbeam acrylic case xbox 360 build

m350 itx case failed pc build...


Mbs i own:

asus sabertooth z170 mark 1


MSI MS-7387

mis z87 g41 pc mate

Gigabyte GA-P43T-ES3G

k8m800 micro am2


Gpus i own:

gigabite GTX 1080 WINDFORCE (with ek wb)

gigabite gtx 760 windforce

evga gtx 960 4gb

gtx 580 (with wb)

evga 6800 ultra agp

evga 6800 ultra pcie

2x dell 6800 pcie

ati radeon x850 xt platinum pcie

8800 gt

evga ftw rtx 3090

cpus i own:

6600k (main pc build)

FX-9370 (hot pc build)

e8600 (one of my 98se builds)

5200 (agp build)

x5470 (ultimate 98 se build...attempt)

2x i7-3930k



Xeon E5-1680 v2

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