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Cheap case mods build log

so i picked up a cheap Cougar MX330

for $47.03 Shipped. i was looking for a bit cheaper but this also had a window and airflow in the front although the point of this build is to mod it to be better and do it cheap.


finding a peace of plexiglass or acrylic  for cheap would still cost more then getting this case with one. buy you may already have a peace then you can do a custom side panel witch would be cool.


i got an strip of Phanteks neo strip for $15.99 shipped but i was thinking on making my own mb under lighting by drilling holes in the back of the mb tray and glue a strip over the holes to shine at the mb.


i also got an Zalman ZSYNC ARGB Controller for $36.97 with 3 argb 120mm fans and software controlled but looking up reviews of this and its a buggy mess so may or may not use it. also to make things cheaper i might want to just make all my lighting from argb strip.


i plan to add strips around the side panel and under the case for under glow. i do own some rgb 5mm led feet but i would need a way do add rgb to an argb build and i dont think any ware sell rgb feet anymore and i want you do do some of these mods.


looks like the case can only do 120mm fans maybe i can mod it to fit 140mm but i dont no we will have to see. its a thin case so cpu coolers will have to be taken in to account.  could try do a cheap custom water cooling but we ill have to see.


looking a buying stuff from a droller store to do some of the mods and to keep it cheap.


i dont have plans for hardware like mb and stuff so i dont no.


any other ideas are also welcome too so dont be shy.



Cheap pc build.png

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