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About this blog

linux & windows & any other popular os:

tips tricks and general observations on any hardware,os,software and other it related stuff.

-stuff i wish i had come across years ago as it would have made life easier 

-stuff i think everyone knows but proves me wrong everytime

-stuff that is but shouldnt be

-stuff that seems like a nobrainer to me but isnt 

Entries in this blog

VI Improved(vim) and everything wrong with it!

so after postponing for 15years i finally decided to give vim a go.... these are my issues with it most of them are applicable to the out of the box fesh installation of it.   lets start with the first couple: for a keyboard oriented editor (everything availeble from commands and functions without your hands needing to change positions ~ everything availeble from homerow) , to the point wer navigating a document (usually arrows) is duplicated to the keys hjkl , you do have


Herr.Hoefkens in complaints