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Recommend me some COMPUTERS


I need some help boys! Any recommendations. I'm looking to buy some Computers that are already built. I have the mouse, monitors, Power box, keyboard. But I want to upgrade my Video card, hardrive and stuff. Yes I can buy each individual myself to build it but im lazy AF and I rather just buy one that is already built and is ready to be used NEW. I want a computer that will be able to let me play League of Legends, maybe some PUBG, Fortnite, Black OPS online. A computer that can play these new games nowadays. So I know there's some motha fucken sponsors on these websites so shoot at me some recommended Gaming Computers that let me only BUY the Case and the video card, fans and battery inside built already. Send me links


  • Looking for a Computer, don't matter what brand, I just want a fast computer for Gaming
  • Do not need Monitors, Keyboard, Mouse, Headset, Gaming Chair, Power Box on the ground thingy (depends if it has to come with the new computer)
  • Budget: $1000 ...... probably $1100 ish depending on the specs y'all recommend me
  • i live in America soooo yeahhh I want the computer ordered and shipped to me sooo I aint trying to buy one from China or some third world country and get ripped off n shit.
  • And no shit Laptop Gaming. No time for booty Laptops lull

So please help me!

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