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Help Needed with VRAM Questions and Issues

Hello Everyone. Just as a heads up this is my first forum post so I apologize if I don't format something correctly. 


So I have a friend who has been having some issues with his gaming laptop and we have trying everything that would think of or find to try and fix it with no breakthrough yet. 

He has a Lenovo Y700 with 8 Gigs Ram, a GTX960 with 2 Gigs of VRAM and an i7 Intel processor. Can't remember which one exactly but I can find out if needed. 

I also have a Lenovo Y700 but with 16 Gigs Ram, GTX960 with 4 Gigs of VRAM and Intel i7-6700

We have both been able to run the same games but just at different setting levels.


He has two issues that he needs help with and they may be linked so I'll mention both. 


First, we are trying to run Destiny 2 but it has crazy low framerate. We have all the settings on the lowest possible and it shows that it needs around 969MB of VRAM to run at that level but only has 125Mb available. I can't find any reason ist doing this and I need some help and insight on why it's doing that and how I can fix it, if at all. 


The 2nd thing we are also trying to fix is that three of his games so far will start but will only show up as an icon on the taskbar with an all black preview window when hovering over the window. It won't open and it does not play any audio. 

The main one we want to have work is Off-world trading company which I can run at max setting with no issues. This is the one what we have spent the most time working on and can't find anything online that has worked so far. What other info would I need to provide to help you know how to help us? 


Thank you in advance for your time and help. It is highly appreciated 

- Marlin

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