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MSI afterburner issues

Hello ya'll. So I have been having an issue with MSI afterburner. When I first downloaded the software it worked fine. But now when I go to use the software, I don't see my base and boost clocks. Now I have used Intel's Extreme Tuning Utility to undervolt and overclock my UHD intel graphics 630 for poops and giggles but never fiddled with my GTX 1060 max q because intel XTU doesn't pick that up. Now the reason I want to overclock my max q is to squeeze out some more performance out of my card. its definitely able to handle any game on the market, but I'm really getting into computer hardware and I'm not afraid to fiddle with some systems. I was wondering if NIVIDA Optimus is the issue for not detecting my base and boost clocks in MSI AB. Or maybe it was XTU? I've tried everything I know including uninstalling MSI AB and reinstalling(the boost and base clocks come up for half a second and then disappear). I would appreciate some in sight. Thank you.

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